2015 Louisville Slugger 515 Omaha Review


2015 Omaha 515 Louisville Slugger ReviewThe 515 Omaha from Louisville Slugger is the third of four bat in their 2015 top shelf bat line. (The others are the 915 Prime715 Select and 2015 Catalyst). The 515 Omaha is a one piece aluminum stick with a balanced swing weight.

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The Omaha, if I have counted right, has the most robust sizing options of any bat in the line (and maybe in the entire market). The BBCOR line has 7 different lengths. There is a 2 3/4 with a drop 10 in 7 lengths. A 2 5/8 barrel in a drop 10 and drop 5 with a number of lengths and a 2 1/4 with a several lengths as well.

915 715 515 Louisville Slugger Review

Compared to the 915 Prime and the 715 Select the 515 Omaha does have a lighter swing. When we measured it was a good 10% lighter.

Slugger resurrected the Omaha name after a year in hiatus to take on the full aluminum line in the top shelf series of bats. The 515 ST+20 alloy is a know commodity that is durable and has good pop out of the wrapper.  We suspect the 515, with its affordable price point, will be the best selling bat in the Slugger series this year.

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In a move that gets high marks from us, since its partly our job to keep track of all these bat names, they have put some thinking behind the bats title: 515 Omaha. The 5 refers to the same series of gear that Slugger makes (Series 5). The 15 is the release model year: 2015. The Omaha refers to the age old ST+20 one piece aluminum bat that Slugger has been making for years. It might sound like a silly thing, but the names that are actually informative to the consumers, in our opinion, are a step in the right direction.

We recommend this bat to hitters who consist of the following: Those who are on a budget but still want a name brand bat. Those who like the feel of one-piece aluminum bats. Those want something hot out of the wrapper. Those who would like a balanced swing.

We would NOT recommend this bat to those hitters who consist of the following: Those who want a composite or two piece bat. Those who want a higher MOI swing.