2015 Easton MAKO Review


2015 Easton MAKO Review

Easton’s 2015 Line up
(The 2015 Easton line has 9 performance bats reviewed individually here: MAKO TORQMAKO XLMAKOS1S2S3XL1XL3S2z and S3z).  You may also be interested in the 2016 Easton MAKO Reviews

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2015 MAKO Genealogy

Easton returns the very popular MAKO bat for 2015 (Amazon Price Check). The bats penetration and hype in the market for 2014 was nearly unbelievable. Most retailers claim the 2014 release marked the start of the best selling baseball bat ever seen. It’s over-sized barrel, at the time, was unrivaled. It’s neon was recognizable from a 350 feet out. It’s hype and buzz were perfectly marketed and timed.

With such great success, not much has changed between the 2014 and 2015 of the most popular bat ever made: the bat is still a two piece composite bat with high end TCT composite barrel and composite handle as well as the CXN Easton technology. (Also, not much has changed for the 2016 Easton MAKO either).

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2015 MAKO Sizing and Swing Weight

2015 Easton MAKO ReviewSizing is also quite similar when compared to the 2014 version. A BBCOR -3, Big Barrel -9 and -10, and a JBB -12. A Youth 2 1/4 barrel will come in a drop 9 and drop 10. The over-sized barrel, made possible by the TCT composite, is also similar in size to the 2014 MAKO.

The 2015 MAKO’s swing weight is the lightest of the entire Power Brigade series (yes, lighter than the S series). The bat has incredible barrel size for such a light swinging bat—only rivaled by some of the best in the business. We found the CF7 from Demarini to swing a little lighter.

2015 Easton MAKO Review

An Aside on Swing Weight
At the risk of being too technical, we think it should be noted that swing speed isn’t all that determines the distance a ball travels at contact. Yet watching some of the commentary and commercials of the 2015 MAKO (and other light swinging bats) might make you think otherwise. In reality, the distance a ball travels is a function of both bat speed and the amount of power (or torque) in the bat at contact. That torque (not TORQ) is directly proportional to the bats swing weight—the greater the torque the higher the swing weight.

In other words, what you might gain in swing speed by a lighter swing weighted bat you may very well lose (and then some) in the lack of power behind that lighter swinging bat at contact. These two determining factors of ball exit speed are inversely proportional.

2015 Easton MAKO Review

The trick is finding a bat with the maximum swing weight that a player can reach near maximum bat speed. That solution isn’t always a lighter swinging bat (because, at some point, your bat doesn’t speed up proportional to the bats swing weight getting lighter since your arms and mechanics keep you from swinging at always increasing speeds).

This principle is, roughly speaking, why you see older and stronger players tend towards heavier swinging bats. Those players have the ability to swing an end loaded bat at very similar speeds to a light swinging MAKO, for example. And that speed coupled with the increased power gives better results.

What I’m trying to say is, the MAKO may very well be the most advanced technology of any bat out there, but it doesn’t mean its the right bat for everyone.

2015 Easton MAKO ReviewOn a note outside of the realm of physics, a hitter looking for a light swing speed yet huge barrel should be pretty happy with the 2015 MAKO. That is, pretty happy if they have $450 to spend on a baseball bat.

We would recommend the 2015 Easton MAKO for hitters who: Appreciate and prefer light swinging bats; Would like a top shelf bat with the latest technology from, arguably, the leader in the metal bat space; Are NOT on a budget; Can’t find a 2014 version of the bat available for a lower price (because it is pretty much the same); Are okay with a bat with more hype than history–which isn’t necessarily a bad thing; want one of the hottest (by way of industry buzz) bats available.

We would not recommend the 2015 Easton MAKO for hitters who: Are on a budget; prefer an aluminum barrel; Prefer one piece bats; Are looking for a ‘best value’ buy.

It would appear that the best place to currently purchase the 2015 MAKO is here. I will update those as better pricing comes around.