Louisville Slugger 915 NCAA Review


Louisville Slugger 915 NCAABy Brian Duryea — (Last updated 8/13/2014)

The 2015 Louisville Slugger 915 NCAA bat is now released and we think it will be a smashing (waka waka) success this year. It was already featured at the Junior Home Run Derby, was hit by Ozzie smith in the Stars and Celebrities Softball game, and was a feature at the perfect game all star classic in San Diego. The bat also made several notable appearances in the 2014 NCAA tournament.

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YBP9152 Prime 915 angle oval

It may end up being the best metal bat ever made by Slugger for a couple of reasons.

First, it is an updated version of the 2014 Attack–which we thought was the best metal bat Slugger had made to date. If it turns out to be a real improvement it will, indeed, be the best bat they’ve ever made. Based on feedback from elite travel ball players about the 2014 Attack, Slugger tightened up the connective piece between the composite barrel and handle. As well, the 915 has some improved durability at the Tru3 connective piece when compared to the 2014 Attack. This should give players a bit better feel through contact.


Second, the 915 is the highest swing weight/inch on the market at the moment. Upwards of 10% higher than the new 2015 DeMarini Voodoo FT the 915 has a deep balance point and high M.O.I. It is no surprise that such power hit more home runs in the NCAA tourney than another other brand. The 915 is a verifiable bomb dropper.

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Here is the #owntheplate marketing spot on the bat and is worth a watch:

From a sizing persepctive the 915 Prime identical to last years BBCOR Attack. Also, as expected, the 915 has been released in the youth barrel and senior league barrel size. This will put the three-piece composite bat in the hands of every age in every league.

The real indicator for determining how good a bat actually is can be told by its resale value in the secondary market. While there are no used 915’s just yet, there a handful of 2014 Attacks. The Attacks, with one exception, are the highest priced secondary market bat you can find in the Youth version. Used attacks are hard to get at a discount and, at least in our opinion, that is a very good sign. The drop 5 Attack from 2014 is getting top dollar. If the 915 is an improved version of the Attack then we expect a fantastic resale value on a quality bat.

Overall, the bat gets high marks across all categories and we suspect it will be as good if not better than any composite bat on the market in 2015.

We would recommend the 915 Prime for those who: Want a top of the line bat from a top shelf company. Prefer composite barrels. Prefer the sting dampening that a two piece bat offers. Prefer a deeper balance point and higher swing weight.

We would not recommend the 915 Prime for those who: are on a budget. Need or prefer a lighter swing. Prefer an aluminum barrel or one piece bat.

As of right now the best place to purchase the 915 in any version is here or on ebay. We are not affiliated with them, just from our searching their pricing was the best.