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2015 Boombah Bat ReviewsAbout 4 weeks ago one loyal JBR reader told me, “You have to check out these Boombah bats. They are the real deal.” I sheepishly avoided the email becuase, I thought, there was no way a company I had never heard of (at least in the bat space) could make a top shelf bat. Then, a few days later, I saw a kid at the ball field swinging a blue and red colored bat that, to my surprise, said BOOMBAH. It was fate, I thought, time to find these guys and get one of these bats on the site.

It turns out there was a reason I never heard of these folks and it was entirely a function of their business model: direct to customer sales. They do not have distribution in online and offline retailers. They are not on eastbay or justbats or baseball express. You can’t even find their bats on amazon and ebay listings are, at best, sparse.

2015 Boombah Bat ReviewsBoombah chooses this ‘direct to consumer’ model. The main advantage, as I suspect they see it, is cutting out the middle man makes customers and their bottom line better off. In theory, prices can be less expensive for equipment that is still high quality.

The disadvantage, on the other hand, is that you may have the best product in the world but no one actually knows about it because no Vendor is ‘google ad-sensing’ you its qualities. If only there were a legit third party bat reviews site which didn’t have any inventory to sell you so, in effect, could give you an unbiased review of said bat…

We won’t go as far as saying the Boombah bat line is the ‘best in the world’ but we can say with confidence, after some serious cage time with their top shelf BBCOR and Senior League bat (aka Cannon), that Boombah Cannon is a legit hybrid bat. It is very much worth considering and reviewing.

2015 Boombah Bat ReviewsBOOMBAH CANNON Construction

The Cannon’s BBCOR and Senior League models are three piece hybrid bats. The three pieces are a (1) composite handle, (2) alloy barrel and (3) oversized composite end cap.

The composite handle is an “XRT Composite” which is a Boombah trade marked composite name for a high end composite handle with good stiffness.

The barrel is unique. It has a composite inner layer with a very thin alloy exterior (ala the Easton S2Z). This thin walled barrel creates a loud ping sound as well as contributes to a larger barrel size without compromising swing weight.Screenshot_3

The end cap is key. The composite end cap extends a couple inches into the barrel of the bat. This gives the bat a noticeably light swing weight and, for BBCOR at least, it’s swing weight measures to be the lightest on the market.

The most comparable bat by design is the Rawlings TRIO. The TRIO is, in BBCOR at least, $399. The BBCOR Boombah Cannon is $249. (See what we mean by direct to consumer?)

Screenshot_82015 Rawlings TRIO BBCOR Baseball Bat ReviewRawlings Velo Drop 5

The BBCOR version comes in 31, 32, 33 and 34 inch lengths and can only be bought on Boombah’s site.

Senior League2015 Boombah Bat Reviews

By way of pure feel and performance we liked the Senior League version of the bat the best in the line. The Senior League is the blue one. The bat comes in a 2 5/8 drop 10. For a multi-piece bat it may be the best senior league bat you’ve never heard of.

We do think the $249 price is steep for a senior league hybrid but, considering it’s multi-piece design with ultra-light composite swing weight, we wouldn’t go so far as to say the price is unjustified.

Our 9 year old son loves the sting dampening on this bat and feels like he has a lot of barrel to make driving contact. It feels great and has a great look to it.


In the BBCOR space we would put the Boombah Cannon on a very, very short list of value buys comparable to some of our favorites in 2015 like the Marucci CAT 6 and DeMarini’s Vexxum. If you were looking for a value buy AND the lightest swing weight then the BBCOR Cannon from Boombah would be the only one on the list.

For the Senior League big barrel we think it prices itself into some pretty stiff competition and at $249 we’d guess someone would really need to love the Boombah name or demand a three piece bat to go this route. Those who need a light swing weight should consider this bat but, again, at $249 you have a lot of options. The choice isn’t crazy but it is far from a no-brainer.

2015 Boombah Bat Reviews

Performance wise both the BBCOR and Senior League are verified to be legit. We are sure those who prefer hybrid bats and need or want an ultra light swing weight will appreciate the Boombah Cannon. The alloy barrel is hot out of the wrapper and requires no work in period.

We expect many will have some hesitation to go with a bat that major retailers don’t ever talk about (because they don’t have any to sell). But, for what it’s worth, we at justbatreviews.com have hit with all versions of the Cannon and would not hesitate recommending it to any buyer looking for a light swinging hybrid bat with legit pop.

2015 Boombah Bat Reviews

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