2015 RIP-IT Bats Reviews: drop 5, 8 and 10 Senior League

2015 Rip it bat reviews


If you read our introduction blog to the 2015 RIP-IT line a few months ago you may remember that one of our most favorite BBCOR bats for 2015 was the RIP-IT Air Elite. Nothing has changed in that regard.

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2015 RIP-IT Bat Reviews

2015 Rip It Bat Reviews

That bat, by way of review, boasts a rifle barrel design for really low swing weights. Our calculations proved RIP-ITs claim that the Air Elite is one of the lightest bats in the world. It is right on the edge of the hand-loaded category along with the DeMarini’s CF7. (It does not, however, swing anywhere nearly as light as the 2015 Helium Bat also by RIP IT).

We also loved the Air Elite BBCOR because it is an unpretentious bat; it makes no claims of hyperbole that many bat companies have trouble avoiding. The RIP-IT is a hitter’s bat made for the 1, 2 and 3 spot that delivers consistency, a light swing but still lets you feel the barrel. It also offers the best warranty in the business (400 days) and a 30 day love it or return in policy.

2015 RIP-IT Bat Lineup

It is then, without surprise, that we blog we are big fans of the Senior League versions of these bats as well. The Senior Air comes in four versions: Two drop 10’s, a drop 8 and a drop 5. Each drop is color coded–both barrel sizes of the drop 10 are grey and orange; The drop 8 is white and orange; The drop 5 is dark grey and grey.

Drop 10 comes is in both a 2 5/8 (B1510) as well as a 2 3/4 (B1510B).
The Drop 8 and 5 come in only a 2 5/8 barrel (B1508 and B1505). 2015 Rip It ReviewsNew

These bats, like the BBCOR version, also have the same grooved inner chassis (like a rifle barrel) that keep its strength yet push its balance towards the hands. They are also made, like the BBCOR version, in RIP-ITs one piece design. And, as well, come with the 400 day unlimited warranty and 30 day love it or return it policy.

Compared to the 2014 version the bat brings an updated R3 alloy for durability as well as some improvements to the grip. The grip is fantastic.

Our Overall Impressions of the 2015 RIP-IT Line

Overall, there is just no arrogance to these bats. And we love that. They are pleasantly modest in their looks, feel and marketing. Please do not take this to mean you can’t absolutely rake with these ladies. They have a properly placed and over-sized sweet spot that cranks out ropes like a hemp factory. Their balance is just enough to feel the bats barrel and grip–which is a love at first touch.

We are particular fans of the drop 5 Senior League barrel (B1505). The added mass, we think, better controls any sting you may get from an expected one piece alloy bat. We’d put (and did) the drop 5 up against any other drop 5 for 2015 and have it at the top of the list. Others in that top end class of drop 5 bats are the XL1 from Easton, the 915 Prime from Slugger and DeMarini’s Overlord. But in relation to pure feel and access to line drives we preferred RIP-ITs drop 5 Senior Air.

2015 RIP IT Bat Review

The drop 8 and drop 10 are also highly recommendable bats with a good weight distribution for base hitters and preferable grip. Those who like high end one piece alloy designs and unpretentiousness at the plate should have the RIP-IT Senior league barrels at the top of the list.

As an aside worth mentioning, those looking for a deal may be able to find a 2014 version on amazon or ebay. However, we do think the updated R3 alloy in the 2015 version with its improved durability and grip is worth the few more bucks it will cost you.

Best places to buy the Senior League RIP-IT Air based on price and return policies are here and here.

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