2018 Combat Maxum Review

2018 Combat MAXUM Review


Cage work and a few games with the BBCOR 2018 Combat MAXUM, as well as a couple conversations with major vendors on the bat, put us in a spot to publish a review. On the whole, the bat serves the needs of the single piece composite BBCOR realm. Although not changed at all from the 2017 version, the Resurrection of this bat via Easton, after the collapse of Combat, is a marked sign as to the general consumer love of this big barreled bat.

2018 Combat Maxum Review

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2018 Combat Maxum Recommendations

2018 Combat Maxum Review

As a general rule, hitters who like single piece bats prefer honest feedback from their bat. In other words, they do not like the smooth smash of two piece bats on mishits. Instead, they don't want pop outs to left field to feel like dingers.

Also, single piece bat lovers also subscribe to the idea that they can transfer more power to the ball. This makes intuitive sense as bats with two piece connections and, therefore, some give at contact won't transfer the same amount of power to the ball as a stiff single piece bat with no give.

It follows that elite hitters tend to use single piece bats. In fact, at the collegiate level, stronger hitters tend to use single piece aluminum bats.

Combat throws a bit of a twist on this single piece notion by making a bat that is entirely composite. This allows for a massive barrel. And by massive we mean industry leading massiveness.

With that in mind, the ideal candidate for a Combat Maxum is a player who likes honest feedback from their bat and also wants that bat to be made from Composite (and its accompanying work in) then the traditional aluminum. The fact the MAXUM has a massive barrel is a marked benefit.

2017 vs 2018 Combat MAXUM

2018 Combat MAXUM Reviwe

Aside from the paint job, there are no differences between the 2018 and 2017 Combat MAXUM.

After the bankruptcy of Combat's parent company, most thought we would never see a Combat bat again. However, Easton, who is owned by that same parent company but survived the proceedings, picked up the Combat Maxum and reproduced it for this year.

How that will proceed in the future is, we would guess, entirely dependent upon how well the sales of the 2018 Combat MAXUM go.​

Combat Maxum Sizing

In 2018, expect Combat to have a full line of BBCOR and big barrel bats. Those include:

2018 Combat Maxum Review
  • BBCOR 30 through 33 inch
  • Drop 11 2 3/4 28 through 31 inch
  • Drop 10 2 5/8 28 through 31 inch
  • Drop 8 2 5/9 30 & 31 inch
  • Drop 5 2 5/8 31 & 32
2018 Combat Maxum Review
2018 Combat Maxum Review

Combat Maxum Comparable Bats

Best Coach Pitch Bat

There are very few single piece full composite bats in the baseball space. The other most popular single piece composite is a Louisville Slugger Catalyst. However, that bat does not come in a BBCOR.

Most would argue the MAXUM is in a different category than the Catalyst. The Catalyst, although made of full single piece of composite, does not have nearly the same barrel size as the MAXUM.

Dirty South Swag Bat Review

Off the beaten path, a company called Dirty South Bats makes a comparable Combat type bat. In some circles they are very popular. Their Senior League bats are big barrel single piece composites with generally positive feedback from users.​

2018 Combat Maxum Sources

If you are looking for more information on the 2018 Combat Maxum we would suggest reading our 2017 Combat Maxum review. There we discuss how it was upgraded from the 2016 version, among other things.

On different sites, the best place to find information on the 2018 Maxum is on Justbats.com Combat page. As they are the only vendor selling the Maxum this year they will also be the only company that has any information on the bats.