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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

The 2018 Maxcor is just like the 2017 version of the same bat. However, the 2018 class comes in an additional size—a USAbat drop 5 version. We have spent plenty of time with this soft barreled bat, talked to a number of players who have used it, and give our 2018 Mizuno Maxcor Bat review below.

2018 Mizuno MAXCOR Review

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The State of Mizuno (USA) Baseball

2018 Mizuno Maxcor Review

Where to buy the 2018 Maxcor

You can expect most major online retailers to carry at least some of the 2018 Mizuno bat line. Places like carry their whole line, but closeoutbats, curiously, does not. Maybe they know something we don’t. As always, check your favorite haunts and look through Amazon listings, too.

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2018 Mizuno MAXCOR Recommendations

Go For It If…

Our experience has been that very top end bat speed will take full advantage of the pliable barrel design of the MAXCOR. If you do not have top end bat speed, then we find it unlikely you’ll be in love with the Mizuno Maxcor.

The USABat version of the MAXCOR might surprise us, honestly. The restrictions on performance might allow the soft barrel to perform exceptionally relative to the other bats in the USA baseball bat class.

As well, the bat does not come in a USSSA version, so obviously it’s not recommendable for those players either.

Hesitate If…

If you are in the BBCOR space we’d simply suggest you buy last year’s (2017) model. The bat is virtually the same and can be found at a considerable discount.

Once those run out, there really is only one bat on the market the offers the type of hitting approach that the Maxcor offers.

Non USABat Recommendations

It becomes terribly difficult to recommend the bats considering, first, their BBCOR line is not a significant amount different than their 2017 line which can be found for the fraction of the cost. Secondly, if Mizuno does go the way of all the earth, then anyone should be able to snatch up these bats for a fraction of the price in the coming months.

Non USABat Recommendations

The USABat recommendation is a bit trickier. These bats do not exist in the 2017 space—making it therefore impossible to pick up last year’s model. And the fact only a few companies have released USABats on time gives the public only so many options.

If it were our money, the drop 5 Maxcor in the USABat would be the only Maxcor we’d be willing to buy.

2018 Maxcor Sizing

2018 Mizuno Maxcor Review

As of this writing, the Maxcor is set to release in both a BBCOR and USABat version. BBCOR is a drop 3, of course, and the USABat version is a drop 5.

  • BBCOR Drop 3
  • USABat Drop 5

Maxcor Construction

2018 Mizuno Maxcor Review

We have written a considerable amount on the soft barrel of the Maxcor. The bat uses a pliable outer shell over an aluminum inner shell. As the ball compresses on the barrel, this outershell deforms to deliver more barrel and ball contact. The additional contact increases power transfer, and at some angles, increases backspin. Both of these are factors to a longer flying ball.

In theory that makes plenty of sense, and at least at some level, it makes sense in practice, too. But the major caveat: to produce a great barrel compression you must have a massive collision—which most high school and USABat players are incapable of even in the best of circumstances.

We also have yet to see any substantive data on the supposed backspin increase. Ball flight calculators show that doubling the backspin, in some cases, can increase the ball’s flight some. And by some we mean a few feet. In some cases a few feet may mean all the difference. But, does the Maxcor double the backspin? We simply aren’t told.

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2018 vs 2017 Maxcor

2018 Mizuno Maxcor Review

There are no differences, aside from the color up, between the 2017 and 2018 Maxcor. We would refer you to the 2017 Maxcor review here as a reference point.

Do note, however, both the 2017 and 2018 versions are much different than the 2016 version and the 2015 version. Those bats’ barrels were remarkably small and swung heavy.

Comparable Bats

2018 Mizuno Maxcor Review

We often use this section to describe a few bats in the market that might be worth a look if the bat you are reading about here sounds tempting. But, in terms of the MAXCOR, there are simply no other bats with similar construction.

If we had to stretch, and it would be a massive stretch, maybe take a look at any top end two piece composite bat. Ultimately, the Maxcor is a two piece composite bat. Granted, the “composite” of the barrel on the Maxcor is an out of this world substance.

Try, for example, the 2018 CF Zen?

​Maxcor Price Check

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