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Veterans Day Baseball Bat


In honor of Veteran’s Day, we want to give a shout out to a custom bat builder who has a unique way of supporting the cause. He custom designs “We the People” laser engraved bats,¬†and from there adds color and design to your liking. The base model runs $48, which includes shipping. Proceeds, minus material costs, are donated to a Veteran’s organization. We checked, it’s real. After spending some time on the phone with the designer, we have the scoop on what it is, how he does it and why we love it.

Veteran's Day Bat

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[su_heading]Veteran’s Day Bat: What Is It?[/su_heading]

Veteran's Day Bat

The Veteran’s Day bat begins as a blem Louisville Slugger base ash wood bat. From there, the world is your oyster. The base custom model comes with a “We the People” laser engraving. Adding different colors or features is optional and comes at the price of the material. You can message the eBay seller via eBay to work through those.

The price is $40 plus about $8 of shipping. Our experience is $8 is less than it actually costs to ship a bat, so don’t hold us, or him, to that as costs can vary depending on where you live. Any profits after material costs are donated to a veteran’s association.

Expect a week to design the bat and at least another 3 to 5 days for shipping.

Proceeds from the bat, minus material costs, are donated to a veteran’s charity. Currently, the seller donates to

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[su_heading]Veteran’s Day Bat: How He Does It[/su_heading]

Veteran's Day Bat

The designer buys traditional ash baseball bats in bulk from major manufacturers’ blem sections. These sticks are then laser engraved with “We the People” from the Preamble to the Constitution. Then, any number of color combinations and stains are applied. Personalized details, such as barbed wire, are added later at the purchaser’s request.

This construction is literally garage design. As such, the design of the bat is limited only by your imagination. Additional costs for materials may need to be covered if you go crazy. Pursuing his Instagram account gives a few good ideas.


[su_heading]Veteran’s Day Bat: Why We Love It[/su_heading]

Veteran's Day Bat

Anyone who has spent more than eight seconds in the custom wood bat design world knows that a $40 bat is ridiculously low. Louisville Slugger’s Custom Made Bat starts at no less than $100. Of course, those bats can be used effectively in play. ¬†There is no reason, however, these can’t be used in play either—at least for some leagues. Of course, they have no claim on durability and this is not a weight and length ratio event.

But no one is buying these bats for play. These are office and home statement pieces and make fantastic gifts for Veteran’s, ball players of all ages, and anyone who is a fan of baseball, America, and the people who serve to keep our country free.

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[su_heading]Veteran’s Day Bat: Images and Sources[/su_heading]

The eBay account is the place to buy. Instagram is the place to check ideas. is one of many places to make viable donations directly to vets who need help. Below are a number of pictures we found around the internet.

Veteran's Day Bat

Veteran's Day Bat