A Review of the Easton S2 and DeMarini Vexxum


Comparing and Contrasting the Easton S2 and DeMarini Vexxum

The Easton S2 and DeMarini Vexxum are very similar bats. Both are two piece hybrid bats with aluminum alloy barrels and composite handles. Both are made by very reputable companies that stand by the product. Both are durable and are constructed with the finest materials available. Both are seen across little league fields far and wide. But there are some differences worth noting. If you are looking for a report on the differences between the Easton S2 and DeMarini Vexxum you’ve come to the right place.Easton S2 and DeMarini Vexxum Easton S2 and DeMarini Vexxum

The Similarities of the Easton S2 and DeMarini Vexxum

  • Two Piece Hybrid Design with an Aluminum Alloy Barrel and a Composite Handle
  • A pedigree of previous version with solid reviews
  • Quality resale value
  • An Array of sizes and drops
  • High End Aluminum Alloy Barrel for pop out of the wrapper (Easton: THT Scandium Alloy; DeMarini: X10 Alloy)
  • High End Composite Handle Material (Easton: SIC™ BLACK CARBON; DeMarini: C6 Composite)
  • Two-piece design helps with sting dampening

The Differences of the Easton S2 and DeMarini Vexxum

  • Sizing Options
    Easton S2 and DeMarini Vexxum Sizing ChartsThe Easton S2 and DeMarini Vexxum have a lot of sizes to choose from. However, the Vexxum comes in a 2 5/8 drop 5 version as well as a 2 3/4 Jr. Big Barrel version. Easton has a 28 inch 2 1/4 bat which DeMarini does not.


  • Swing Weight: Given a similar length and barrel diameter the Vexxum swings about 14% heavier than the Easton S2. We know this by using the Swing Weight Calculator to determine the mass moment of inertia (MOI) at the knob of each bat. We did not have every size available to measure in every barrel length, but we did have enough information to believe that a 14% increase in swing power is required to rotate the Vexxum around the knob when compared to an S2 of similar length and barrel diameter.
    In other words, the S2 has a lighter swing weight than the Vexxum for comparable stated lengths and barrel diameters and if you are considering either bat don’t assume one size fits all here. To create a similar swing feel, we would suggest at least one inch less when going from the S2 to the Vexxum. (e.g. A 29 inch Vexxum in the 2 1/4 feels the most like a 30 inch S2 in the same barrel size).When comparing the two bats side by side, do not pay too much attention to the stated weight on the bats. As we discuss elsewhere, stated weights mean virtually nothing when comparing bats of different brands. The real issue is weight distribution and the bats swing weight. And, in this case, the Vexxum swings about 14% heavier per given barrel diameter and stated length.


  • Price: The Vexxum, at least from an MSRP standpoint, is between $20 and $50 cheaper direct from the manufacturer when compared to the S2. In the secondary market (as of today) the S2 is holding its value very well. The DeMarini is also holding its value but not nearly like the S2. We suspect the S2 is holding its value becuase people who own it really like it.


We have swung both of these bats and its hard to say you’d go wrong with either one. The biggest hitter in little league that I know of right now uses the DeMarini Vexxum drop 5, yet we see more S2’s at the plate in comp ball across the rocky mountains.

The low swing weight of the S2 with similar plate coverage than a Vexxum may very well push the S2 up a notch in many people’s books. It’s a smooth looking bat with a great sound at contact and fantastic resale value (assuming you ever want to sale it). If the S2 and the Vexxum were going for the same price in the exact swing weight and barrel diameter I needed I’d buy the S2.

The Vexxum, on the other hand, is a slightly end loaded bat with solid pop. DeMarini has made a real winner in the X10 alloy combo with the C6 Composite and, from what we’ve gathered, the sting dampening in the Vexxum may be better than the S2 (We don’t have any data to verify this, but just a possible observation).

The Vexxum also comes in a list of sizes the S2 does not have. I would not sacrifice the wrong swing weight or barrel size to have the S2 over the Vexxum and the fact the Vexxum will probably save me a few bucks as well I’d go with it had the S2 not had the size I was looking for.

Good luck and let us know what you think of the S2 and the Vexxum side by side.




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