2015 Axe Review: Elite Element and Phenom.

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A few months ago we fell in love with a new approach to hitting a baseball when we reviewed the 2015 Axe Avenge. The idea, by way of reminder, is that the ideal bat built outside the constraints of a wood lathe would prefer a handle which encouraged proper mechanics, namely, driving the knob of the bat to the ball to increase both bat speed and the amount of time the barrel was in the zone. Such ingenuity also slows down hitter fatigue as the more natural grip requires less palm stress.2015 Axe Bat Reviews

After several months with the bat our opinion hasn’t changed—its exceptionally fun to swing and drives balls like Mrs. Daisy–or, I guess, like Mrs. Daisy’s chauffeur. On second thought, that analogy doesn’t make sense either. My point is I still like the bat.

What we failed to point out in that earlier review was that Baden Sports, who is really Axe Bats, makes several other baseball bats that are worthy of a shout out or two.

2015 Axe Elite BBCOR, Senior League & Youth Barrel

2015 Axe Elite Review

The BBCOR Axe Elite (and its mini-me in the senior league and youth versions) is actually a four piece bat. Two of the pieces, both aluminum alloy, are used to create the front and back of the barrel. This allows the bat to perform optimally in a one-sided hitting environment–since the handle shape forces contact on the same spot of the barrel.

The other two pieces make up the composite end cap and handle. The end cap allows the bat to have a balanced swing. It measures out, in our calculation, right in the middle of the BBCOR bats swing weight range this year. The composite handle helps dampen swing sting on mishits and gives the bat a great butter like feel on solid contact.

The Axe Elite comes in a BBCOR, senior league drop 9 and drop 5, and a youth barrel (2 1/4) drop 12.

The 2015 Axe Elite is a legit top-shelf hybrid bat with great sting dampening, a really smart handle and a barrel designed for one sided hitting. This bat veritably rakes and is probably my favorite in the entire Axe line due to its smooth feel, price point and ball driving ability. This one drives balls like a golf cart. Or something like that.

Check pricing here.

2015 Axe Element BBCOR & Youth Barrel

2015 Axe Element ReviewThose looking for a one piece bat experience and would like the Axe handle will find the Element in their wheel house. The bat is a one piece aluminum bat designed for one sided hitting. It has a composite end cap to create a balanced feel.

Unlike many other one piece bats, the Axe Element’s unique handle shape actually helps dampen mishits. The design forces the bat to be gripped in the fingers and mishits appear more tolerable.

Like the Avenge and Elite the Element comes in a youth (2 1/4) drop 13 as well as a BBCOR drop 3 (drop 3, obviously). It is not in a big barrel or senior league version.

The Axe Element has a consumer conscience value price for the proprietary Axe Handle and a balanced swing weight with the composite end cap. This bat and the Elite is where Axe newbies take their first step. Most never go back.

If a one piece bat is your cup of tea and you really love the idea and practicality of a handle built to really hit baseballs then the Element is a good place to start.

Check pricing here.

2015 Axe Phenom BBCOR & Youth Barrel

2015 Axe BBCOR Review

We awarded the Axe Phenom Youth barrel bat the best value little league bat for 2015. The youth bat is innovative, has a great balanced swing weight, a drop 12, a full year warranty, 30 day love it or return it policy, is proven to cause less injury fatigue and forces correct mechanics. All for sub $80. I am not sure what else I’d ever want in a little league bat–especially in a market that regularly sells bats for $300+.

The youth version is a basic one piece alloy design and those looking for high end and long term performance need to reach a bit deeper in the wallet. But a little league bat built right in the wheelhouse of most players looking for a drop 12 will find a lot fewer homes than it should this year—‘casue this biz, sadly, sales bats for #hypenothandles.

The BBCOR version of the Phenom is just a bigger and heavier version of the youth bat (and vice versa). It’s a basic bat with a helpful handle and those on a budget who want a thoughtful grip are about to buy a bat on the link below.

Check pricing here.

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