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We review every new baseball bat on the market. Granted, the lower end non-performance bats are rarely on the top of our list, but we eventually get to all of them. You can view our full index of bat reviews on our home page. Below is our list of new baseball bats for the 2018 baseball season. This updates automatically as we add more bats to the list. 

The most popular bat for 2018, so far, has been the Easton Ghost

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This Year's Baseball Bat Trends

The new bats in the baseball space for 2018 show a full and consistent effort in the USAbat space. They have so dominated the research and development teams of every manufacturer, that upgraded bats in non-USABat categories are rare this year.

Of course, that does not mean manufactures did not release a new bat for 2018. Instead, most major manufacturer's new 2018 bats are simply reprints of their 2017 models, upgraded every so slightly.

The newest bat in 2018 is Mizuno's Ghost. It is a brand new iteration of a full composite bat. Mizuno has never made such a bat and their foray into two piece composite bat space is a stamp on their desire to be in play for some time.

Recent 2018 Baseball Bats

Below we put a running list of the most recent 2018 baseball bats we have reviewed. You can see the full list here

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