The Lightest Swing on the Planet: 2015 DeMarini CF7 Review

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2015 DeMarini CF7 ReviewBuilt on their long line of success within the CF family, the DeMarini CF7 (Amazon Price Checkbaseball bat comes with one of the the lightest swing on the planet. It is and will be a marquee bats collegiate, highschool, and little leagues across the country. While other companies are trying to sell us $550+ bats with spinning handles, DeMarini is approaching the plate this year with what it seems like players want: the best plate coverage with the smoothest swing.

(The CF7’s bigger and heavier brother the Overlord FT review can be found here. The most up to date pricing for the CF7 can be found here).

You can also expect the absolute maximum allowable performance in a brand like DeMarini and their marquee CF7 baseball bat. The company has the means to make sure their bat is reaching the maximum limit of allowable BBCOR and BPF regulations. The Accelerated Break In tests little league bats are required to pass cost thousands of dollars for submissions and only those companies with the most means also have the ability to make sure their bat is performing at the max–DeMarini is one of them.

2015 DeMarini CF7 Review

This is one of several reasons why successful collegiate teams swing high end bats from DeMarini more often than any others. In fact, 38% of teams in the 2014 NCAA tournament this year swung Demarini–better than the second place, Louisville Slugger, by a full 16%. This reality may explain some sweet custom made CF7’s DeMarini’s (or is that the Overlord?) provided to, at least to the twittersphere, OSU. Check it:

2015 DeMarini CF7 Custom

The CF7 comes in nearly every size imaginable. A BBCOR with lengths from 30 to 34. A senior league in drop 10 with either a 2 5/8 or 2 3/4 barrel. A 2 3/4 drop 8 as well. And don’t forget the youth barrel (2 1/4) in a drop 11. Those looking for a drop 5 should zero in on the DeMarini Voodoo.

As an update, DeMarini upgraded on the success of the 2014 CF6 and the 2014 Voodoo Overlord with durability. As well, for the CF7, the swing weight has come down compared to the middle balanced CF6.

2015 DeMarini CF7 Review

We expect the CF7, with its extremely light swing weight versus plate coverage, to be an absolute winner in 2015.

And if you’re still not amped about getting one of these in your hands and you have a pulse, this video might do the trick:

(As of now the best place to purchase the CF7 for baseball on Amazon. Major vendors have it too, but Amazon’s price can’t be beat. As that changes we will update the best place we have found. is not affilaited with them nor do they pay us anything to recommend them.)

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DeMarini CF7 Review

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