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2018 Easton Ghost X Reviwe


Easton's flagship baseball bat line for 2018 is the Easton Ghost X. The Mako is no longer. We have watched players swing the new Ghost X at length. As well, we spoke to the manufacturer and major vendors about the bat. That information, combined with our extensive experience in evaluating bats, drives this 2018 Easton Ghost X Review.

2018 Easton Ghost X Review

Best Place to Buy the 2018 Easton Ghost X

As one of the most popular, if not the most popular, baseball bat brands in the world, the 2018 Easton Ghost X will easily be found at every serious baseball outlet on the planet. We like to check with the major online retail stores like closeoutbats.com and justbats.com. Our favorite place to check pricing is on Amazon. Most major vendors have stores there and the ease of shopping under your Prime membership makes it a no-brainer.

2018 Easton Ghost X Home Run Derby

2018 Easton Ghost X Images

2018 Easton Ghost X USABat Review
2018 Easton Ghost X Review

2018 Easton Ghost X Recommendations

2018 Easton Ghost X Review

Easton's production of the 2018 Ghost X in so many models makes it difficult to give a blanket recommendation to all. The type of hitter who would like the BBCOR Ghost may very well not be the same type of hitter as the one who prefers the drop 5 2 3/4 Big Barrel.

That said, there are enough similarities across the board to make some broad recommendations.

We Recommend If...

  • Budget is not so much an issue
  • You prefer a big barrel (one of the biggest, in fact)
  • You prefer the feel of a two piece bat
  • You want the confidence that comes from knowing the bat you wield comes from a company with years of experience producing top shelf results across the country
  • You are comfortable with the idea of breaking in a bat
  • You prefer a balanced swing

We Hesitate If...

  • You are looking for a real 'Value' purchase
  • You prefer a hot out of the wrapper bat
  • You like the feel of a single piece aluminum
  • You want an ultra-durable bat
  • You prefer an ultra light or ultra heavy swing

As a general rule, the more elite hitter you are, the less you prefer two piece bats. Single piece bats, especially aluminum ones, transfer more power to the ball. Hitters who struggle to consistently find the sweet spot tend to prefer the smooth smash of a two-piece bat.

2017 Easton MAKO Beast vs 2018 Easton Ghost X

DeMarini Bats

In terms of overall set up, the 2018 Ghost X and 2017 Mako Beast are similar. That is, they are both two piece composite bats with a big barrel and a light swing.

However, there are considerable upgrades to the composite structure Easton uses in the Ghost, insomuch that calling it a Mako wasn't fair. The new composite structure used to design the Ghost intends to extend the length of the sweet spot. Note, this isn't a claim the barrel is larger. Instead, the claim is the new composite structure allows for a longer sweet spot on the same sized barrel.

For the record, the MAKO Beast had one of the largest barrels on the market in 2017. So, the 2018 Ghost X having a barrel just as big, if not ever so slightly bigger, means it is still huge.

As well, Easton claims to have updated the connective piece. It is no longer the CXN which has been on the MAKO since its inception. Instead, it is referred to as connection+. The idea is a more durable connective piece via some redesigned innards.

2018 Easton Ghost Sizing 

At release, Easton will produce no less than six different Easton Ghost X bats. They include a BBCOR, drop 5 2 3/4 as well as a drop 5, 8 and 10 in a 2 5/8 barrel.

Also, just to confuse us, the Ghost X will also come in a Hyperlite version. This bat is different enough to deserve its own review and you can expect that to be on our site. The Hyperlite is a single piece composite bat.


2018 Easton Ghost X Review

Easton Ghost X Hyperlite

2018 Easton Ghost X Review

Easton Ghost X Drop 5, 8 &10 2 3/4

2018 Easton Ghost X Review

Easton Ghost X Drop 5 2 5/8

Easton Bats

Easton Ghost X USAbat 2 5/8 Drop 10

2018 Easton Ghost X Hyperlite Review

2018 Easton Ghost X Comparable Bats

2018 Easton Ghost X Review

In terms of a two piece composite bat with a light swing, robust model offering and prestigious pedigree, you'll struggle to find a bat similar to the Ghost X. The arguable competitor is DeMarini's CF Zen. Others may very well add in the 917 Prime from Louisville Slugger, but we think that a stretch.

2018 Rawlings Quatro Review

In terms of a two piece composite bat with a light swing, the world is your oyster. Virtually every serious bat company makes a two piece composite bat, including Marucci (Hex Connect), Axe (Avenge), Rawlings (Quatro) and the likes.

2018 Easton Ghost X Sources

At the time of this writing there are not a considerable amount of sources discussing the 2018 Easton Ghost X for baseball. On this site we have put together two articles so far. One is specific to the 2018 Easton USAbat offering. The other is the 2018 Easton Ghost Fast pitch bat review.

We would also spend some time on the Easton MAKO Beast review from 2017 as that sets up a decent reference point for the 2018 Ghost X.

Off this site we would point you to Easton's site directly for the most up to date information on the new 2018 bats.