BamBooBat Review | Why Use A Bamboo Bat?

BambooBat Reviews


We have hit with the BamBooBat long enough to make some recommendations. And, generally speaking, we think the bat's soft give on contact, durability and price point should appeal to a lot of players looking for a good value on a wood bat.

Bamboo Bat Review

Where to Buy Bamboo Bats

Several major vendors carry at least a few bamboo wood bats. A few less carry the most popular line of Bamboo bats which is the BamBooBat. You can find a lot of the BamBooBat on and on Amazon. Before pulling the trigger we would check both.

Why Use Bamboo Instead of a Wood Bat?

Bamboo is not a wood. Instead, it is a grass. And, as such, it is a misnomer to refer to a Bamboo bat as a wood bat (although we categorize it as such) as much as it is to claim call a forest a bunch of grass. But, for those that swear by bamboo bats, there are some serious benefits to a bat made of bamboo.

  • If you are eco friendly, you do not need to be concerned about deforestation by using a wood bat. Bamboo grows fast and there is no fear or bamboo shortages.
  • Since Bamboo is replaceable in a short amount of time, the bats are way less expensive to produce. The average top end bamboo bat is usually 1/3 to 1/2 the price of a wood bat.
  • Due to the laminate type process bamboo must go through to become a baseball bat, bamboo bats are very difficult to break. Although they can break, they are much more durable than any traditional wood bat.

Wood Bats

Made of Maple, Birch, Ash Trees

MLB Approval, Hard Woods

  • Stiff Feel
  • Lots of Turn Models
  • Not Durable
  • Expensive

Bamboo Bats

Made of Bamboo Wood

Some BBCOR approvals, Durable

  • Very Durable
  • Two-Piece Feel
  • Soft Feel (Some Might Like)
  • Not Mainstream

BamBooBat Reviews

BamBooBat, often known by their logo 'BBB', has made Bamboo bats for several years. Today, several are in the game along side them. They saw the success of the Bamboo bat, especially after BBCOR took effect, and started to produce sticks as well.

But, BamBooBat does have the most experience and is the most popular bamboo bat on the market today. They make several Bamboo bats:

Bamboobat review

The Granite bat from BamBooBats is a BBCOR certified bat with a 2-year warranty. It uses their latest technology for durability. However, unlike a lot of Bamboo bats it does not come cheap.

bamboobat review

The Energize bat from BamBooBats, or more formally called the Energize III, is in a long list of 1 year warranty Bamboo wood bats of BamBooBats. This bat is also BBCOR certified. 

Bamboo Bat Reviews

The most popular BamBooBat, according to Amazon, is the youth BBB. The bat tics every box parents and players love about wood bats. That is, the bat is a light swing, it is durable, it is softer on the hands than a traditional wood bat and it is inexpensive.