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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Maple Wood Bats

Maple Wood Bats

March 21, 2019 | @BatDigest

Maple is one of the most common species of wood that is used to make wood bats. It is a hard wood that provides great pop and is used across all levels of play. We discuss the major maple wood bats on the market today, give some recommendations on brands and insight as to why maple bats are best.

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Maple Bat History

Maple Wood Bats

Maple first came onto the scene in the 1990’s. It was first used by Sam Bats via Barry Bonds. People wanted to use what the home run king used. Maple bats quickly took over the wood bat market, almost entirely replacing Ash at the MLB level, and has stayed on top since.


Maple bats are some of the longest lasting, highest quality, toughest to break wood bats on the market. It has tight, smooth grains that keep it from breaking due to age. Also, with the grains being so close and tight to each other, it makes the bat harder to break in relation to other woods. This hardness and toughness also provides a great amount of pop, especially for a wood bats.

Maple bats can be cut into any shape and size, and be used across all levels. Players of all ages and sizes can use maple game sticks, one handed trainers, or any other baseball tool they need made in wood. Also, maple can be made into fungos for coaches, and even wood softball bats. You can expect these tools and bats to last for a long while due to the quality of maple wood.


Louisville Slugger

Maple Wood Bats

Slugger is the longest lasting brands on the wood bat market. It has stood the test of time, being known for their high quality. Over the years they have stayed one of the most popular bats in the MLB, as well as for all ages of players. They are one of the most used and popular brands in the world today. Their wood bats range from $20 (yes, that’s right) to $140.

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Maple Wood Bats

Marucci is one of the most well known bat companies on the market. They are used across all levels of baseball, and are used by many of the most popular players in the MLB. They are a very well established company, but is well worth it because of the quality you know you’ll get. These bats come in around $140.

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Maple Wood Bats

Easton is a relatively overlooked wood bat company because they are mainly known for their metal bats. Their bats are still very high quality while still keeping the bats at a lower price. These bats are still great for any player from youth to college. These bats range from $50 to $120.

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Other Companies

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There are many other great wood bat companies to choose from. A simple google search can bring up many smaller companies to choose from, and they all most likely provide maple wood bats for many different prices. These companies include Phoenix Bats, Rawlings, Max Bats, Sam Bat and many other smaller companies. It’s all just personal opinion on what the buyer thinks is best.

(Buyers beware, the quality of wood also depends on the company that is selling it, but maple is always a for sure choice if the buyer doesn’t know what they’re looking for.)


Overall, maple is a great choice for any player, of any age. It is very tough, very hard to break, is very long lasting, and also has some very great pop. It can be made into any tool, bat or coaches’ utility possible. Also, all of this comes at a great, affordable price.


Ross Buescher says:

Need to review Mark Lumber. Just approved for MLB use. Some of the best Maple sticks ever made.

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