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If anyone has been more prolific in their coverage of the Easton Mako, we would be surprised. Yes, that includes even Easton's marketing team. Of the 600+ articles we carry on this site, no fewer than 10% of them address the Easton MAKO. The bat has dominated the airwaves as much as it has dominated the field since its inception in 2014. After four full seasons of raking, Easton hangs up the name for now, in favor of the new Easton Ghost

Easton Mako History

Best Bats

Easton produced the Mako in every bat type on the planet. It was produced in dozens of iterations for baseball, fastpitch and softball. It was, you may recall, the first (and only since) bat to use a spinning handle in some of its versions.

The Mako redefined barrel size and truly cemented the two piece composite design as the elite stick in baseball. Also memorable, the Mako set new (and ridiculous) records for price points. The 2015 Mako Torq in BBCOR was literally $549 retail.

Best Baseball Bats

The 2014 Little League Youth Mako, the orange one, set records for sales in every category. It was the single most dominant bat in both performance and market share, in any space ever and ever since. (With the possible exception of Louisville Slugger in the MLB circa 1930). That bat put Easton on top in the youth barrel space and much of that dominance remains today.

Although some different iterations of the Mako popped up later, the Mako's mainstay construction was a two piece composite design with a CXN connective piece. Easton did update the composite in 2016 and extended the barrel in 2017 with the Beast. But otherwise, the bat remained largely unchanged.

Ghost vs MAKO

After the Easton Mako's monster success in 2014 and 2015, Easton added a ridiculous amount of sizes and iterations to the line. Of the 40 performance BBCOR bats produced in 2016, nearly 10 of them were some version of the Easton Mako. They made, among other things, an end loaded version of the bat called an XL and a spinning handle version of the bat called a Torq. The iterations were endless and terribly difficult to keep track of. By most accounts, the explosion of the sizing iterations was not received well by vendors and the public, and in the following year Easton pared down the iterations to just a couple---more in line with their 2015 and 2014 lineup.

The major exception to the Mako line of bats is the Mako Hyperlite. In its waning 2017 year, Easton put the Mako name on a less expensive single piece composite bat referred to as the Mako Hyperlite. It was a tell tale sign that Easton had run out of ideas on the Mako. The following year, 2018, marked the first year in five that Easton would not produce a Mako named bat. Easton's top tier performance bats would now be called the Easton Ghost.

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Easton Mako | 2014 – 2017 Baseball, Fastpitch, Softball Insights
If anyone has been more prolific in their coverage of the Easton Mako, we would be surprised. Yes, that includes[...]
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