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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

In developing our Baum Bat review, we’ve been knee deep in the internet in terms of videos, reviews and many, many pages of Google searches. We also spent considerable time on the phone both with major vendors concerning the Baum Bat, and those that work at Baum Bat. That newfound knowledge from reliable sources, combined with our extensive experience with wood, composite wood and composite bats deliver this independent Baum Bat Review.

Baum Bat Review

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Baum Bat Recommendations: Who Should

Baum Bat ReviewBaum Bats may be the most popular bat in the lower levels of Minor League baseball. Their durability, MiLB approval, and wood bat-like performance make them a perfect fit for organizations uninterested in cutting down an entire forest, and spending an entire bank account, on wood bats. As such, if you are a MiLB player where this composite-wood bat is approved, then the Baum Bat is a near perfect fit.

Junior College ball teams and summer ball teams that require a wood bat also like this BBCOR certified bat, for many of the same reasons Minor League teams use it. The Baum performs like wood, feels like wood, but doesn’t break like wood.

At the high school level, there are a few states (New Mexico & New York) that require wood or composite wood bat usage at the high school level. We struggle to see why this is a good idea, but that is beside the point. Players in the those leagues should consider the Baum bat for the exact reasons Juco and MiLB players do.

There are a number of other groups who may prefer a wood bat’s efficacy without its short life span. Baum bats solves this problem.

Baum Bat Recommendations: Who Should Not

Baum Bat Review

While there is a fair argument to be made concerning the value players garner from using a wood bat, the lack of offensive production when compared to high end performance composite and aluminum bats, simply can’t be overlooked. In fact, it is the exact reason people don’t use wood at the highest levels of the non-professional sport.

As such, those looking for maximum production in their at bats who are also allowed to swing composite or aluminum BBCOR bats should stick with an aluminum or composite performance bat. Performance composite and aluminum do pass BBCOR standards like the Baum, but the liberty that aluminum and composite give in terms of sweet spot length and swing weight simply can’t be beat by wood or wood imitation bats.

Such players may find a lot of value with a Baum wood bat in their bag for batting practice and winter work outs. But, as a game bat, we suggest you look elsewhere.

Baum Bat Sizing

The bats come in a traditional drop 3 in lengths starting from 30 inches on upwards. Other drops are available up to a plus two. The plus two is made for Zues. You also have the options of a flared or standard knob.

Baum Bat Construction

Baum Bat Review

We will save you a lesson in physics here. In short, the Baum bat consists of an Ash outer shell, a fiber-resin (think fiberglass plastic) second layer and a super secret foamy plastic inner layer. There is no hallow core in the bat which, if we understand it correctly, is part of the reason it is allowed in a number of other leagues that other so-called wood composite bats are not.

Baum Bat Other Options

Baum Bat Review

There are a few other bats on the market which claim they are composite-wood. However, not all of these bats are created equal—not necessarily in terms of performance, but in terms of pure construction. Any bat using a combination of composite materials and wood are lumped in a broad category of composite-wood bats.

For example, although designed entirely differently, Axe’s Composite Maple Wood is also a composite-wood bat. DeMarini also makes one called the Corn-Dog. Both are intended to create a super durable wood-like experience. Both, as has been our experience, work to some extent. However, we’d be hard pressed to provide any proof they have anywhere near the uptake or maker acceptance as the Baum Composite-Wood Bat. The Baum Bat simply dominates the space.

Baum Bat Video

Baum Bat Sources

We referenced a number of sources while writing this review you may also find helpful. Here they are in no particular order.


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