2016 CF7 TORQ Review — Easton & DeMarini Join Forces to Make $799 BBCOR BAT


DeMarini CF7Mako Torq Reviews

April 1st, 2015

DeMarini and Easton will join forces during the 2015 NCAA world series to make the best hitting baseball bat known to man: the 2016 CF7 TORQ. The bat will combine not only the best of the two bats’ technologies, but also the marketing prowess of the two biggest baseball bat companies in the business.

From what we’ve been able to gather, the CF7 TORQ will allow each individual to decide which features of the TORQ or CF7 they would prefer included in their custom constructed bats. For example, a D-Fusion handle with the oversized MAKO Barrel. Or, a spinning handle bat with a CF7 base. Additionally, each player can choose where the swing load of their bat will lie.

From a few videos we’ve seen online, the bat hits the ball a country mile and the CF7 TORQ with the spinning handle D-Fusion combination produces three times the back spin on drives to center field. This adoption of back spin emphasis validates the Mizuno MaxCor cross-wised sweet spot which they released a few months previous.

2015 Mizuno MaxCorr BBCOR baseball bat reviewEven more, we’ve been told there will be up to one thousand YouTube videos from each of the mammoth companies’ marketing departments implying different ways their bat may actually perform better than BBCOR standards without actually saying so. Of course it will depend highly on what combinations of each bat a player chooses as their customized stick but we suspect they may be on to something.

Two websites will be launched to commemorate the release of the bat. They are:

www.DeMariniEastonCustomCF7TORQ.com: Here you will be able to customize which parts of which bat you’d like in your bat as well as an array of color and finish options. It will be much like the current custom Demarini site but you’ll also be able to select which features of which bat you most prefer.

www.EastonDemariniBatFinancing.com: Easton and DeMarini will help provide financing and payment plans for those who can’t afford the $799 price tag. A loan officer will be available by chat, email or live once this site goes live. Some payment plans can start as low as $29 per month and last up to 9 years so be very careful.

2015 Axe Avenge BBCOR Bat

If other rumors hold true (which were seemingly accidentally announced on twitter), Easton and DeMarini will acquire the bat company Axe Bats from Baden sports. This will allow even further innovation of the custom designed bat by adding the option of an axe shaped handle to your package.

Additionally, the option to pressurize a gas from the periodic table inside your bat will also be available for a $345 upgrade on top of the $799 baseball bat. We are not sure if the Hydrogen will be available on first release but we’d expect such an option to make the bat literally explosive.

Additionally, if you choose to fill the bat with a gas you can also design your own graphics and add them to the the bat for a reasonable $0.99. Those looking to save a couple bucks can get free shipping at Justbats.com.

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Conclusion and Recommendations

Overall, we think the bat will be a smashing success and anyone looking to forgo their college trust fund and/or happens to have a senile grandmother with a large bank account and propensity to misplace her credit cards should find this bat at the top of their wish list.

It’s the 1st of April, everyone. (i.e. April Fools).

Is it opening day yet? Apparently for Justbatreviews, baseball can’t come soon enough…don’t hate me for too long.