2017 DeMarini Bat Reviews

2017 DeMarini Bat Reviews


Below we give an overview our 2017 DeMarini Bat Reviews. These reviews cover the major releases. That includes, the CF Zen, and CF Insane as well as the Voodoo Balanced and Voodoo Insane too. We also cover the new Voodoo One balanced.

2016 DeMarini Performance Bats

2017 DeMarini Performance Bats

2017 DeMarini Insane Review

The DeMarini CF9, if you are wondering, will only be found in the softball line of bats. Our summation of the 2017 DeMarini CF9 can be found here.

The 2017 DeMarini line takes much of the nomenclature associated with the 2016 (and previous lines) and adds them to new iterations of bats for 2017. As well, DeMarini’s 2017 lineup adds entirely new categories of bats. Among the many changes are these highlights:



A Refresher: 2016 DeMairni Bats

Of note, in 2017 DeMarini diverged considerably from their 2016 line up of bats. The 2016 line, you may recall, consists of four main bats:

  1. 2016 CF8: A single two piece composite bat
  2. 2016 Voodoo Raw: A heavy swinging two piece hybrid bat
  3. 2016 NVS Vexxum: A lighter swinging hybrid bat (composite handle, aluminum barrel)
  4. 2016 Insane: A heavier swinging single piece aluminum

We review each of these bats individually on our 2017 baseball bats review page. You can also see the 2016 DeMarini lineup overview here.


2017 CF Zen Overview Review

CF Zen 1000

The 2017 CF Zen, we are sure, will be DeMarini’s most popular 2017 baseball bat. It replaces the traditional CF (Carbon Fiber) bats hitters have come to know from DeMarini — that is a light swinging and big barreled two piece composite bat meant for maximum bat speed and contact percentage. We review the 2017 CF Zen bat in detail here and, at the time of this writing, the best price we found was here.

2017 CF Insane Overview Review

2017 DeMarini Bat Reviews

The 2017 CF Insane will be a new category of bat for DeMarini. The bat, much like the CF Zen above, is a two piece composite bat built with an over-sized barrel. Unlike the Zen, however, the Insane will boast a heavier swing weight. See our full 2017 CF Insane Review here.

To date, DeMarini has yet to create a heavier swinging two piece composite (although those who remember the CF6 might well beg to differ) which will make the 2017 CF Insane a great addition in a very slim bat niche. We are only aware of one other bat in the two piece end loaded composite space: The Easton MAKO XL. The battle between these two should be epic. Our review of that bat will be up soon.

2017 Voodoo Balanced Overview Review

2017 DeMarini Bat Reviews

The Voodoo Balanced is a new bat in DeMarini’s linup. Unlike the 2016 DeMarini Voodoo Raw, the 2017 Voodooo Balanced is a light swinging bat. This bat will take the place of the NVS Vexxum from previous years in DeMarini’s lineup. Different than the NVS, however, the Voodoo Balanced comes with DeMarini’s latest tech in terms of barrel material, size and upgraded handle.

2017 Voodoo Insane Review

2017 DeMarini Bat Reviews Lineup

The Voodoo Insane is the closest resemblance to the 2016 DeMarini Voodoo Raw. It is, like it’s predecessor, is a two piece hybrid bat with an end load. It comes with an upgraded alloy and a the now older D-Fusion 2.0 handle.

We suspect this to be the second most popular bat in Demarini’s 2017 line due to the familiarity players have with the Voodoo, Voodoo Overlord, Voodooo Overlord FT and Voodoo Raw of years past.

2017 Voodoo One Review

The Voodoo One, we are sure, will be a log of a bat. Those who appreciate a metal bat that feels as much like wood—with its more concentrated sweet spot and direct feedback on the hands will love this bat. The bat will be most akin to the 2016 DeMarini Insane. Or, for that matter, the 2015 DeMarini Inane. The bat takes its name from DeMarini’s wildly popular softball line: The One. Those bats, inconsistent with the name, are actually two piece opposite hybrid bats (aluminum handle, composite barrel). The Voodoo One, as far as we’ve been told, is a single piece aluminum stick meant for the big hitter and the long ball.