2016 Easton MAKO Reviews: Doubling Down on the Torq

Easton Mako Reviews


Major bat companies are plenty smart enough to know when they’ve missed the mark. When a company quickly abandons a concept or erases last years ‘advancement’ for something new in this year’s release the reason is quite often the concept didn’t work.

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2016 Easton MAKO ReviewsWhen the 2015 Mako TORQ (Amazon Price Check) line was released the scoffs from other companies in the industry were audible. As the year progressed, the general sentiment among many of those other manufacturers was the bat was a flop—and there was NO WAY Easton would release the bat again for 2016. Yet not only is Easton releasing a 2016 Easton MAKO Torq they are doubling down on the technology by adding it to other lines too. This, in our mind, is a huge indication that Easton has seen enough positive feedback and sales numbers on the bat to double down on their bet to emphasize what a bat should do.

Data like this from HitTrax is pretty helpful too:

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The rotating handle, i.e. TORQ, will be found on 4 different 2016 Easton bats. No April Fools. Serious.

[su_heading margin=”10″]FOUR 2016 Easton TORQ Models[/su_heading]

2016 Easton MAKO Reviews

  1. MAKO TORQ – Comparable to the 2015 MAKO TORQ version. Built on the chassis of the famous Easton MAKO.
  2. MAKO TORQ XL – This is the 2015 MAKO XL but a adds the rotating handle. Preferred by stronger High School players who want that technology.
  3. Z-CORE HYBRID TORQ (pictured) – Think of the 2015 S2Z with it’s new extended barrel and add the TORQ feature.
  4. Z-CORE TORQ – This is a single piece aluminum like the 2015 S3Z and it’s extended barrel, but also has the rotating handle feature[/ezcol_1half_end]

[ezcol_1half][su_heading margin=”10″]The NON-TORQ 2016 Easton Line-Up[/su_heading]

In the non-TORQ world, Easton releases another six performance bats. The traditional MAKO and MAKO XL will exist in BBCOR versions. Additionally a new two-piece bat named the Hybrid will replace the S2 and XL2 in BBCOR from days gone by. Another single piece aluminum bat offering will be found in the Z-Core for BBCOR. This will replace the S3 and XL3.2016 Easton MAKO Reviews

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2016 Easton MAKO Reviews

  • MAKO (pictured) – Comparable to the 2015 Easton MAKO version with the green and black color scheme.
  • MAKO XL – The MAKO design, but with additional M.O.I. for heavier swing weight and more mass in the barrel.

[su_heading margin=”10″]2016 Easton Z-Core Models (Non MAKO & Non TORQ)[/su_heading]

2016 Easton MAKO Reviews