The Best Cheap Custom Wood Bat? A KAGE Bat Review


Cheap Custom Wood Bats

Not all wood grain is perfect. As a result, lots of bats, after getting lathed, are found with a knot in the wrong place or a wood plane that may be ever so slightly misdirected. Bat companies vying for a very competitive MLB plate appearance only use the best looking wood. So, we wonder, what happens to all those bats which have gone nearly the distance and yet don’t get put in production for the pro line because of some minor imperfection? Are they off to the fire pit?Screenshot_8

Actually, no. A company called KAGE bats has been making a name for themselves in buying these bats from major manufacturers that have not passed the stringent tests of the professional ranks and their high end bats. They then take these bats through the polish and engraving process. The result? Arguably the best cheap custom wood bat on the market.

Best Cheap Custom Wood Bat

And we don’t use the word cheap as a slight. They have an inexpensive bat in four version of which you can read about here. Each one can come with custom engraving or colors. The KAGE bat website is currently the best place to order. You can do that here.

I took one of these bats to the cage (or should I now say KAGE?) for some hacks. The bat performed admirably and, quite honestly, I couldn’t tell any difference between this bat and high end pro version MLB bats I’ve felt and swung. Good balance, good construction, great sound. The bats are rated for MLB durability and I couldn’t tell much of a difference in look. I wondered where the knot or off-putting wood grain was. I couldn’t find it if there was one.Best Custom Cheap Wood Bat

The cheapest way to acquire these bats per unit is to buy three at a time. The package makes each bat all of $40 a piece. An absolute steal in the wood bat market–especially if you are in a position where you are actually paying for your bats.

You can buy them individually as well. The bats run $46 plus shipping for their Maple, Northern Ash or Birch bat. You can custom color the bat for an additional $10.

Also worth noting, you can add a bat protection plan for $19.99 which allows your bat to be replaced with overnight shipping one time if it breaks within 180 days from delivery.

All said, the most you could even spend on a bat from KAGE is about $75. That is a single piece custom color bat with your wood choice and a warranty delivered to your front door. We at justbatreviews think that those looking for the best cheap custom wood bat should have KAGE bats at the top of their list.


We would recommend the KAGE wood bat for those hitters who: Are looking for a great deal on solid and legit wood bats; Don’t want to drop $100+ on a single bat that breaks; Are looking for a good value buy; Would like some color customization; Don’t care as much about owning name brand bats.

Best Cheap Custom Wood Bat