Love The Game? Then Love Your Glove: A Baseball Glove Bag Review


Screenshot_16Eight months ago I invested in a Nokoma men’s softball glove. These gloves are high quality leather made to last a lifetime and, as was the case for me, that was the plan. Eight weeks ago my son, who is 8 years old, decided he would play catch with it at a park where I was watching my other son play. He spotted my glove in the trunk of the car and took it for a spin without me knowing. I don’t mind having my son use my glove to play with his friends, however, I do mind if he leaves it at the park and doesn’t tell me until the next day.

We rushed back to the park in hopes some saint turned it into the lost and found or it was still sitting in the place he last remembers setting it down. As you can imagine, this pristine glove of mine was never to be found again and, I suspect, has now been sold on eBay a half dozen times as “like new.” It is one of the experiences that make you wonder why you ever buy nice things with kids still in the house.

A few weeks after that very fun experience I ran across a baseball glove bag . After a couple phone calls and an email I actually got on the phone with the owner. Glove’Nit, that company’s name, is a small operation just starting up but they make exactly what I needed and, I think, what would have prevented my $250 experience with my 8 year old. A glove bag that not only keeps my glove looking fresh but also helps my boy (and myself) remember it.

There appears to be a few of these baseball glove bag companies popping up and, quite honestly, I can’t tell any differences between them at least functionally. Some have harder cases, some have more flexible interior. Some are a bit less expensive than others. Each has some sort of extra storage inside (and I think the Glove ‘N It has the most). I liked that the GloveN’it could be hung on any dugout fence. Each is built with the principle that a glove someone spends several hundred dollars to acquire usually ends up in the bottom of a dugout or the bottom of a bat bat to be scraped and kicked and smashed.

So, I acquired two. One for me and one for my eight year old boy.

You can purchase the GloveN’It here.