We took the 2019 Slugger 619 bat in a few different sizes to the fields and cage.

After hitting and then reading everything we could on the bat, as well as discussing it with a few major vendors, we write this 2019 Louisville Slugger 619 Review. In short, the bat is recommendable across the board. Compared to last year it no longer has the Lizard Skin grip. But, that is far from reason to still not love this bat.

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Industry Reference Guide

Other reference pages on the 619 Solo can be found no these industry pages below. We refer to them, as well as our own data and experience, to write this 2019 Louisville Slugger 619 Solo review.

Louisville Slugger 619 Solo Video Review


This is the third iteration of the 619 from Slugger. It comes in multiple sizes and options, relative to other bats. The 619 is, like its predecessors, a single piece aluminum. It was, far and away, the most popular USA Bat in 2018, did fantastic in the USSSA Travel ball space and was also seen a few times in the 2018 College World Series. In 2017 we thought it the best BBCOR bat and in 2018 thought the USA Bat among the best.

BBCOR 619 Solo

Louisville Slugger 619 Solo

As it has been for 3 years now, the 619 Slugger Solo is widely recommendable. The bat comes in every league and length imaginable. Generally, it is for players looking for as much bat speed as possible. It has a good sized barrel and virtually no complaints on its durability. It stands today as one of the ‘best’ value bat buys on the market. Online reviews across the board are positive.

USA 619 Solo

Louisville Slugger 619 Solo

In 2018, the 618 Solo was one of our favorite bats. It felt great, had a perfect price poitn, and swung light enough at a drop 11 to fit the bill for a huge swath of players. There wasn’t a vendor in the world that could keep this in stock. The 619 put Slugger on the map in the Youth bat space, and the 619 Solo is a great, replica, of the bat. Expect to be just what you think it is: a quality bat at a decent price with some good performance.

USSSA 619 Solo

Bat Guide for Dummies
Louisville Slugger 619 Solo

In terms of a day in day out game day bat for a serious player who likes a stiff single piece bat then the 619 is perfect. If you’re looking for a good cold weather bat or BP bat that can take a hammering all year long then the 619 is a great fit too.

2019 vs 2018 619 Solo

There are virtually no differences between the 2018 Slugger 618 Solo and the 2019 Slugger 619 Solo. Both are single piece bats with some tech in the handle to reduce vibration. They also use an extended composite end cap to bring down the swing weight. As far as we can tell there are also no difference in size offerings compared between the two.

In other words, we’d recommend getting a deal on the 2018 SOLO if you can still find it new. Most bat’s inventory lasts through the holidays. But, come spring of 2019 expect the 2018 Solo to be in short supply—especially in popular sizes.

2017 617 Solo

Louisville Slugger Bats
See the Full 2017 Review

On October 20th, the 2017 Louisville Slugger 617 Solo was released. We spent time on the phone with major vendors discussing expectations for the bat as well as testing the bat over the course of a season. Here is our review.

Comparable Bats

Rawlings makes a similar bat called the VELO. In fact, if you’ve followed this market for some time like we have, you’ll know the Rawlings VELO was the first bat of its kind. That is, a single piece bat with an extended composite end cap. This lent to an ultra light swing, good price point and good sized barrel.

For whatever reason, likely due to the number of sizing options, Slugger crushed it with the 61X Solo series of bats. And, although we aren’t privy to the exact numbers, surpassed the OG single piece VELO.

But, if you are looking for a reasonable alternative to the Slugger 619 Solo look no further than the 2019 Rawlings VELO. The VELO comes in a number of sizes too as well a few drops in the USA space.

Less Expensive Option

2019 Slugger 619 Solo Review

Slugger makes another single piece aluminum bat known as the 519 Omaha. This bat, however, does not have the extended composite end cap like the 619 Solo or Velo Hybrid. As such, expect a heavier swing weight. Barrel sizes are about the same.

It runs a few dollars cheaper so if you’re looking to save a few bucks then the 519 is a reasonable choice. Or, if you need something that swings a bit heavier than the 619 Solo and want to save a couple bucks then the 518 Omaha it is.

Research: 2019 Louisville Slugger 619 Solo

2019 Louisville Slugger 619 Solo Review

Best Value BBCOR Bat

In 2017 we loved the 617, in part, because it came in a 29 inch BBCOR. At the time, many leagues required BBCOR bats even on players as young as 13. There were more than a few 13 year olds that stuggled with the 29 ounce bats many BBCOR bats came dressed in. A 29/26 was a great choice.

We named the 617 Solo as the best BBCOR bat in 2017 and more than a few scoffed. But, history has proven that choice right. It continues to be Slugger’s most successful bat model. The price point, light swing weight and remarkable feel for a single piece bat is right where a number of players and parents want it.

2019 Slugger Swing Weights

619 Solo Swing Weight Comparisons

Brand Bat League Length Swing Weight
DeMarini Voodoo Insane BBCOR 32 8550
Louisville Slugger Select 719 BBCOR 32 8350
DeMarini Voodoo BBCOR 32 8350
DeMarini CF Insane BBCOR 32 8350
Louisville Slugger Prime 919 BBCOR 32 8150
Louisville Slugger Solo 619 BBCOR 32 8150
DeMarini Voodoo One BBCOR 32 8150
Louisville Slugger Solo 619 BBCOR 32 8050
DeMarini CF Zen BBCOR 32 7950

2019 619 Solo Construction

As we mention above, the 619 Solo is a single piece bat with an extened compostie end cap. This allows it to be one of the lightest swinging BBCOR bats on the market. The USA and USSSA bats have a similar balance point.

By our measurements, the 619 Solo sits as the same swing weight as the lightest bat on the market which is the 2019 DeMarini CF Zen.

As you change lengths you’ll find that the rankings of heaviest to lightest BBCOR bats stays very similar. In other words, if you are looking for a 30 inch BBCOR bat the below rankings hold true.

Bat Sizing Options

We find the sizing breadth of Slugger bats ultra attractive. Indeed, slugger has made a real killing extending the size offerings of their bats. The 619 in USA as we well as BBCOR come in a huge range of sizes. Most bats, oddly, come in a select few. The Rawlings Quatro, as one example, in BBCOR only comes in a 31 through 34. In 2018 it only came in a 32 through 34. Whereas the 619 Solo comes in BBCOR lengths as short as 29 inches.

  • BBCOR 29 to 34 inches
  • USA 28 to 32 Inches
  • USSSA 28 to 32 Inches

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