2015 Axe Phenom Tee Ball Bat Review

2015 Axe Bat Reviews


It’s hard to differentiate between tee ball bats. If you were to search google trends you’d find people look for the lightest swinging tee ball bat more often then anything else, but outside of that, what else is there to decide on when looking for a bat that isn’t rated for anything other than some mild hits?2015 Axe Phenom Tee Ball Bat Review

Tee-Ball Bat Options

There are actually a couple of composite tee ball bats out there–which we find both slightly pointless but entirely adorable. And there are hoards of other tee ball bats which, we guess, are mostly made in China in the same factory as their competitors but with a different paint job.

2015 Axe Phenom Tee Ball Bat ReviewSo it’s quite noteworthy when we actually run across a tee ball bat that is actually something to talk about. Like, for example, the 2015 Axe Phenom.

As we discussed a few weeks ago, with the Axe Avenge, a bat handle with an axe shaped knob really does increase swing speed. It also encourages correct swinging mechanics by forcing your hands inside the ball. The fact Axe makes a bat like this for little tykes seems like a very unique step in the tee ball space and worth a recommendation and shout out from JBR.

And for a whopping $30? Looks like my nieces and nephews just got their birthday’s taken care of. Perfect practice makes perfect swings and a knob shaped like an axe makes perfect practice. So why not start them young?

2015 Axe Phenom Tee Ball Bat Review