2015 Easton S3 Review


2015 Easton S3 Review

(The 2015 Easton top shelf bat line has 10 individual lines that are reviewed individually here: MAKO TORQMAKO XLMAKOS1S2S3XL1XL3S2z and S3z). Also, see the new 2016 Easton S3 Review.

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The Easton Power Brigade line is back in 2015 with the usual suspects. The Speed (S), XL, and MAKO lines will once again grace the plates of little leagues, high school and colleges around the country. Of course the big news is the MAKO TORQ with its spinning handle, but here we focus on the Easton S3.

The 2015 Easton S3, like the 2014 version, will be a one piece aluminum bat with a balanced to light swing weight. Different than the 2014 S3, however, the S3 will be contain Easton’s new and improved HyperLite Alloy. This alloy is also found on the barrel of their top shelf 2015 Easton S22015 Easton S3 Review

The 2014 Easton S3 had mixed reviews. The light swinging aluminum stick was helpful for those who needed a very, very light swinging bat, but it missed a lot of folks expectations when the sweet spot in the bat was hard to find.

We at justbatreviews found the 2014 S3 to have the sweet spot similar to those of a youth wood bat and a swing weight that was only fit for those who needed a severely light swing. The very light swing coupled with the tiny sweet spot made, in our opinion, the 2014 S2 a swing and miss. We usually recommended those looking for a one piece aluminum bat to look elsewhere as we thought there were such bats with similar or better price points with a little more bank for your buck.2015 Easton S3 Review

Easton has appeared to approach these issues with the 2015 version of the S3 and, at least at first glance, we think a step in the right direction. The claim is this new alloy allows for a larger sweet spot and increased durability without effecting swing weight. The barrel is noticeably larger. And since, we believe, other bat manufacturers have been able to accomplish such feats in previous years, we don’t think Easton’s claim of increased durability with a larger barrel and light swing weight in a full aluminum is unfounded.

As a result, we think the 2015 S3 is a serious improvement over the 2014 model. The problem, at least for now at release, is there are not enough sizes of the bat. It is currently slated to release in a drop 10 Big Barrel, Drop 10 JBB and a 2 1/4 drop 13. We’d love to see both a BBCOR and a drop 8 and 12 in the big barrel.

2015 Easton S3 Review

Those looking for the least expensive ‘high end’ bat from the arguable leader in the metal bat space should be looking at the 2015 S3.

Those in the single piece aluminum bat market will find that this segment is very crowded with several very good options. We can say with confidence that the 2015 S3, unlike last years model, should be one to consider. It’s larger barrel profile and balanced to light swing weight, as well as Easton’s market saturation, should convince a lot to pull the trigger.

(It would appear the best place to purchase the 2015 Easton S3 is either here or here. If that changes we will try and update. If you happen to find better pricing, feel free to let us know @justbatreviews on twitter or [email protected])

2015 Easton S3 Review

We recommend the 2015 Easton S3 for those hitters who: Prefer the price points of a one piece aluminum bat; would like a higher end one piece aluminum bat; prefer aluminum barrels; are on a budget; are working on making contact; need a balanced to light swing weight; not interested or capable of hitting bombs.

We would NOT recommend the 2015 Easton S1 for those hitters who: Prefer heavier swing weights; Willing to spend a little more for increased performance; Want to accentuate their bomb dropping skills; Prefer two-piece bats; Want a composite barrel; need a BBCOR or drop 5 bat.