We’ve hit with every 2019 Omaha 519 from Slugger. This series of bats, not changed much over the course of several years, is just what the traditionalist ball player prefers.

It’s a single piece aluminum built with a decent sized barrel and a good average balance swing weight—not too heavy, not too light but just right. We recommend the 519 Omaha to players that like a single piece, want a stiff bat and prefer a wood like feel to their bat’s feedback for hits and mishits. The breadth of sizing options are unmatched in the industry.

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Industry Reference Guide

Other reference pages on the 519 Omaha can be found no these industry pages below. We refer to them, as well as our own data and experience, to write this 2019 Louisville Slugger 519 Omaha review.

Louisville Slugger 519 Omaha Video Review


BBCOR 519 Omaha

Louisville Slugger 519 Omaha

If you love the feel of wood bats, like really and not just saying that, then you’ll really like the 519. It’s ultra stiff and hits the ball hard when you square it up. When you don’t then expect to check if your thumb is left at the plate.

USA 519 Omaha

2019 Slugger 519 Omaha Review
Louisville Slugger 519 Omaha

Most parents looking for a reasonable buy with a bat that performs at the allowable standard (at least at some part on the bat) will like the 518 Omaha. Players might like a flashier look or a better feel on hits and mishits, but you won’t be losing any performance with the 519 Omaha from Louisville Slugger.

USSSA 519 Omaha

519 Slugger Omaha USSSA Big Barrel Drop 5 Review
Louisville Slugger 519 Omaha

The sizing options give literally anyone in the sport the right size bat for the right league. The price point is attractive.

2019 vs 2018 519 Omaha

Functionally, there are no differences between the 518 and 519 Omaha. Both are single piece bats with a good sized barrel, average swing weight and a huge swath of size offerings. They both continue to use the same alloy to make up the structure of the bat.

The 2019 version does have a new grip on its handle. For whatever reason, Lizard Skin grips are found on Easton bats for 2019—Slugger has gone with their own grip.

The 519 USA Bat 519 Omaha’s are not out at the time of this writing (October of 2018). The USSSA and BBCOR are. We expect to see similar sized USA Bat vesions of the Omaha by the holidays. In the meantime, check the USA versions in the 2018 518 Omaha as it will be a very similar bat.

See our 2018 Slugger 518 Omaha Review.

The claim is the end cap changed in the 2019 version. This new lighter end cap, at least a few different marketing tracts we read, mentioned something about this lowering swing weight. This may be the case in non-BBCOR versions of the bat, but the 2019 519 33/30 and the 2018 518 33/30 swing with a near identical swing weight.

2015 519 Omaha

519 Omaha BBCOR Review
See the Full 2015 Review

We’ve hit with every 2019 Omaha 519 from Slugger. This series of bats, not changed much over the course of several years, is just what the traditionalist ball player prefers.

Comparable Bats

Rawlings 5150 is built with the exact same feel and result in mind when compared to the 519 Omaha. Both are single piece aluminum bats with a middle of the road swing weight and decent sized barrel. Both are used by hitters that prefer the stiff feel of bomb making bat and are willing to pay the price (in sting) on mishits.

See our 2019 Rawlings 5150 Review.

In fact, both bats are named similarly because they are that similar. 5150 Alloy, one of the very first alloy’s to make baseball bats, is the genesis of these bats and the genesis of their names. Although both have manipuated the original 5150 alloy into their own special concoction to increase durability and performance the intent remains the same.

Slugger’s 2019 519 comes in more sizing options when compared to the Rawlings 5150. That is only because the 519 Omaha comes in a more sizes than any bat on the market. The 5150 from Rawlings is their most robustly sized bat.

Research: 2019 Louisville Slugger 519 Omaha

519 Omaha BBCOR Review

Bat Sizing Options

No other bat on the planet has as many sizing options as the 519 Omaha from Slugger. It is why we think it one of the easiest to recommed on the market. If you play baseball–at any level in any league–expect a 519 sized especially for you. It runs one of the lightest swinging BBCOR bats on the market to a drop 5 in a 32-inch USSSA Bat. Or, a teeny tiny 26 inch drop 10 in the youth ball space all the way to a monster 34/31 BBCOR.

  • BBCOR: 34 to 29-inch
  • USSSA: 26 to 32-inch
  • USA: 27 to 32-inch
  • Drop 3, Drop 5, Drop 10

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