2015 Marucci OPS Review: Choosing Baseball Bats and Wall Decor


2015 Marucci OPS BBCOR Review

I believe we have seen and touched every 2015 BBCOR bat on the market. We’ve learned a couple things along the way. For starters, lots of bats aren’t much different than the next. Second, we are obsessed with baseball bats. And third, looks can be deceiving.

For example, we’ve found many a bat with surprisingly dinky looks but exceptional power. The opposite has also been true. Further, we’ve found the eyeball test to find barrel dimensions (like actual diameter and actual barrel size) are impossible to tell and nearly criminally deceiving. A bat’s paint job does a great job of duping your eye’s measuring skills.

2015 Marucci OPS Review

But what we have yet to see, in all these bat tests, is a bat whose look alone makes us fall all over ourselves. Hey, I get it, looks are for frilly girls playing rec league slow pitch. Fancy bats and neon striped wrist bands with matching lipstick, trying to prove something other than a love for the game. But then in comes the 2015 Marucci Camo OPS with neon orange letters and a  gloss finish to make you weak in the knees.

I seriously put saran wrap over the barrel to hit with because I didn’t want it marked up.

2015 Marucci OPS Review

The actual bat is a sweet singing and seamless two piece hyrbid (the only two piece BBCOR Marucci makes) and was “inspired” by David Ortiz himself–which I don’t quite understand because I can’t picture Big Papi chilling in a duck blind with the Robertson family. But so goes their marketing blurb.

Although some vendors are calling it a balanced bat we found it is actually almost end loaded. Its swing weight is a tiny bit more than the NVS Vexxum from DeMarini and a bit under the Axe Avenge from Baden.  In fact, as a two piece hybrid, it reminds us a lot of Louisville Slugger’s 715 Select whose swing weight (and price) it matches.

2015 Marucci OPS ReviewThe 715 does have a barrel diameter 1/20 of an inch bigger (not that that’s too much of a big deal). But what OPS may lack in diameter we think it makes up in design. It also uses the same ring free design in the barrel that helps makes the Marucci CAT 6 one of our favorites.

The OPS, unlike the 715, only comes in a BBCOR design.There was a 2014 version in the senior league 2 5/8 in a drop 10 called the 2104  Marucci OPS One Camo. You can still find some of these at Marucci’s site or online.

2015 Marucci OPS Review2015 Marucci One OPS Review

Overall the 2015 Marucci OPS is a legit value bat in a crowded two piece space. It has a bonafide extended barrel and sweet spot. The swing weight is made for heavy hitters and we suggest those who can’t pass up the camo look drop down an inch from what they may be more accustomed too.

The biggest issue we have with the bat, and this is serious, is choosing between playing baseball with it or mounting it on our wall.

These bats are actually hard to find and not many vendors are carrying them. Looks like the best pricing you can find on this bat goes with an ebay search like this. Online vendors we checked all have similar pricing (like here).

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