2017 Anderson Bat Lineup

2017 Anderson Bat Lineup


Anderson Bat Company will offer a full line of bats for 2017. That line includes five new bats: three slowpitch softball bats, one new fastpitch bat and two new baseball bats. We will review each one of these bats as we get them in the cage, but the below is an overview of the 2017 Anderson Bat lineup.

2017 Anderson Bat Baseball Lineup

2017 Anderson Bat Lineup

New to the 2017 class is an upgraded Anderson Flex in BBCOR and Big Barrel (2 3/4). Both are similar to the 2016 model in the sense of one piece construction with an over-sized alloy barrel, but a lighter end cap in this year’s model makes it an easier swing. Of course the upgraded graphics are a nice touch too. (Amazon Price Check)

2017 Anderson Bat Lineup

The best upgrade of the year for Anderson may be the addition of a drop 5 big barrel in a two piece hybrid. Using the same construction concept as their 2016 Centerfire in a drop 11 youth barrel size, the 2 5/8 hybrid drop 5 is a welcome addition to a sparse market in this category. We are very excited to get this in the cage. (Amazon Price Check)

As well as these three baseball new editions for 2017, Anderson will continue the drop 11 youth barrel Centerfire.

As we get these in the cage, we’ll write individual reviews and post their links here.

2017 Anderson Bat Fastpitch Lineup

2017 Anderson Bat Lineup

In addition to the SuperNova and Rocketech drop 12, an upgraded Rocketech drop 9 is added to the fastpitch space. The new end-cap is stronger and is supposed to give this end loaded two piece hybrid more durability. Soon enough, we should have this in the cage with some video’s and write ups. (Amazon Price Check)

2017 Anderson Bat Softball Lineup

Three new bats are added to the 2017 Anderson Bat softball lineup. They include:

2017 Anderson Bat Lineup

The 2017 Anderson Ambush is a two piece composite slowpitch bat built for a light swing and a big barrel. This is a big upgrade for Anderson into the composite space and should be considered their flagship release in 2017. (Amazon Price Check)

2017 Anderson Bat Lineup

With as much success as Anderson has had in the fastpitch space with the Rocketech, the transition to slowpitch makes perfect sense. This is a multi-walled aluminum barrel bat built for power and durability. It is called, obviously, the 2017 Slowpitch Anderson Rocketech. (Amazon Price Check)


The slowpitch Anderson Flex is another addition to the slow-pitch line and its principles comes directly from the baseball Anderson Flex. This is an over-sized barrel on a single piece aluminum alloy built for a lot of feel at contact and a light swing. (Amazon Price Check)

2017 Anderson Bat History

2017 Anderson Bat Lineup

Depending on who you count, there are at least ten bat brands in the metal and composite bat space. Many are popular: DeMarini, Easton, Louisville Slugger, Rawlings, etc. Others are new to the game. A very select few have been in the game for quite some time, yet fall short of the market presence they should have.  In that last group squarely sits Anderson Bat Company.

Despite their relatively small footprint and ownership change, they keep making bats and people keep buying them. In  2007 they made the Techzilla bat which that we think was one of the best ever. They expanded their fastpitch line into a Rocketech that we consider one of the best cold weather fastpitch bats on the market today. Recently, they’ve put serious effort into expanding their slowpitch softball line.

We expect them to be around for a good time to come.

 2017 Anderson Bat Sources

2017 Anderson Bat Lineup

Anderson bat website is a good place to start. Amazon searches for Anderson bats like this are usually the best deal we can find but, some sellers on there are suspect. Closeoutbats, cheapbats and JustBats carry most Anderson Bat lines.