Meridian Wood Bat Reviews | Split Lumber

Meridian Wood Bat Reviews


Another bat small boutique wood bat company trying to get the word out on their craftmaship is Meridian bats. They preach the value of split lumber bats when compared to sawn lumber. Split lumber, they point out, is naturally stronger. We discuss that science below and give our general Meridian wood bat review.

Meridian Wood Bat Reviews

This article fits squarely in our wood bat reviews section. There you will find many other wood bat options. Many of which, we think, you have likely never heard of.

Where to Buy Meridian Wood Bats?

As a smaller shop, it is difficult to find Meridian bats for sale anywhere but their website. In fact, so difficult, we could not find any of their bats anywhere but there. You can check eBay and might get lucky, but we would just go to their website and check them out. For what it is worth, we have had conversations with this group before and can confirm they are real people that make real bats. 

Meridian Wood Bat Reviews

Meridian is a maple wood bat only company. As 90%+ of MLB players use Maple for it's hard wood, good durability and consistent performance this is no surprise. When Sam Bat broke the ash wood barrier and started offering hard maple to the likes of Barry Bonds the industry has rarely looked back.

Meridian A6 Split Maple Review

The A6 is one of several turn models made in stock by Meridian. We would guess, as a smaller shop, they could make just about anything you wanted. But the A6, uses a thin handle and a very standard knob. the barrel, at its thickest point, is 2.375” barrel. A smaller barrel means they can use a more dense billet and, as such, create a harder wood with greater reconstitution (pop).

The Meridian A6 is meant for the guy who likes gaps, has speed, and needs a balanced stick with a traditional knob. It comes in a number of colors that you can customize right on their site.

Meridian Wood Bat Reviews

Split Wood Vs Sawn Wood

Split Lumber Billets

  • More Durable
  • More Expensive

Sawn Lumber Billets

  • Less Durable
  • Less Expensive

At the risk of being too technical, it is important to understand the difference between wood that has been sawed and wood that has been split. The distinction is a legitimate difference in wood bats.

Wood that has been split, like split with an axe, breaks along its strongest grains. This makes pretty intuitive sense. When chopping wood it will first give in its weakest spots. A saw, on the other hand, has no concern for the natural weak spots in wood. It just cuts straight.

It follows that split wood is stronger than sawn wood. More than a few bat companies use sawn timber from their billets to create bats. Others, like Meridian, use split billets. These are more expensive but, according to some, are worth it.