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Amazon Prime Day Deals are here. See all the baseball and softball bat Prime Day deals we could find.

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Amazon Prime Day Deals are here. See all the baseball and softball bat Prime Day deals we could find.

With few exceptions, we do not review budget non-performance bats on this site. However, some bats are popular enough and in particular, appear in searches on our site enough, that we feel we must provide some insight for those looking. (See our Easton’s S50 review, for example). We have spent enough time with bats in this class to  write a Louisville Slugger Vapor Review. (Amazon Price Check)Louisville Slugger Vapor Photo Justbatreviews

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Louisville Slugger Vapor Recommendations

Slugger Vapor

In short, this 7050 alloy bat is the same bat you can buy from a number of different brands at big box stores for under $90. There is nothing special about its barrel size or construction in the youth, BBCOR or slowpitch softball realm.

The only compelling feature of the bat is that Louisville Slugger produces it, and you pay a premium for that. In terms of performance and durability, there is no difference between any other budget 7050 alloy bat found hanging in WalMarts across the country.

We only recommend the bat in the softball, BBCOR or youth space to players who simply need a stick to swing and want to spend as little money as possible on a new bat.

Louisville Slugger Vapor Sizing Options

The Vapor is released in:

  • Youth (2 1/4) barrel drop 13
  • Senior League 2 5/8 barrel drop 9
  • BBCOR for high school play in a drop 3
  • A slow pitch softball bat

The drop, you will recall, is the numerical difference between the bat’s length in inches and weight in ounces. The drops for the Vapor are roughly standard for 7050 alloy bats.

Louisville Slugger Vapor 2014, 2015 vs 2016

Slugger makes no real determination between the Vapor in terms of year it was manufactured. There simply haven’t been any changes in the bat for a few years, so the 2014 is the same as the 2016, for example.

Each year is a very simple 7050 alloy bat in a single piece form. It has no particular technology that helps dampen sting or add power to your pop. It does pass required standard performance tests in baseball and softball, but we have no expectation it comes close to meeting them.

Louisville Slugger Vapor Similar Bats

On this site, the only other budget bat we have reviewed is the Easton S50. In terms of durability and performance you can expect the Vapor and S50 to be similar. However, the sizes may not be fully comparable.

In the aisles of WalMart, you’ll find roughly every bat you pick up to be very similar to the Vapor. Look closely at the writing on the side of the bat and if it says 7050 alloy construction then you can bet it performs the same as the Vapor.

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