2017 Marucci Bat Reviews | CAT 7, Connect, Hex Lineups

2017 Marucci CAT 7 Review


Unlike most companies that release bats every year, Marucci Sports marches to their own drum by releasing a line of composite and metal bats every other year. This strategy, we’ve learned recently, doubles our excitement when Marucci releases their 2017 brand of bats and upgrades from the 2015 Marucci line of bats.

We will review each 2017 Marucci bat individually when we can get more player feedback. But the below should serve as a primer on 2017 Marucci bat reviews to come over the next few months. We do expect more line items to be added to this list throughout the year as Marucci releases more details. Surely Marucci will do something with the Hex Composite and Hex Alloy. The CAT lines are highlighted below. (Amazon Price Check)

2017 Marucci CAT 7

2017 Marucci Bat Reviews

See the full Marucci CAT 7 review here.

Marucci’s CAT 7 may be the most anticipated bat of 2017. This bat, the progeny of the very well received 2015 CAT 6 and CAT 5 Squared, will continue the tradition of a balanced single piece aluminum bat. The bat’s intent is to create full energy transfer to the ball with minimal hand-sting. This is done through a the wood-like experience of single piece aluminum plus Marucci’s patented knob dampener.

Two major upgrades from the CAT 6: A new alloy allowing for a tapered barrel wall and a retooling of the anti-vibration knob into a second generation. Some benefits of these upgrades include:

2017 Marucci CAT 7 Review

  • A new blend of aluminum alloy allowing for tapered barrel walls. Marucci is referring to this upgrade as the AZ4X alloy. Tapered barrel wall thickness, if done right, increases the length of the sweet spot by thinning the walls further away from the middle of the bat. Marucci claims the CAT 7 sweet spot is 2x that of the CAT 6. After some hitting with the CAT 7, we’ve found no evidence otherwise.
  • Tapered walls also decrease in swing weight. Weight removed from the end of the bat drives the balance point toward the hand and creates a lighter swing.
  • The vibration dampening knob has been retooled. Marucci claims to have improved the vibration dampening knob for better effect. They even gave it a new name: AV2.

Our more specific review of the CAT 7 is forthcoming, but do note the bat will be available in several different sizes: BBCOR, Senior League, Big Barrel and Junior Big Barrel.

2017 Marucci CAT 7 Connect

2017 Marucci Bat Reviews

The CAT 7 Connect comes with the same tapered aluminum barrel design (AZ4X) the CAT 7 uses, with its now claimed 2x larger sweet spot over the CAT 6. The CAT 7 Connect, however, is a fundamentally different bat in that it is a hybrid, meaning, its handle is made from composite and the barrel from aluminum. If you follow this stuff closely, you’ll recognize this is a big deal as Marucci has yet to produce a hybrid bat in the performance baseball space.

The composite handle gives a generally smoother feel on contact with less vibration, and where the transition occurs, Marucci has added a special polymer type screw that keeps the vibration in the barrel on hits. As well, a composite handle lends to less weight in the handle and pushes the balance point towards the end cap. Hence the reason the CAT 7 Connect has a heavier swing weight than the CAT 7.

We will keep you updated as we gather more player feedback and have a chance to get the bat in the cage with several different hitters.

We’ve confirmed sizing in at least BBCOR. We will keep you upated as we find out about additional sizing.

2017 Marucci Hex

We don’t know much about what Marucci will do with the 2017 Hex line that was so very famous 2 years ago. They created then, you may recall, both a Hex Composite and a Hex Alloy bats of one piece construction. We will update this page as we find out more, but we’d suspect a “Connect” name in the Hex brand of some sort.