2015 DeMarini Insane Review


2015 DeMarini Insane Review

DeMarini releases a whole slew of bat lines every year in baseball. Their top shelf bat, for 2015, is the ever famous two-piece balanced composite CF7 (which we love). Their other top shelf bat, but end loaded, is the two-piece hybrid Voodoo Overlord FT (which we love). They also have a value option in the high end performance two piece arena named the NVS Vexxum (which we love).

The less heralded yet noteworthy fourth bat in the DeMarini 2015 line up is the Insane. This bat serves as the only single piece bat in their baseball line up and, like last year, is a middle weighted SC4 alloy with a solid construction and knock down power.

2015 DeMarini Insane Review

BBCOR 2015 Insane Above—BBCOR 2014 Below

2014 DeMarini Insane

On a related note, end caps, these days, are the frontier for hype in the industry. From welded composites to end caps that go 1/4 the way down the barrel to inverted, shaped and multi-composite flux-capacitor type names it seems like the hype train is alive and well. The Insane’s claim is the DeMarini designed end cap reverberates power back into the barrel.

We do agree that the end cap keeps the power in the barrel but we feel pretty confident in claiming the vast majority of end caps do this too. But, none of those end caps look nearly as sweet as this:2014 DeMarini Insane Review

The best pricing we’ve seen on the bat is here or search like this here.

The other little end cap blurb floating around on the Insane is about how the D-cap design’s low profile keeps swing speeds high. We hope these vendors are NOT claiming (although at a minimum it does sound like some are implying) a low profiled end cap somehow reduces wind resistance so you can swing faster.

The end cap weight does plays a crucial role in swing weight (especially in an aluminum bat) but no one should be believe that wind resistance has anything to do with anything here.

Speaking of swing weight, We measured the swing weight and found it similar to the NVS Vexxum or the 715 from Slugger. The Insane should be in the middle swing weight, considered towards the heavier end.

We also used our digital calipers to measure the actual size of the barrel on the 2 5/8, 2 1/4 and BBCOR. In the 2 5/8 category the barrel is as big they come–it is as large as the senior league Easton XL3.2015 DeMarini Insane Review

The BBCOR barrel measures at 2.62 inches and the youth barrel measures at 2.24 inches. Both basically on the money for allowable diameter (although a handful of bats we test are over their limit).


BBCOR Lengths: 31, 32 and 33 (DXINC pricing)

2 3/4 Barrel drop 10 in 29, 30, 31 and 32 inch (DXINZ pricing)

2 5/8 Barrel drop 9 in 30, 31 and 32 (DXINR pricing)

2 1/4 Barrel drop 12 in a 29, 30, 31 and 32 (DXINL pricing)

2015 DeMarini Insane Review

There are plenty of deciding factors on why to acquire the 2015 Insane:

  • Its 2 5/8 SL model is the largest one piece aluminum barrel on the market
  • The power you can generate from a one piece aluminum stick is, in the right hands, awesome
  • The price point is right in line with a lot of people’s budget
  • The DeMarini brand, which stands behind its products, always produces quality bats
  • The tactile layer of the grip makes the sting of one piece bats manageable

Those who should shy away:  those who prefer two piece bats; want to spend more money or want to spend less money; need or prefer a bat with a lighter swing weight.

The Insane in the right hands are bomb droppers. Hitters who appreciate the feel of a one piece stick and a little rattle on mishits will enjoy this bat. And their parents will love the price point.

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