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Old Hickory Wood Bat Reviews


Mike Trout's Bat is covered elsewhere on the internet. But, here, we discuss the Old Hickory brand of wood bats that have been made famous by none other than Mike Trout. You may also find our best wood bat section review helpful too.

Old Hickory Bat Review

Where to Buy Old Hickory Bats

Several major vendors carry at least a few Old Hickory Bats. One place to see all they carry is, of course, the old hickory site directly. Otherwise, check the normal wood bat carriers like Justbats.com Old Hickory Section and search Amazon for Old Hickory Bats

Why Choose Old Hickory?

Old Hickory prides itself on making quality products that is handcut on the day your order it. They claim every bat they make is produced with the same care and detail. Meaning, Mike Trout's bat took as much time to craft as the one you are thinking of buying too. Some more details worth mentioning:

  • Hand selected wood billets of Maple from the US North East make up the large majortiy of Old Hickory bats. Although not unique to their wood bats, this is where the best bats come from.
  • Old Hickory branding captures the country boy's heart. This is a north Tennessee company that started in a one car garage. 
  • Old Hickory bats have become much more than a wood bat or two. Now, to our surprise, they are a full on company. They have a ton of apparel and bat lines as well as real live top end baseball gloves too.

Aluminum or Composite Old Hickory?

Old Hickory is a monster in the wood bat space. But, they are barely a blip on the map in the aluminum space. A few years back they made a single piece aluminum and, at this point, we think they are simply in overstock mode. In other words, wood bats: yeah; aluminum bats: nay.

Aluminum Old Hickory Bats

One Single Piece Aluminum

Stiff One Piece Aluminum

  • Stiff Feel
  • Durable
  • Heavier Swing
  • Expensive

Wood Old Hickory Bats

Top Quality Maple Billets

Hard Wood Maple Bats

  • Great Performance
  • Customize to Preference
  • Durability
  • Small Sweet Spot

Old Hickory Wood Bat Reviews

There are so many different models of wood bat turns Old hickory makes it would be unwise recreate what the Old Hickory site has already done. That is, list them all here. But, we will take a few inches and share the most popular models as well as some unique sticks you can not get anywhere else.

Old Hickory MT27M | Mike Trout's Bat

The MT27 is the most famous bat in the Old Hickory line. As we would expect since many think Mike Trout is the best player on the planet, why not also have the guy's bat? The traditional MT27 is a long barreled maple bat an attempt at really good balance.

Old Hickory Reviews

Old Hickory Bunt Trainer

Well, here is a bat concept we have never seen before. This is a bunt training bat. It forces perfect contact on the sweet spot of the barrel. And, turns out, looks pretty cool too.

Old Hickory Bat Reviews

Youth Old Hickory Wood Bats

In about as many turn models and sizes as the the Adult wood, Old Hickory makes a similar, but smaller, Old Hickory youth wood bat. They can cup the end to help remove some weight. They also remove some barrel size to make the more manageable. But, on the whole, these are the same high quality sticks but just from smaller trees. (That's a joke, from smaller billets).

Old Hickory Wood Bat Reviews