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In 2018, Easton moved their premier bat line in both baseball and fastpitch softball to the Easton Ghost. The Easton Ghost replaces the Easton Mako which led the brand in performance and price since 2014. The baseball line of the Ghost is referred to as the Ghost X. That line comes in BBCOR, USABat and a USSSA version in a number of drops. How long Easton will hold onto the Ghost line is yet to be seen, but our expectation is four years is a good run for just about any bat. 

Easton Ghost vs Mako

Best Composite Bat

In some regards the Easton Ghost is the same as the MAKO, save of course, the name. That is, the bat is two piece composite with a high end connective piece made in a number of sizes. This holds true across the Ghost X Baseball side as well as the Ghost fastpitch line. In all reality, the Ghost is simply the next version of the Mako. The focus of the Ghost, like the Mako before it, also consists of a very large barrel. As well, unless noted otherwise, the bat has a balanced swing weight. 

Easton Ghost

The Ghost line of bats does use a different type of composite than the Mako. Considering the Mako itself went through a number of composite structural iterations, this is not remarkably revolutionary for the line. But, it is a change nonetheless. As well, Easton updated the Ghost in both baseball and softball with a newly designed connective piece they call Connection+. On the Mako it was referred to as the CXN.

Easton Bats

In terms of performance it is nearly impossible to claim the Ghost is somehow better than the Mako before it. That is with the obvious exception of the Ghost in fastpitch. We think the Ghost fastpitch bat from Easton a considerable step up over the fastpitch Mako from 2017 and any year prior.

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