2018 DeMarini CF Insane Review

2018 Demarini CF Insane Review


DeMarini's 2018 lineup includes a CF Insane. That is, a two piece composite bat built like the CF ZEN, but with a heavier swing weight. The bat is intended for BBCOR players who prefer bats with the weight in the end cap. Generally, stronger players who have topped out on swing speed and bat control prefer this over the CF Zen. After a lot of work with the bat, below is our 2018 DeMarini CF Insane review.

You might find our 2018 Demarini CF Zen review worth your while, too.

2018 DeMarini CF Insane Recommendations

Why You Might Like

  • The two piece design is a smooth a smash as you can find in the industry.
  • End loaded feel for heavy hitting players
  • Top shelf performance across the entire barrel

Why You Might Not Like

  • Only comes in a BBCOR size
  • As a stronger hitter, you like stiffer feeling single piece bats.
  • Work in period of a composite is longer than an aluminum.
  • You prefer a balanced or hand loaded bat.

2018 DeMarini CF Insane vs CF Zen Swing Speeds

Where to Buy the 2018 DeMarini Insane?

The 2018 DeMarini performance line has a release date of August 1, 2017. After that time, and through the spring of 2018, expect the vast majority of major outlets to carry the bat. We often look at places like justbats.com and closeoutbats.com to check inventory and pricing. Of course, our favorite place to check is Amazon as many of the major vendors sell directly on their site.

What's New with the 2018 CF Insane

From D-Fusion to 3 Fusion

2018 Demarini CF Insane Review

The most significant differences between the 2017 CF Insane and the 2018 CF Insane is a change in the connective piece. The connective piece, you may recall, is the device that removes vibration from the handle on mishits on the barrel. The idea is to give greater confidence and feel to players. It works. In 2018, DeMarini updates the D Fusion handle with a less bulky construction. This lack of bulk allows for DeMarini to more precisely dial in swing weight throughout the bat.

The change is a modest one at best. But, for a 2017 version that was highly rated by everyone, we dare say DeMarini need not change much.​ The new connective piece serves as a decent upgrade to a well received bat.

2018 DeMarini CF Insane Image Gallery

2018 DeMarini CF Insane Review
2018 DeMarini CF Insane Review
2018 DeMarini CF Insane Review
2018 DeMarini CF Insane Review
2018 DeMarini CF Insane Review

DeMarini CF Insane Sources

The best resource for the 2018 CF Insane, outside of this article, is our 2017 CF Insane review. That 2017 version was the first iteration of an end loaded CF Series of bats from Demarini. Although, we should note, some would argue the CF6 was more end loaded than balanced.

​To put together this review we also referrred to our 2018 DeMarini CF Zen review. The Zen and CF Insane are remarkably similar with the obvious exception of the end load feel of the Insane when compared to the Zen.

2018 DeMarini Performance Baseball Lineup

CF Series

Zen and Insane

  • Two Piece Composite
  • Most Tech
  • Pricey
  • Not much different than last year

Voodoo Series

Balanced and Insane

  • Two Piece Hybrid
  • Hot out of the Wrapper
  • Smaller Barrel when compared to CF
  • Not Inexpensive


  • Single Piece
  • Hot out of the Wrapper
  • Smaller Barrel
  • Hand Vibration

2018 DeMarini CF Insane Comparable Bats

2018 Demarini CF Insane Reviwe

In 2016 there were several end loaded two piece composite bats on the market. Those, like the Easton MAKO XL, did not sell very well. Indeed, only a few types of players, mostly collegiate guys who could spend all day in the weight room, were in the market for this bat.

But, in 2017, Easton and a few others bailed on the heavier swinging two piece composite bat. That left DeMarini's end loaded two piece composite CF Insane as a lone wolf.

For 2018, in large measure, the CF Insane has no real comparable bats of its class. An end loaded two piece composite bat is a bit of an oddity for a standout hitter.

2018 DeMarini CF Insane Construction

The construction of the CF series of bats from DeMarini is something we have discussed on a number of occasions on this site. In short, the bats are two piece composites built with a very high grade composite barrel and handle. These two pieces are stuck together with a connective piece DeMarini calls the 3 Fusion. This 3 Fusion is the most unique feature to the 2018 class of bats, and has removed some weight from the connective piece, leaving it to be utilized elsewhere.

​Specifically to the CF Insane, the bat's balance point is found about an inch further down the barrel (towards the end cap) when compared with the CF Zen. This allows more power at contact assuming (and a big assumption) the swing weight stays the same.