2016 Combat MAXUM Update: Just Bat Reviews Stands Corrected


2016 Combat Maxum

We made a claim a couple weeks ago in our initial 2016 Combat Maxum Review that the 2016 Combat Maxum’s barrel was not 20 to 40% larger than all competitors—as Combat had claimed. After further review and a novel way to measure the actual differences was brought to our attention, we found our assertion to be incorrect. Indeed, the 2016 Combat MAXUM has the largest barrel size we have ever seen on a 2 5/8 bat and, by our simple estimation, is at least 20% larger than any similarly sized bat we could find.

If that assertion is to hold true throughout 2016 bat releases is yet to be seen, but as of today we can say that there is no exaggeration in Combat’s claim their barrel is remarkably gigantic.

We have updated the original 2016 Combat Maxum Review to reflect those findings.