Rapsodo Review | Baseball & Softball Launch Monitor Tests
We have spent over 15 hours with the Rapsodo Hitting Monitor. In that time, we have recorded at least 1,000[...]
Press Release: Rapsodo & Just Bat Reviews Join Forces
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEEmail: admin@justbatreviews.comJUST BAT REVIEWS ANNOUNCES NEW PARTNERSHIP WITH RAPSODOPartnership Marks a World First as Public Gains Access to[...]
Cheap Bats | Information on Major Bat Retailer
Cheap Bats is a major baseball bat vendor based in Anaheim, California. They pride themselves and massive inventory and rock[...]
Baseball Bats For Sale | A First Timer’s Buying Guide
If this is the first time you have set out to buy a baseball bat, we suspect you are in[...]

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Little League Age Chart | Age Cutoffs, Calculators, Division Rules
In conjunction with our report on the Little League age changes, and which leagues it effects, below are Little League[...]
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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are insane days to get deals on softball and baseball gear. There are no less[...]
Bat Actual Weight vs Bat Stated Weight
In conjunction with our exit speed bat testing and our barrel size measurements, we weigh bats and compare it to[...]
Best USABats | 2018 Top Rated Little League Bats
We hit extensively with every 2018 USA baseball bat on the market. In reality, the best bat for any given[...]
2018 Best BBCOR Bats | 2017, 2016 & 2015 Top High School Bats
​After days and days of hitting, gathering player feedback, measuring barrel sizes and ball exit speeds, we think the best[...]
The Hottest Bats | Independent Barrel Pop Performance Data
To measure barrel performance, and influence our recommendations for the best bats on the market, we capture the ball flight[...]
Easton Mako | 2014 – 2017 Baseball, Fastpitch, Softball Insights
If anyone has been more prolific in their coverage of the Easton Mako, we would be surprised. Yes, that includes[...]
Easton Ghost | X, USSSA, USABats & Fastpitch
In 2018, Easton moved their premier bat line in both baseball and fastpitch softball to the Easton Ghost. The Easton[...]
New Baseball Bats | Latest Release Bats
We review every new baseball bat on the market. Granted, the lower end non-performance bats are rarely on the top[...]
World’s Hottest Bats | The Best Ever
We have written so many best bat articles it makes our heads spin. But surprisingly, what we've yet to do[...]
Rapsodo Review | Baseball & Softball Launch Monitor Tests
We have spent over 15 hours with the Rapsodo Hitting Monitor. In that time, we have recorded at least 1,000[...]
Press Release: Rapsodo & Just Bat Reviews Join Forces
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEEmail: admin@justbatreviews.comJUST BAT REVIEWS ANNOUNCES NEW PARTNERSHIP WITH RAPSODOPartnership Marks a World First as Public Gains Access to[...]
Cheap Bats | Information on Major Bat Retailer
Cheap Bats is a major baseball bat vendor based in Anaheim, California. They pride themselves and massive inventory and rock[...]
Baseball Bats For Sale | A First Timer’s Buying Guide
If this is the first time you have set out to buy a baseball bat, we suspect you are in[...]
Easton Ghost X vs Rawlings Quatro | Exit Velo Data
We used our Rapsodo exit velocities to get a feel for how the Easton Ghost X matches up compared to[...]
Tricks to Finding Used Baseball Bats
As a group committed to reviewing every baseball and softball bat on the planet, our methods for finding unique, cost[...]
Best Balanced Bats | Lightest Swings in Baseball & Softball
After hours of real testing, review writing and research---as well as long conversations with major manufacturers and vendors---we think the[...]
How to Work in Your Composite Bat | Does it Really Matter?
We took our Rapsodo hitting device and tested pre and post break-in exit speed velocities on a brand new out[...]
Best Composite Bats | Plastic Dingers
After more testing than we can quantify (literally thousands of hours writing, researching and testing bats over the last 5[...]
Best Aluminum Metal Bat | Baseball & Softball Metal Sticks
After hours of testing, writing, reviewing and discussing metal bats with vendors and manufacturers alike, we have settled on the[...]
Hitting Vault Review | Drills, Videos, Is Lisle Worth It?
We spend several hours each week behind the Hitting Vault's paywall, and over the course of that time, have watched[...]
2018 Axe Element Review
Axe's entry level performance bat in 2018 is the Axe Element. This is a single piece bat with the knob[...]
2018 Axe Elite Review | New USABat Version
After a few hours in the cage, a few at the field, and a number of conversations with major vendors[...]
2018 Mizuno Ghost Review
We have spent hours and hours dissecting the features of the 2018 Mizuno Ghost. This is a new bat for[...]
2018 Mizuno Covert Review | USABat, BBCOR and USSSA Options
The 2018 Mizuno Covert is a two piece hybrid bat in its third year of production. The baseball bat's first[...]
The Best Drop 5 Baseball Bat | USSSA & USABat Choices
We have hit with every drop 5 baseball bat on the market since 2014. In the USSSA bat space, we[...]
2018 Mizuno Maxcor Review | The Same, New, Soft Barrel
The 2018 Maxcor is just like the 2017 version of the same bat. However, the 2018 class comes in an[...]
2018 Easton Beast X Hybrid Review
Easton continues their two piece hybrid design for the 2018 class in a newly named Easton Beast X Hybrid. This[...]
2016 Easton S500 Review | Great Value? We Try it Out.
In putting together data points on the 2016 Easton S500 and S500c we spent 2 hours in the cage with the BBCOR[...]
Wilson A1010 Baseballs | Blem Wholesale Reviews
We have spent a lot of time with the A1010S (A1010S Pro and A1010HS1). These are, effectively, the approved NFHS[...]
Wilson Premier Classic | Best Travel Ball Teams Play
Travel ball's only major failure, if we were forced to name one, is the lack of a national title for[...]
2018 Axe Avenge Review | New Big Barrel
We have spent considerable time with the 2017 and 2018 Axe Avenge. Turns out, the 2018 Axe Avenge looks and[...]
How Much to Spend on the New USA Bats
With the new USABat standard hitting the shelves this month, we have been asked one question way more than all[...]
Biggest Sweet Spot | 2018 BBCOR Bat Barrel Sizes | JBR
After measuring every barrel in the 2018 lineup of baseball bats, and categorizing them by type and length, we have[...]
2018 Marucci Hex Alloy Review | We Got a Screamer
Marucci upgraded their Hex Alloy with a new barrel, more focused balance, and some sizing options in a 2018 version.[...]
Best Fall Ball Baseball Bat
→ Read our entire Best Baseball Bat Lineup→ Read our Best Bats Article We have written a number of best bat articles, but for whatever[...]
2018 Rawlings USABat Review
As one of only four companies to deliver a USABat offering on September 1, 2017, Rawlings offers three very serious[...]
2018 Axe Bat USABat Lineup | 3 Shots at Success
If you are trying to decide what company has the most to gain with this new USA Baseball bat standard,[...]
2018 Easton Beast X Reviews | Speed & Loaded
The 2018 Easton Beast X is the progeny of the 2017 Easton Z-Core line of bats. That is, the Beast[...]
2018 Easton Ghost X Review | Baseball’s New Mako
Easton's flagship baseball bat line for 2018 is the Easton Ghost X. The Mako is no longer. We have watched[...]
2018 Marucci F5 Review | New Bats, Same Barrels
Marucci came out with a new bat for 2018. It is the first performance bat they've released that serves the[...]
Best ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat
Read our Best Bats Page To cap off our slowpitch softball best bat list, and to support our best USSSA[...]
2018 Easton USAbat Reviews | Little League World Series Bats
The 2017 Little League World Series brings a fresh take on bats like the Little League world has never seen.[...]
2018 Rawlings 5150 Review
The 2018 Rawlings 5150 is a classically designed single piece aluminum bat with enough innovation to consider it a performance[...]
2018 Rawlings VELO Review
Aside from the color design, there are no considerable differences between the 2018 VELO and the 2017 version, including our[...]
2018 Combat Maxum Review
Cage work and a few games with the BBCOR 2018 Combat MAXUM, as well as a couple conversations with major[...]
2018 DeMarini Voodoo Balanced Review
After a couple of games and several hours in the cage with the 2018 DeMarini Voodoo Balanced we are prepared[...]
Perfect Game Series Recommendations | Jayce Blalock in the Trees
Does the kid hitting look familiar? He should. As his face is all over twitter and Instagram for fulling the[...]
2018 Rawlings Quatro Review
We spent considerable time with the 2018 Rawlings Quatro in both real game work as well as cage time. Our bat[...]
Investment Bats | Appreciating Appreciating Bats
Ever wonder if a bat could be bought in the market today and sold at a higher price at a later[...]
2018 DeMarini CF Insane Review
DeMarini's 2018 lineup includes a CF Insane. That is, a two piece composite bat built like the CF ZEN, but[...]
2018 Marucci CAT 7 Review | Year 2 Make Many Bombs
We have spent more time with the 2018 Marucci CAT 7 than any other 2018 bat on the market. This[...]
2018 DeMarini Voodoo One Review
We have now spent considerable time both in the cage and during games with the 2018 DeMarini Voodoo One balanced.[...]
Best Prime Day Deals for Sports
Prime Day for 2017 is over. But we will keep this page up so you can bookmark it for Prime[...]
2018 DeMarini CF Zen Review
DeMarini's CF line of baseball bats are, arguably, the most popular bats on the planet. We have hit, and reviewed,[...]
2018 Louisiville Slugger 518 Omaha Review
We had an exclusive sneak peak at the Louisville Slugger 518 Omaha. The bat comes with a few upgrades when[...]
Plate Crate Review | Subscription Baseball Presents
We took a spin with plate crate, the subscription based monthly box of baseball goodies. You pay just under $30[...]
Marucci Buster Posey Metal Review
Marucci released what we believe to be the most exciting bat for the 2018. At least in terms of aesthetics,[...]
2017 Marucci Cat 7 Review | Bigger Barrel, Bigger Happiness
Marucci's 2017 CAT 7 is, without argument, one of the best bats on the market. It runs in a number[...]
2018 Lousiville Slugger 918 Prime Review | New Custom Options
We had an exclusive sneak peak at the Louisville Slugger 918 Prime Custom bat selector. That insight, coupled with a[...]
2018 Louisville Slugger 618 Review
After being named the best 2017 BBCOR baseball bat, the 618 SOLO from Louisville Slugger is BACK! If the bat[...]
Best WIFFLE ® Ball Bat | Plastic Dingers
→ Read our entire Best Baseball Bat Lineup→ Read our Best Bats ArticleWe will start where our attorneys tell us we should.[...]
Mizuno Wood Bat Reviews | Bamboo, Maple, Youth Ratings
If you are big into wood bat brands, and the pros that use them, you'll find that Mizuno wood bats[...]
Mine Youth Wood Bat Review | Italian Craftsmanship
The youth bat market, as you may have noticed, has recently exploded with a need for light swinging wood bats.[...]
Marucci Podcast with Ryder Dupuis
On the 9th episode of the BatCast we spend some quality time with Ryder Dupuis, bat product manager for Marucci[...]
5 Gravestones of Great Baseball Players
If your summer plan included visiting the grave sites of five of the best baseball players in history, then, if you[...]
Memorial Day Bat Sales Weekend Deals
The baseball bat industry goes through an interesting shift on Memorial day. As most bats were released around September of[...]
New Ebay Selling Bat List
We have come up with a way to update, by the minute, new bats listed on eBay. Although still a[...]
2017 ReTooled CF ZEN Review
DeMarini BatsSee all our Bat ReviewsThe official word is this:The 2 5/8 Drop 8 2017 Zen is no longer USSSA[...]
Dear Bat Buy, | Easton Hyperlite vs Slugger Catalyst and More
Each month we get considerable mail via social media to answer specific questions. If some have those questions, we are[...]
Jennie Ritter Wilson Fastpitch | Podcast #8 Transcript
On the 8th episode of the BatCast we spend some quality time with Jennie Ritter. Jennie runs the grassroots section[...]
2017 Easton Lock and Load Review | Adjustable Swing Weight
For almost a year, the Lock & Load from Easton has been the subject of rumor. Now, in May of[...]
Mother’s Day MLB Gear Round Up | Pink on Bats, Masks and Cleats
Baseball has an obsession with both America and Women. These are, we could argue, reasonable things to commemorate. As such,[...]
20 Best Baseball Bats from 2015, 2016 & 2017
​​→ Read our Best Bats ArticleWe have hit with every baseball bat from 2015, 2016 and 2017. And after at least[...]
The Best Slowpitch Softball Bats | 2017 Soft Ball USSSA & ASA Rankings | JBR
Read Our Best Bats Page If you are looking to find the best slowpitch softball bats, then you have come[...]
Best USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bats | 2017, Power Hitters, Value
Read Our Best Bats Page We spent considerable time dissecting every 2017 USSSA bat on the market to come upw[...]
2018 DeMarini CFX Review | Peeks on the new CF10 from DeMarini
One of the most exciting reviews we ever get to do each year is the new iteration of bats from[...]
The Worst Bats Ever | How To Increase your ROE & Should You Rub Your Bat?
To go along with our best youth baseball bats ever made, we thought it appropriate to make a list of[...]
Baseball Bat Swing Weight Calculator
Below is a bat swing weight calculator. That is, it calculates the moment of inertia of a baseball or softball[...]
How to Hit a Baseball Harder: For the Little Leauger Who Can’t
Everyone has an opinion on how to hit a baseball harder. For proof, just go to any little league game[...]
Composite vs Aluminum vs Hybrid vs Wood Bat
If you are deciding which type of bat to get, then the following should be informative. The differences between a[...]
Best Baseball Bat Instagram Accounts | 12 Can’t Miss Feeds
→ Read our entire Best Baseball Bat Lineup→ Read our Best Bats Article___TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW__<p>As the second largest social media site in the universe,[...]
2017 Rawlings Quatro vs MAKO Beast | Inner Barrel vs Inner Beast
After comparing the bats in live hitting, we found that aside from the starkly different color design, the Rawlings Quatro and Easton MAKO[...]
Marucci Smart Bat Review | Diamond Kinetics Imbedded In Youth Wood
Marucci, in partnership with Diamond Kinetics, released a "Smart Bat." This is a Marucci maple wood bat with a hole bored[...]
Dear Bat Guy | March Mail Bag, Bat Swing Weight Database
Dear BatGuy, It's difficult to find information on which BBCOR bats are the most balanced and have the lightest swing[...]
2017 Bats You May Have Missed | Good Bats, Little Marketing
About this time of year, as has become our custom, we reflect on each of the 2017 bats we reviewed.[...]
2017 Boombah Cannon Review
Boombah is a direct to consumer company. That is, they do not use third party vendors to deliver their goods[...]
A Bat’s Purpose | $4 Swings and $400 Bats
The general goal of this site is to help players and parents find a bat that makes sense for them[...]
Illegal Bat Lists | Busted For Bombing
With the recent, and rather high profile, "temporary" decertification of the 2 3/4 DeMarini CF Zen drop 10, we wondered what[...]
Bat History: The Single Piece Hybrid Bat Revloution
Some years ago, the idea of a single piece aluminum bat with a light swing and a big barrel did[...]
Marucci CAT 7 vs Easton MAKO Beast
What may be the two most popular bats this year in a number of baseball categories are the Marucci CAT[...]
Rawings Bat Podcasts | Episode 7 of the Batcast
Below is a rough transcript of the podcast recorded with Justbatreviews, Closeoutbats and Rawlings Baseball on 3/10/2017. You can see[...]
Best Bat for 10 Year Old | 10u Bat Choices | Just Bat Reviews
→ Read our entire Best Baseball Bat Lineup→ Read our Best Bats ArticleIf you are looking for the best bat for a 10 year old then[...]
Best Bat for 9 Year Old: 9U Baseball Bat Review
→ Read our entire Best Baseball Bat Lineup→ Read our Best Bats ArticleIt is probable that we have more experience in 9U[...]
Rawlings VELO vs Slugger 716 | Bat vs Bat
We have spent enough time with the Rawlings VELO and the Slugger 617 SOLO to compare them closely. At a[...]
Best Bat For 8 Year Old: 8U Baseball Reviewed
→ Read our entire Best Baseball Bat Lineup→ Read our Best Bats ArticleWe have hit with every bat in every category. As[...]
February’s Dear Bat Guy | Psychic Bat Fittings and 2018 Bats
Our Dear Bat Guy series we started last month went well enough to give it another run. If you have[...]
5 Best Places to Buy a Baseball Bat | Shopping Reports
→ Read our entire Best Baseball Bat Lineup→ Read our Best Bats ArticleThe first week of March brings with it the first[...]
Fighting with Giants | Staz DeStout and Rude American Bats
We have seen a number of bat companies rise and fall over the course of covering them extensive. Some, as[...]
DeMarini CF Zen vs Slugger 917 Prime | Head to Head
DeMarini's CF Zen and Slugger's 917 Prime are similar bats. We have hit with both bat lines extensively, spoken to manufacturers about the[...]
2017 Easton MAKO Beast vs Slugger 917 Prime | Bat vs Bat
The Easton MAKO Beast and the Slugger 917 have a lot more in common than they do in contrast. Some[...]
Mizuno Bat Podcast | Episode 6 of the Batcast
Our Mizuno Batcast dove deep into BBCOR and BPF testing with a former employee of the Sports Science Lab of[...]
2017 Louisville Slugger X12 Review | Fastpitch Entry Level
After quality time with Slugger's X12 fastpitch bat, we have our review and some recommendations. On the whole, the Slugger X12 serves as an[...]
Breaking Bat: DeMarini’s CF Zen 2 3/4 Durability Questions
Any chat room or discussion group surrounding DeMarini's 2017 CF Zen in the 2 3/4 size contains at least one[...]
Best Bat For 6 Year Old | Big Barrel, Tee Ball & Fastpitch Options
→ Read our entire Best Baseball Bat Lineup→ Read our Best Bats ArticleThe best bat for a 6 year old?If we were[...]
Marucci Buys Victus Bats | More Acquisition in the Bat Space
Marucci Sports, a major player in the baseball bat space, announced today they have acquired Victus Sports. Victus, a mid[...]
Baseball Age Changes 2018 | What You Should Know | USSSA Little League
Read our take on the Bat Rule Changes for 2018Little League International and PONY baseball are changing the birthday cutoff[...]
Best Home Run Derby Softball Bats | Bombs for the Anemic
→ Read our Best Bats Article → Read our Best Slowpitch Bat Article   Slow pitch softball, known for its yeti-shaped players and[...]
Underload Overload Bat Training Reviews | SKLZ vs AXE vs DIY
Underload/Overload bat swing training is a series of swings a hitter performs with bats both lighter and heavier than their normal bat's weight.[...]
Trinity T7 BBCOR Bat Review | From Wood To Metal
Trinity bat company, known for their wood bats often used in the pros, recently released an aluminum BBCOR bat. We[...]
January’s Mailbag | Impedance Matching | You Serious Clark?
We receive a number of questions concerning bats through our various social media channels or more directly on email. Over[...]
2017 Anderson Flex Softball Bat Review | Single Wall End Load
After considerable time with the Flex line from Anderson, we have some determinations and recommendations about the slow pitch version of[...]
USA Baseball Bat Standard Change 2018 | Why, When, What?
If you have yet to hear, starting January 2018, bat standards for Little League (14 and younger) will change to a[...]
Best Tee Ball Bats | Composite, Easton, Combat, More
→ Read our entire Best Baseball Bat Lineup→ Read our Best Bats ArticleAs part of our best youth baseball bats discussions, our love for[...]
2016 Combat Portent G4 Review | PG4, Value Bats
Sadly, Combat is now defunct. But don't blame it on the bats---they were great. Blame it on the parent company's[...]
A Baseball Bat Podcast — A Softball Bat Podcast | Batcast Episodes
JustBatReviews is teaming up with closeoutbats.com to deliver a series of podcasts surrounding baseball, softball and fastpitch bats. This baseball[...]
Diamond Kinetics Review | Vs. Zepp 2 & Blast Motion | JBR
We have now spent time with the Diamond Kinetics Sensor, Zepp Labs Swing Analytics and the Blast Motion sensor. (We[...]
Best 2 1/4 Youth Bats | Ranking and Rating Baseball Bats | JBR
→ Read our entire Best Baseball Bat Lineup→ Read our Best Bats ArticleWe have hit with every 2 1/4 youth bat on[...]
Best 33 Inch Baseball Bat | 33/30 33/28 BBCOR & Drop 5
→ Read our entire Best Baseball Bat Lineup→ Read our Best Bats Article
2017 Super Z vs Z4 | Louisville Slugger Bat Comparisons
In an earlier article, we cover some high level insights on the 2017 Louisville Slugger slowpitch bat catalog, including details on the new[...]
2017 DeMarini Slow Pitch Bats | Juggy, Flipper, USSSA, ASA
DeMarini's 2017 Slow Pitch Bat line up consists of seven new bats. Three are considered top shelf bats in the[...]
2017 Louisville Slugger Slow Pitch Bats | Catalog, Z4, Super Z
The 2017 Louisville Slugger Slow Pitch Bat line consists of eight performance bats---four of which are in the famed Z4 line,[...]
29-Inch BBCOR Bats | Recommending Shorties for Shorties
These days, we find the lack of 29-inch BBCOR bats odd. As BBCOR regulations are forced on younger and younger players,[...]
2017 DeMarini Vendetta Fastpitch Bat Review | Starter Bat, Experienced Feel
Our 2017 DeMarini Vendetta Fatpitch Review comes after a few hours' research and cage experience with the bat. It should[...]
2017 DeMarini CF9 Fastpitch Bat Review | Top Shelf Softball
Few bats hold a candle to the CF9 series of DeMarini Fastpitch sticks. We took several of them for a[...]
2017 Adidas Aero Burner Comp Review
After some good time in the cage with the Adidas Aero Burner Composite, as well as conversations with vendors and emails with the[...]
Make Batting Gloves Sticky Again | The Best Bat Pine Tar
In terms of their stickiness, even the best batting gloves do not last more than a few months. Most parents,[...]
Best Portable Pitching Mounds | Real Clay & Little League Approved
There is an entire market of portable pitching mounds. The upkeep of a real mound, or city fields where softball[...]
Baseball Coaching Clinic | Plans for Attending the 2017 ABCA Convention
This week, we are excited to be heading to the ABCA, or American Baseball Coaches Association, annual convention. It is the[...]
2017 Rawlings Quatro Fastpitch Bat Review | 4-Piece Softball Bats
After several hours in the cage and consuming copious research on player feedback for the 2017 Rawlings Quatro Fastpitch bat,[...]
Should You use a Baseball Swing Analyzer? | App, Reviews, Software Analysis
Is a Baseball Swing Analysis worth it? Our general experience is, for most serious players, yes. Although swing analyses done[...]
6 Bats You Missed, Maybe, for 2017
We wrote nearly 250 articles in 2016. While some specific bat review articles were read by thousands, some were read[...]
Best Big Barrel Bats 2017 Edition | 2016, 2015, Drop 5, 8, 10, 12 Ratings
→ Read our entire Best Baseball Bat Lineup→ Read our Best Bats ArticleWe have hit, seen players hit and gathered feedback on[...]
Bat Size Chart | BBCOR, Youth, Big Barrel, Softball and Fastpitch
Finding the right bat size is not as simple as looking at a bat size chart. Bat size charts fail[...]
The Best 32 Inch Baseball Bat | 32/29, 32/27, 32/34, 32/22, 32/20
→ Read our entire Best Baseball Bat Lineup→ Read our Best Bats ArticleThe best 32 inch baseball bat depends on the type[...]
Best Pitching Machines for the Money | Youth, Kids, Adult | 3-Wheels or Bust
We have used and tested no less than 6 different pitching machines for this review. We have also read, watched[...]
Best Wood Bats On the Market | Big Hitting Maples
→ Read our entire Best Baseball Bat Lineup→ Read our Best Bats ArticleThere are several fantastic wood bats on the market. They[...]
Episode 3: Gift Guide for Baseball and Softball Bats
JustBatReviews.com and CloseOutBats.com discuss their favorite holiday gifts in the baseball and softball bat space. Listen in and find out[...]
2017 Axe Element Review
We have hit with the Axe Element for well over a season. That experience, combined with meticulously combing user experiences[...]
2015 College Bat Performance | By The Numbers
You may have noticed JBR's near obsession to find the best bat of the 2015 class. Among other things, we made our own[...]
Chinook Seedery Review | The Best Seeds You’ve Never Heard Of
Running a baseball and softball bat site brings with it a few perks, not the least of which is speaking[...]
Episode 2 – Top 10 Bat Myths
justbatreviews.com and closeoutbats.com discuss the 10 most common bat myths in the market today. Covering softball and baseball bats in[...]
Bat Buying Guide | Fresh Tricks on Fresh Sticks
Having purchased more than a hundred baseball and softball bats in our time, we share a few of the tricks and tips for buying bats[...]
2017 Easton MAKO Hyperlite Review | The New Combat MAXUM?
Easton's late season release of a single piece composite bat with a monster barrel in the senior league space is[...]
2017 Easton XL3 Review | Youth, Big Barrel but no BBCOR
The 2017 Easton XL3 is a reprint of the 2016 version. The bat is made as a single piece aluminum[...]
2017 Easton S3 Review | It’s Back, Again
Beginning in 2012, each year Easton has released a bat named the Easton S3. It was the last in line of a speed[...]
2017 Easton TORQ Reviews | Beast, Hybrid & Speed Options
We have covered Easton's TORQ-handled bats since their release over two years ago. There is not a version we haven't[...]
2017 Axe Danielle Lawrie Fastpitch Bat Review
Our research on the Axe bat design spans well over 2 years now and includes hours and hours of hitting experience.[...]
Best Drop 12 Bat | Baseball, Fastpitch, Youth & Big Barrel
→ Read our entire Best Baseball Bat Lineup→ Read our Best Bats Article→ Read our Best Fastpitch Bats Write Up​We have spent a[...]
2017 DeMarini Voodoo One Review | The 2016 Insane, But Ligther
After 2 hours in the cage and on the tee with the DeMarini Voodoo One, we have some review thoughts.[...]
Why We Are Thankful for Competitive Baseball
We have a number of reasons to be thankful for competitive baseball. This Thanksgiving, we pay homage to the value of[...]
DeMarini Delta Force Reviews | Zero Dark Add
In 2015, DeMarini released a special edition of their flagship bats for the 2016 season. The Americana designed CF8 was deemed[...]
Wilson Bat Deals | Louisville Slugger and DeMarini’s Black Friday Deals
Black Friday deals are starting to DROP for the 2016 ramp up. The ones below will begin 11/23 and end[...]
JustBats.com Cyber Monday and Black Friday Deasl
We gained some access to the particular bats that will be coming on either Cyber Monday or Black Friday on[...]
2017 Louisville Slugger Catalyst Review
Over the last 3 years, we hit with Louisville Slugger's Catalyst numerous times. We also exchanged a handful of emails with[...]
Veteran’s Day Bat | The Constitution and Barbed Wire
In honor of Veteran's Day, we want to give a shout out to a custom bat builder who has a[...]
The Dark Side of Bat Performance: Rolling & Shaving
Is bat shaving and bat rolling illegal? Our short answer is probably for rolling and flat out YES for shaving. There[...]
2017 Axe Elite Review | BBCOR, Big Barrel & Youth
For three years we have hit extensively with an asymmetric knob on an Axe Bat. Now, for almost a year,[...]
Market Update: Combat’s Death and Bat Industry Problems
At the end of October of 2016, Bauer Performance Sports Group, who acquired Combat Sports Group in 2013 and who[...]
The Best Drop 8 Bats | Baseball & Fastpitch Transition Bats
→ Read our entire Best Baseball Bat Lineup→ Read our Best Bats ArticleOver the past 4 years, we have hit with every[...]
2017 Axe MB50 Review | Best Looking Bat of 2017
After several hours hitting with the 2017 Limited Edition Axe MB50, we have enough information to make recommendations. On the whole,[...]
2017 Axe Hyperwhip Fusion Review
The 2017 Axe HyperWhip Fusion bat is the full year iteration of the 2016 Axe Element HyperWhip Fusion barrel released[...]
2017 Axe Avenge Review | HyperWhip End Caps
After a number of emails and at least one phone conversation with the folks at Axe bats, combined with our[...]
How To Remove Ball Marks | THE Best Trick To Cleaning Your Bat
At Justbatreviews, we have seen at least 1,000 bats come and go. After heavy work with the bats, we usually[...]
The Best Bat For Home Defense | What to Swing When Zombies Attack
→ Read our entire Best Baseball Bat Lineup→ Read our Best Bats ArticleAfter hundreds of hours testing, our group of professional and[...]
What Bat Did Cole Wagner Use? | LLWS Fame and Absolute Bombs
Cole Wagner, of Little League World Series fame, used the 2015 Anderson Techzilla 2.0, more often than not. There are good[...]
Best Fungo Bat Reviews | SSK PS-200 and PS-100 Still on Top
→ Read our entire Best Baseball Bat Lineup→ Read our Best Bats ArticleAfter hours of testing, we decided the Best Fungo Bat[...]
2017 Anderson Rocketech Review | Fastpitch and Slowpitch Softball
The Rocketech from Anderson, aside from the Techzilla, may be their most popular bat. After several hours in the cage and[...]
The Most Expensive (Looking) Bat | Do Looks Matter?
Many have long argued, for baseball bats at least, looks don't matter. Indeed, there are no requirements for a color scheme[...]
2016 World Series Bats | Marucci Dominates the Big Dance
To match our 'Bats of the Little League World Series' article, we put together this Major League World Series bats[...]
Deciding on a Two Piece or One Piece Bat
When choosing your best bat, the first step may be to deciding if you prefer a one or two piece[...]
Choosing The Best Bat Weight | Easton Makes Significant Strides in 2017
Bat weight is the most significant factor in determining an individual's best bat. It should be noted, highlighted and underlined, however,[...]
The Longest, Shortest, Heaviest and Lightest Bats of the MLB
Under our Best At-Bats section, we compile data from auction houses on bat sizes of past and present greats. That aggregated[...]
2017 Anderson Flex Review | Upgraded End Caps
Two years ago, we took the new Anderson Flex for a spin, and with plenty of 2015 Flex cage time[...]
Rico Bats Review | New Custom Option
Ever willing to keep our ear on the ground for new baseball and softball bats, we recently ran across the[...]
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In 2014 we began tracking the performance of baseball bats by brand in post season Division I play. In 2015[...]
2017 Easton Z-Core XL Review | BBCOR Log is Back
The 2017 Z-Core XL from Easton is a revamp of the 2015 model. (You can see that here). Knowing that and adding to[...]
2017 DeMarini CF9 Insane Review
Our 2017 DeMarini CF9 Insane Review comes from information gathered from time spent with the CF9 Insane fastpitch softball bat, as[...]
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The Z-Core Speed from Easton has been in our possession, and cage, for nearly one month. We've observed a number of[...]
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In the last two weeks, we've spent at least 2 hours reading player reviews, company literature and vendor takes on[...]
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We've hit extensively with the 2017 DeMarini CF9 Slapper. We also exchanged some emails with DeMarini's bat team and reviewed[...]
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Unlike most companies that release bats every year, Marucci Sports marches to their own drum by releasing a line of composite and[...]
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Below we give an overview our 2017 DeMarini Bat Reviews. These reviews cover the major releases. That includes, the CF Zen,[...]
2017 DeMarini CF Zen Review
We have now spent at least 30 hours with the 2017 CF Zen in the hands of several different players[...]
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Look, we rarely ever review bats like this on our site because they aren't any different then the hoards of[...]
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Like the Adidas RBZ bat Adidas released to the public last year the Aero Burner is using a TaylorMade club line[...]
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Update: DeMarini Baseball will not release a CF9 in baseball for the 2017 season. Instead, the marquee baseball brand will take[...]
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If you are serious about your catcher's gear then it is likely, indeed recommended, you put Marucci's catcher gear equipment[...]
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Below we discuss our Blast Motion baseball review as it compares to the Zepp Labs and other options in the space.[...]
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Reader’s Choice 2016 BBCOR Bat Rankings
To read the reveal of the top 5 2016 BBCOR bats as decided by users see here. [thisorthat_ranking category="2016BBCOR"] PREVIOUS[...]
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If you found yourself here it's likely you've been looking at buying baseball bats for a long time. I assume this[...]
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The 2016 DeMarini NVS Vexxum is back with some color ups and a longer barrel. It remains one of our favorite[...]
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The 2016 DeMarini Insane Review should sound a whole lot like the 2015 DeMarini Insane Review. Why? Well, mostly because[...]
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We've never quite understood why the name Fungo is applied to a certain type of hitting bat made for coaches to[...]
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2016 Axe Elite Review: Hall of Fame Inductees and Upgraded Knobs
Our 2016 Axe Elite Review would run amiss if it didn't point out the Axe handled bat has been admitted[...]
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Below we rank the most popular bats available on the market in the categories of slow pitch softball, fast pitch[...]
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We won't claim to know exactly when it started, but at spring training 2008 when Josh Womack warmed up by[...]
2016 Easton S2 Review: Changed from 2015? Incorrect.
For 2016, Easton Bats moved their BBCOR line from the Speed (S) series of bats into the Z-Core Hybrid brand[...]
2016 Easton S3 Review: Reprinting 2015
For 2016, Easton Bats moved their BBCOR line from the S3 series and into the Z-Core brand of names. They[...]
2016 Easton XL3 Review: Real Cage Time Reports
Easton Bats moved their performance BBCOR line to the MAKO, Hybrid and Z-Core line of bats in 2016---abandoning previous years[...]
2016 RIP-IT Element Two Review
The 2016 RIP-IT Element Two bat comes in only a BBCOR version. This two piece hybrid BBCOR (drop 3) is a bat made[...]
2016 Easton MAKO TORQ XL Review
We've spent over 10 hours in the cage collectively with the MAKO TORQ brand of bats---including the BBCOR, Little League (youth)[...]
Best Coach Pitch Bat | Baseball and Fastpitch Softball
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2016 Easton MAKO TORQ Review: Performance Bat—But Still a Rotating Handle
Bat Reviews | Easton Bats We've spent at least 20 hours in the cage collectively with the MAKO TORQ brand[...]
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With a pretty expansive understanding of the market for baseball bats, we have helped hundreds of our readers decide what[...]
Custom Youth Sam Bat Reviews
A few weeks back, we reviewed the perfectly made Sam Bats maple CD1 stick. We found there, as found again while[...]
Easton MAKO vs Combat MAXUM: 2016 Head to Head
Comparing and contrasting the 2016 Easton MAKO and the 2016 Combat MAXUM can be rather straight forward. In short, the Easton MAKO[...]
Year In Review: The 7 Best Bat Reviews of 2015
Not one to miss out on chance to conglomerate some of our work from 2015, we've compiled the following reviews[...]
2016 RIP-IT Element One Review
The 2016 RIP-IT Element One  bat comes in a Senior League and a BBCOR version. The BBCOR drop 3 recreates a wood[...]
Best Fastpitch Softball Bat | Game and Cage Tested
→ Read our Best Bats Article We spent hours in the cage with every serious performance fastpitch bat in the market.[...]
2016 Anderson Centerfire Bat Review: Getting on the Hybrid
After three serious, long batting practice sessions, among several different hitters, using the 2016 Anderson Centerfire drop 11 youth barrel and[...]
2016 Axe Avenge Review: New Knobs
We spent three hours in the cage with the 2016 Axe Avenge baseball bat, another hour reading online reviews from[...]
Dirty South Swag Bat Review: A Sweet Sized Barrel
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQLFduJENsE It's rare for a bat company with very little market presence to be able to come up with the funds[...]
Best Looking Bat Grip: Readers’ Choice Awards
Best Looking MLB GLOVE Most Exciting Bat for 2016 Best BBCOR Bat for 2015 Best Bat Deals of 2015 Best Drop[...]
The World’s First Smart Bat Review
We've spoken with several groups looking to produce a Smart Bat---that is, a bat which has built in technology to deliver[...]
Pre-Season Awards: Best 2016 Baseball Bat
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2016 Easton Mako XL Review: The One and Only End Loaded Two Piece Composite
The 2016 Easton MAKO XL is a top shelf performance bat built on the same chassis of the Easton MAKO.[...]
2016 Easton MAKO Review: The Game Changer As Your Game Changer
The 2016 Easton MAKO is a top shelf performance bat that changed the game two years ago. It is a[...]
2016 Easton Z-Core Review: The New S3z
The 2016 Easton Z-Core is a hot out of the wrapper BBCOR bat with a middle of the road swing[...]
2016 Easton Z-Core XL Review: Easton Now Makes Aluminum Log
The 2016 Easton Z-Core XL is a hot out of the wrapper BBCOR bat with the heaviest swing weight Easton[...]
2016 Easton Z-Core Torq Review: Old Bat, New Twist
The Z-Core TORQ is a hot out of the wrapper BBCOR bat with a relatively light swing weight and a[...]
2016 Mizuno Generations Review
We should remind the reader we were originally high on the 2015 Mizuno Generations. For a single piece alloy it has a[...]
Sam Bat Wood Bats CD1 Review: The Canadian Boat Rockers
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyISTvaSGf0 The other comparable professional quality wood bat made specifically for little league is the Marucci line of youth barreled[...]
The Best Looking MLB Glove: Readers Choice Awards
We recently ran a user generated poll on our fan voting page to determine the best Custom Made Wilson Glove of 2015 in the[...]
2016 Easton Hybrid Z-Core XL Review
The 2016 Easton Z-Core Hybrid XL (Price Check*) is made for players who prefer a big barreled and heavy swinging[...]
2016 Easton Z-Core Hybrid Review
Bat Reviews | Easton Bats We'd recommend the 2016 Easton Z-Core Hybrid (Price Check*) to players who not only prefer[...]
Victus Bats Axe Handle Review | The MLB Gets Wood Grip Crazy
Experience: Over a year ago we reviewed the Axe Handle bat lineup and were thoroughly impressed. Within that year, Axe[...]
Boombah Bat Reviews
Boombah Bat Reviews 2015 Tsunami Fast Pitch Bat Reviews 2015 Boombah Cannon Review DEFCON Catchers Gear Review from Boombah Boombah[...]
Marucci Wood Bat Reviews | Great Bats, Great Hitters
We've reviewed many Marucci products on here, including their youth wood and Marucci composite and aluminum lines, but we've yet to[...]
Most Exciting Baseball Bats For 2016: Users Decide
We took the 2016 versions of each performance BBCOR bat from the four major brands and asked users to decide[...]
2016 Mizuno NightHawk Review: BBCOR, Big Barrel and Youth Hybrids
Our Experience: We spent 2 hours in the cage with the new 2016 Mizuno NightHawk baseball bat (Amazon Price Check)[...]
2016 Axe Element Hyperwhip Review
Our Experience  We spent 2 hours in the cage with the 2016 Axe Element Hyperwhip (Direct for $289) and really[...]
The Best Rawlings Wood Bats: VELO Maple Ace, Excellence Birch Wood & JM7 Big Stick
→ Read our entire Best Baseball Bat Lineup → Read our Best Bats Article If you are looking into which Rawlings wood baseball bat[...]
Best Composite Wood Bat | It Could Be The Axe L180 Hard Maple
→ Read our entire Best Baseball Bat Lineup → Read our Best Bats Article We spent 3 hours in the cage and another 2[...]
Baseball Life Hack: How to Make Your Own Easton MAKO
Since we have a little down time now that aluminum and composite bat baseball has taken a back seat to[...]
2016 Easton MAKO Youth Bat Reviews: The Bats of the Little League World Series
We get the biggest kick out of watching what bats the best of little league baseball bring to the plate[...]
2016 Boombah XRT Tsunami Fastpitch Review
  Experience: We recently had a chance to swing with each of the 2015 Boombah Tsunami fast pitch bats and[...]
2016 Marucci Youth Wood Bat Reviews | Big Hits, Little Sticks
We've now spent nearly countless hours in the cage hitting with Marucci's youth single billet wood bat line. The youth[...]
2016 Louisville Slugger 516 Omaha Review
Sizes and Design: The 2016 516 Omaha from Louisville Slugger (Amazon's Best Price, eBay's best search) is a one piece[...]
2016 Louisville Slugger 716 Select Review
We spent 2 hours in the cage and 1 hour in the field hitting with the 2016 Louisville Slugger 716[...]
DeMarini Limited Edition Softball Bat Reviews: Yeti, Chupacabra and the Kraken
DeMarini recently released three artist series rendition bats for their 2015 Slow Pitch softball line. These bats are modeled after[...]
2016 Rawlings TRIO Review: The Lightest Hybrid BBCOR Bat
Experience: After 2 hours in the cage with the 2016 Rawlings TRIO (Amazon $249) we can verify its prowess. Our first[...]
2016 Louisville Slugger 916 Prime Review
Our Experience: We spent 8 hours evaluating and researching the 2016 Louisville Slugger 916 Prime (Amazon's Best Pricing Search) baseball bat. Of[...]
2016 Worth 2 Legit Review: It’s Legit
We spent a total of  ten man and woman hours researching and using the 2016 Rawlings 2 Legit Fastpitch bat (Amazon[...]
2016 Louisville Slugger HyperZ Review | Endload & Balanced
We spent a few hours in the cage, as well as a three game stretch, with the Hyper Z softball[...]
Fastpitch Softball Bat Reviews
Since 2014, our Fastpitch Softball Bat Reviews page compiles and links each of our fastpitch reviews. Each review comes after[...]
2016 Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus Review: Fastpitch
We spent 4 hours in our cage with the 2016 Louisville Slugger XENO PLUS Fastpitch bat. We received feedback from 4 different[...]
2016 DeMarini CF8 Review: The Electric Avenue
We've spent 22 hours in total using and researching DeMarini's 2016 CF8 (Amazon $279 to $399; Baseball Savings $279 to[...]
2016 DeMarini Voodoo Raw Review: T-Ball to Omaha
If you were to ask a random selection of justbatreviews readers what bat they were most excited about seeing and[...]
2016 Rawlings 5150 Review: A New Hybrid
In addition to the offerings we've come to expect from the Rawlings 5150, the 2016 iteration will also contain a[...]
2016 Rawlings Velo Review: One Piece vs Two Piece
In the performance space, there are four versions of the 2016 Rawlings VELO (Amazon Price Check, ebay). Three of those (BBCOR, 2[...]
2016 Adidas EQT X3 RBZ BBCOR Review: Lessons from the Tee Box
We got a chance to take the new 2016 Adidas RBZ EQT X3---which Adidas made in conjunction with TaylorMade---into the[...]
HIVE Baseball Bag Review
About a year ago, we saw one of the very first glove bags to enter the market. (We reviewed that[...]
2016 Rawlings Bat Reviews: Previewing the Reviewing
Winning a national championship in NCAA DIV I baseball with a particular bat brand is as much of a stamp[...]
2016 DeMarini Bat Reviews: Previewing the Reviewing
If the release of DeMarini's 2016 line of bats doesn't make you happier than a tornado in a trailer park then we'd[...]
Three Quick Facts About Todd Frazier’s Winning Home Run Derby Bat
Fun fact #1: Todd Frazier's walk up song during regular season play is Fly Me To the Moon. Fun fact[...]
2016 Louisville Slugger Reviews: Previewing the Reviewing
A lot has changed for Louisville Slugger since they last released a line of performance baseball bats---a 2015 line of[...]
Boombah DEFCON may be the Best Youth Catcher Gear You’ve Never Heard Of
As we mostly sit around and wait for the little league world series (and the barrage of baseball bat releases[...]
By the NCAA’s Numbers: the 2015 Best BBCOR Bat
You may have noticed JBR's near obsession to find the best bat of the 2015 class. Among other things, we made our own[...]
Smart Bats, Age Changes & Hard Bats: The Future of Little League
As a writer of a blog that covers pretty much only baseball bats, we get to learn some interesting things[...]
2016 Easton BBCOR Bats: Previewing the Reviewing
Easton is releasing ten different BBCOR bats for the 2016 season. Many of these are color ups from previous years,[...]
Boombah Bag Reviews
If you've ever met someone who has a Boombah bat bag then you know these bags are LOVED. And I mean[...]
Mizuno MP ELITE Wheel Bag Review: A Pocket for everything, seriously.
Mizuno makes everything and they tend to make everything well. It is no surprise, then, they happen to make a pretty[...]
The Bats of the 2015 NCAA College World Series
Reviewing the bats of the 2015 NCAA college world series is a year long event for us at justbatreviews.com. (See[...]
2015 Mizuno Nighthawk Fastpitch Softball Bat Review
The 2015 Mizuno Nighthawk (Amazon @ $299, Ebay, Baseball Express @ $299) is a fast-pitch softball bat built for elite[...]
What’s on his Thumb? The Prohitters Batting Training Aid Review
Let us guess, you were watching an MLB game and you noticed some hitter with a thing on his hand. Wait,[...]
2015 Dirty South War Bat Review
We get two general communication via admin@justbatreviews.com from our faithful readers. The first asks us which bat performs the best[...]
DeMarini Black OPS Bat Bag Review: A White Black OPS Bat Bag
Every person who has ever looked at my selection of bat bags gravitates to the white DeMarini Black OPS Backpack.[...]
2016 Easton MAKO Reviews: Doubling Down on the Torq
Major bat companies are plenty smart enough to know when they've missed the mark. When a company quickly abandons a[...]
DeMarini Black OPS Wheeled Bag Review: The Cadillac of Gear Bags
DeMarini makes a fantastic high end bag for travel players. It has everything you could ever want in a roller[...]
2015 Axe Avenge Fastpitch Bat Review
We've reviewed a lot of Axe bats on this blog site. We first took a look at the BBCOR Axe Avenge,[...]
2016 Combat MAXUM Update: Just Bat Reviews Stands Corrected
We made a claim a couple weeks ago in our initial 2016 Combat Maxum Review that the 2016 Combat Maxum's[...]
2015 Baseball Bat Releases: 3 Bats You Should Have Considered But Didn’t
We've seen over 40 different BBCOR bats, 45 big barrel league bats and over 30 youth barrel bats come through[...]
2015 Boombah Bat Reviews: Cannon O’ My Cannon
About 4 weeks ago one loyal JBR reader told me, "You have to check out these Boombah bats. They are[...]
Best Inflatable Batting Cage: Rude American Takes the Prize
Inflatable batting cages, in theory at least, are the single best way to add a hitting cage to your back[...]
2016 Combat Maxum Review
Combat, a Canadian based company, is known in the baseball space for a high-performance one-piece composite baseball bat with a[...]
What Bat People Are Buying: Best Selling Bats in 2015
Ebay sale data is a great marker for what bat hits right in the wheel house of what parents want[...]
Best Bat Deal of 2015: Value Bat Award
Now that 2015 is gone and past, it's usually a great time to pick up new in wrapper bats of[...]
DeMarini CF8 Fastpitch Softball Bat Review: A Bat For Every Hitter in 2016
DeMarini is very serious about fastpitch softball bats. In fact, so serious, they make more fastpitch softball iterations than any[...]
The 4 Top Rated Baseball Bats: 2015 Users Vote
On our Bat Wars page, we received 20,000 votes comparing one 2015 BBCOR version baseball bat to another. Users were[...]
2015 Combat Derby Boys USSSA Review
To add to our growing list of Slow Pitch Softball Bat Reviews from Combat Sports (Oliveira's Bat, Wanted G3 Slow[...]
2016 CF7 TORQ Review — Easton & DeMarini Join Forces to Make $799 BBCOR BAT
April 1st, 2015 DeMarini and Easton will join forces during the 2015 NCAA world series to make the best hitting[...]
2015 Marucci Hex Alloy Review: Taste the Rainbow
From a design standpoint Marucci Sports owns our hearts. Every new Marucci bat we see seems to leaves us weak in the knees.[...]
Louisville Slugger Authentic Cut Wood Bat Review: Just Like the Pros
Louisville Slugger recently released a set of professional-grade wood crafted baseball bats just like the pro versions of these bats but[...]
Louisville Slugger’s Bat For the Blind: Stevie Wonder’s Stick
I got an email from Louisville Slugger about an honorary bat made for Stevie Wonder that was produced for him[...]
2015 COMBAT Wanted G3 Slow Pitch Softball Bat Review
We like lots of things about Combat's baseball and softball bat lines. Near the top of that list, maybe even[...]
2016 Combat Wanted Bryce Oliveira Slow Pitch Softball: USSSA and ASA Review
There are a few things you notice when reviewing the 2016 Combat Wanted Bryce Oliveira Slow pitch softball bat. First, is[...]
Custom DeMarini Bats: In Pictures
As a follow up to our Custom DeMarini Bats post a few weeks ago, thought we'd share a couple pics[...]
Best Power Hitters Bat | BBCOR, Big Barrel, Youth, Real Tests
→ Read our entire Best Baseball Bat Lineup → Read our Best Bats Article On the market today, our favorite power hitter's[...]
MAKO TORQ Reviews: What A Bat Should Do
A bat with a revolutionary spinning handle also backed by the biggest non-wood bat company in the world was bound[...]
2015 Axe Avenge Slow Pitch Softball Review: USSSA & ASA
Axe Bats---which is owned and operated by Baden Sports (the same Baden Sports who makes the basketballs you probably use)---also[...]
The Best Bat Deal of 2015: BBCOR Value Bat Results
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2016 Louisville Slugger Z4000 Review
Slugger releases a slowpitch Z4000 line for 2016 in the softball space to follow up from the well received Z3000 series of[...]
Louisville Slugger Z4000 USSSA End Load Review
(Slugger Released FIVE different 2016 Z4000 slow pitch softball bats. Three are made for USSSA play the other two are[...]
Louisville Slugger Z4000 ASA End Load Review
(Slugger Released FIVE different 2016 Z4000 slow pitch softball bats. Three are made for USSSA play, the other two are[...]
Louisville Slugger Z4000 ASA Balanced Review
(Slugger Released FIVE different 2016 Z4000 slow pitch softball bats. Three are made for USSSA play, the other two are[...]
Louisville Slugger Z4000 USSSA Balanced Review
(Slugger Released FIVE different 2016 Z4000 slow pitch softball bats. Three are made for USSSA play, the other two are[...]
Louisville Slugger Z4000 USSSA Power Load Review
(Slugger Released FIVE different 2016 Z4000 slow pitch softball bats. Three are made for USSSA play, the other two are[...]
2015 Big Barrel Baseball Bats: Reviewed and Listed
Below is an index of Big Barrel Baseball Bats www.justbatreviews.com. Each bat comes in either/or a 2 5/8 or 2[...]
DeMarini CF7 Drop 5: If You Can Then You Should
In our release review of the DeMarini CF7 mid last year we praised the bat line's 2015 iteration, struggling to find[...]
Custom DeMarini Bats: 2016 Updates
In 2015 we've seen a lot of innovation in the bat space. From spinning handles, soft barrels and bats filled with helium---all have[...]
Full Results Best Bat Deal of 2015
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2015 Louisville Slugger Catalyst Review
Louisville Slugger released four major baseball bat lines for 2015. We previously reviewed three of them: 915 Prime, 715 Select and 515 Omaha.[...]
2015 Mizuno MaxCor Review: Innovating a Crosswised Sweet Spot
Before we get into the good stuff (aka fascinating baseball science and technology) here are some basics of the  2015 Mizuno[...]
2015 DeMarini Insane Review
DeMarini releases a whole slew of bat lines every year in baseball. Their top shelf bat, for 2015, is the[...]
2015 Marucci OPS Review: Choosing Baseball Bats and Wall Decor
I believe we have seen and touched every 2015 BBCOR bat on the market. We've learned a couple things along[...]
Zepp Baseball Review — Real Time Analyzer: So What?
If this is the first time you've heard or seen the Zepp Labs baseball sensor then be prepare to feel[...]
2015 Axe Review: Elite Element and Phenom.
A few months ago we fell in love with a new approach to hitting a baseball when we reviewed the[...]
2015 Combat Bats Review: Fray Hybrid & Wanted
After our review of the Portent G3 baseball bat a couple days back, we were reminded we've yet to put[...]
Mizuno Bat Reviews
Below is a compilation of our Mizuno reviews, ratings and articles compiled in an index and catalog. If you have any[...]
2015 Mizuno Generations Review
Baseball bat reviews are inundated with the word 'pop'. "Amazing Pop", "Great Pop", "Freakish Pop" and so on and so[...]
2015 RIP-IT Helium Review: A BBCOR Air Filled Bat
When we wrote a highly read review on the Mako Torq and its spinning handle a few months back we asked, "what will[...]
2015 Rawlings 5150 BBCOR Review
Few bats have more traction in the high performance bat space than the 5150. That's because it has a lot[...]
2015 Anderson Flex BBCOR Review: Not Your Grandma’s One Piece
If you are looking for the light swinging BBCOR in the one piece aluminum marketyou've come to the right place.[...]
2015 RIP-IT Bats Reviews: drop 5, 8 and 10 Senior League
If you read our introduction blog to the 2015 RIP-IT line a few months ago you may remember that one of our most favorite[...]
Best Bat for 7 Year Old | Baseball and Fastpitch Options
→ Read our entire Best Baseball Bat Lineup → Read our Best Bats Article We have hit with every little kid bat[...]
Combat Bats Reviews
Below is a compilation of our Combat Bats reviews, ratings and articles compiled in an index and catalog. If you have[...]
2015 Combat Portent G3 Review
There is a whole list of things I think about when the word Canada comes to mind. Nowhere on the[...]
2015 Rawlings Velo Review: A Hand-Loaded Bat
Let's start here to review the 2015 Velo: An end-loaded bat, in relation to a balanced bat, contains more drag[...]
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Anderson Bat Reviews
Below is a compilation of our Anderson Bats reviews, ratings and articles compiled in an index and catalog. Anderson is a[...]
RIP-IT Bat Reviews
Below is the RIP-IT bats reviews, ratings and articles index catalog we’ve written over the years and doled out over the[...]
Adidas Bat Reviews | The Lineup Reviewed
Below is a compilation of our Adidas Bat reviews, ratings and articles. Adidas hasn't made very many metal or composite[...]
2016 Easton MAKO PRO Review: Guessed At
(Since we've first posted this article we've learned otherwise. The first 2016 Lineup for EAston Bats do not have a[...]
2015 Rawlings Trio Review
In 2014 Rawlings proudly introduced a bat with three distinct pieces: a composite handle, 5150 alloy barrel and composite end[...]
2015 Axe Phenom Tee Ball Bat Review
It's hard to differentiate between tee ball bats. If you were to search google trends you'd find people look for[...]
2015 Marucci Elite Limited Review
In addition to the full composite 2015 Marucci Hex, which we reviewed earlier, Marucci is also set to release a hybrid[...]
2015 Anderson Bat Review: The Techzilla is Back
In 2006 and 2007 the hottest baseball bat on the planet was the double walled aluminum Techzilla from a small[...]
2015 Axe Avenge Bat Review – A Revelation in Knobs
Those who have read this blog (or those who have paid attention to the bat space for more than just[...]
2015 RIP-IT Air BBCOR Review
The RIP IT Air is back for 2015 and that gets a lot of folks excited. This bat is in[...]
2015 RIP-IT Air Elite BBCOR Review
The 2015 Air Elite BBCOR bat is a hybrid (composite handle, aluminum barrel) bat with a balanced swing weight. This[...]
The Bat Everyone Wants: A 2015 Silver Slugger Award Review
Slugger makes the 915, 715, 515 and Catalyst for 2015 but they also make a metal bat worth a little[...]
2015 RIP-IT Bat Review
When I get a new bat to write a review on my wife and kids usually ask me something like, What[...]
2015 Marucci Hex Composite Review
If you weren't paying close attention to the Marucci CAT 6 review we put up a few days ago, or[...]
2015 Easton MAKO XL Review
(The 2015 Easton top shelf bat line has 10 individual lines that are reviewed individually here: MAKO TORQ, MAKO XL, MAKO, S1, S2, S3, XL1, XL3, S2z and S3z) Easton[...]
2015 Easton S3z Review
(The 2015 Easton top shelf bat line has 10 individual lines that are reviewed individually here: MAKO TORQ, MAKO XL, MAKO, S1, S2, S3, XL1, XL3, S2z and S3z) Bat Reviews[...]
2015 Easton S2z Review
(The 2015 Easton top shelf bat line has 10 individual lines that are reviewed individually here: MAKO TORQ, MAKO XL, MAKO, S1, S2, S3, XL1, XL3, S2z and S3z) Bat Reviews[...]
2015 Easton XL3 Review
(The 2015 Easton top shelf bat line has 10 individual lines that are reviewed individually here: MAKO TORQ, MAKO XL, MAKO, S1, S2, S3, XL1, XL3, S2z and S3z) Bat Reviews[...]
2015 Easton XL1 Review
(The 2015 Easton top shelf bat line has 10 individual lines that are reviewed individually here: MAKO TORQ, MAKO XL, MAKO, S1, S2, S3, XL1, XL3, S2z and S3z) Bat Reviews[...]
2015 Easton S3 Review
(The 2015 Easton top shelf bat line has 10 individual lines that are reviewed individually here: MAKO TORQ, MAKO XL, MAKO, S1, S2, S3, XL1, XL3, S2z and S3z). Also, see[...]
2015 Easton S2 Review
(The 2015 Easton top shelf bat line has 10 individual lines that are reviewed individually here: MAKO TORQ, MAKO XL, MAKO, S1, S2, S3, XL1, XL3, S2z and S3z) Bat Reviews[...]
2015 Easton MAKO Review
(The 2015 Easton line has 9 performance bats reviewed individually here: MAKO TORQ, MAKO XL, MAKO, S1, S2, S3, XL1, XL3, S2z and S3z). Bat Reviews | Easton Bats Easton returns[...]
Final 2015 DeMarini Baseball Bat Reviews!
CF7 Review Voodoo Overlord FT Review DeMarini NVS Vexxum Review The 2015 DeMarini Baseball Bats are released today (9/2/2014). After[...]
2015 Marucci CAT 6 Review
Marucci has released their new version of the CAT 5-Squared for 2015. It is called, not surprisingly, the CAT 6.[...]
Louisville Slugger ExoGrid Review
(Slugger's 2015 line of bats are the 915, 715, 515 and Catalyst.) The ExoGrid line of bats from Louisville Slugger is[...]
The Best Cheap Custom Wood Bat? A KAGE Bat Review
Not all wood grain is perfect. As a result, lots of bats, after getting lathed, are found with a knot[...]
Love The Game? Then Love Your Glove: A Baseball Glove Bag Review
Eight months ago I invested in a Nokoma men's softball glove. These gloves are high quality leather made to last[...]
The Lightest T Ball Bat Ever
At justbatrevews.com HQ we start them young. And we just can't help but notice how perfectly adorable tiny baseball equipment[...]
Best Youth Wood Bat | A few GREAT Options
→ Read our entire Best Baseball Bat Lineup→ Read our Best Bats ArticleIn conjunction with our best wood baseball bat review article,[...]
2015 DeMarini NVS Vexxum Review
While the world waits for DeMarini's new CF7 and Voodoo FT to be released, the 2015 DeMarini NVS Vexxum is[...]
2015 Louisville Slugger 715 Select Review
The 715 Select from Louisville Slugger is part of their 2015 top shelf bat line. The 715 is considered by[...]
2015 Louisville Slugger 515 Omaha Review
The 515 Omaha from Louisville Slugger is the third of four bat in their 2015 top shelf bat line. (The[...]
Old Hickory BBCOR Review
Old Hickory makes an impressive line of wood bats. At least guys like Mike Trout, Yasiel Puig and Paul Goldschmidt would[...]
The Far Side of Baseball: Foul Bats and Places We’ll Go
There are few things that will get humans to fight faster than a loose baseball which has found its way[...]
It’s baaaack: 2015 DeMarini Voodoo Overlord FT Review
Ever since Bryce Harper, at the age of 16, used the DeMarini VooDoo to smash a 502-foot home run at[...]
The Lightest Swing on the Planet: 2015 DeMarini CF7 Review
Built on their long line of success within the CF family, the DeMarini CF7 (Amazon Price Check) baseball bat comes with one[...]
Lizard Skin Bat Tape | A Lizard Skin Grip Review
No bat review site would be complete without a conversation on bat grips. And no conversation on bat grips would[...]
MLB Bat Throwing: The Grim Reaper Crowd Surfs
Bat throwing into the stands makes for some interesting photos. The one above most recently made famous by a boy[...]
Kyle Schwarber’s Undercover Bat: Adidas EQT Outed
If just a few weeks ago you told me that several NCAA baseball players were swinging Adidas-made metal baseball bats[...]
New 2015 Baseball Bat: Adidas EQT Review
Many reading this headline probably did a double take. Adidas, making baseball bats? Have I lost my ever loving mind? No you[...]
2014 Home Run Derby Junior Champ Possible Son of Mike Trout and Troy Tulowitzki
I kid, I kid. Luken Baker, the Conroe Texas Highschooler who won the Junior Home Run Derby last month, isn't[...]
Louisville Slugger 915 NCAA Review
By Brian Duryea -- (Last updated 8/13/2014) The 2015 Louisville Slugger 915 NCAA bat is now released and we think[...]
Houston: We Have a Problem–Astros Fail to Sign 1st Pick in MLB Draft
The Houston Astros have had the 1st pick in the MLB First Year Player draft for the last three years.[...]
Best Youth Baseball Bat 2014: Cheap
(This Post is part of a series for Best Youth Baseball Bats of 2014: Best Youth Baseball Bat 2014 Overall; Best Youth[...]
Best Youth Baseball Bat of 2014: Aluminum Barrel
(This Post is part of a series for Best Youth Baseball Bats of 2014: Best Youth Baseball Bat 2014 Overall; Best Youth[...]
The Best Youth Baseball Bats of 2014
Not to be confused with our Best Youth Baseball Bat Ever, this 2014 list requires the bat come from the[...]
Ozzie Smith Swings the Louisville Slugger 915 Prime
It is not every day you get to see the best short stop to ever play the game pick up[...]
Lebron James Baseball Gear
Lebron James Baseball Gear Since every other sports outlet is discussing the news of Lebron James heading back to Cleveland,[...]
2015 MAKO TORQ Sighting: Kelsey Stewart – Florida Gators
2015 MAKO TORQ SIGHTING If you have been following metal baseball bats you'll know there is considerable hype around the[...]
1st Round MLB Pick Nick Gordon Swings Easton S Series and Rawlings 5150
The top non-pitching high school prospect in the country Nick Gordon swings Easton & Rawlings. In fact, most at bats show[...]
A.J. Reed 2014 NCAA Home Run King Swings Easton XL1
2014 NCAA Home Run Leader-- A.J. Reed University of Kentucky In 2014 AJ Reed for Kentucky hit 23 home runs[...]
The Best Bat of the 2014 NCAA World Series Tournament
Best Bat of the 2014 NCAA World Series Tournament If you are familiar with bats then you are also familiar[...]
2015 Easton S1 Review
(The 2015 Easton top shelf bat line has 10 individual lines that are reviewed individually here: MAKO TORQ, MAKO XL, MAKO, S1, S2, S3, XL1, XL3, S2z and S3z) Bat Reviews[...]
2015 Easton Mako Torq Review
(The 2015 Easton top shelf bat line has 9 individual lines that are reviewed individually here: MAKO TORQ, MAKO XL, MAKO, S1, S2, S3, XL1, XL3, S2z and S3z. The best[...]
2015 Louisville Slugger Review 915 Prime – 715 Select – 515 Omaha – Catalyst
With more information, the intro to Slugger's 2015 line ups is now found here: 2015 Louisville Slugger First Glance 2015[...]
Was Yoenis Cespedes’ Throw the Greatest?
Was Yoenis Cespedes' Throw the Greatest? (Since the below was posted the blog sphere continued to erupt over details concerning the[...]
A Review of the Easton S2 and DeMarini Vexxum
Comparing and Contrasting the Easton S2 and DeMarini Vexxum The Easton S2 and DeMarini Vexxum are very similar bats. Both[...]
BBCOR Standards Ruining College Baseball?
Are New BBCOR Standards Ruining College Baseball? Now that Vanderbilt beat Virginia in the 2014 NCAA World Series, I thought[...]
An Increase Batted Baseball Speed—So What?
When choosing a baseball or softball bat, we value a bat that can create an increase batted baseball speed. What[...]
Pop in Little League Bats
Measuring the Pop in Little League Bats Experiment The actual pop in little league bats is always a bit of[...]
Review 2013 Eason XL3 & 2014 DeMarini Vexxum -10
Review 2013 Eason XL3 & 2014 DeMarini Vexxum -10 Here we review 2013 Eason XL3 & 2014 DeMarini Vexxum -10.[...]
Calculate the Swing Weight of a Bat: Example
Calculating the Swing Weight of a Bat: Getting Pendulum Period To calculate the swing weight of a bat you need to time[...]
Choose The Best Bat | 5 Things To Do Before Dropping Coin
We've spent at least 2,000 hours of our lives searching for, writing about or testing out the bats that are[...]
Baseball Bat Database w/ Swing Weight and Balance Points
Baseball Bat Database with Swing Weight and Balance Point We have moved much of this data under our individual bat[...]
The DeMarini CF5 vs Easton 2013 XL3: Head to Head
DeMarini CF5 vs Easton 2013 XL3 The DeMarini CF5 vs Easton 2013 XL3 head to head match up is an[...]
Easton XL3 Swing Weight Calculations
Comparing Easton XL3 Swing Weight Calculations for Different Size Barrels But Same Total Weight Recently, my son was asked to play[...]
Rawlings RX4 Easton S400 -8 Review : 2 5/8 Barrel
Rawlings RX4 Easton S400 -8 Review: Head to Head Analysis. Easton's S400 -8 2 5/8 Barrel By my count, there[...]
The Best Sunflower Seed | 10 Flavors On your Bucket List
What better group of people than serious baseball and softball players to determine what is the best sunflower seed? Below[...]
Readers’ Choice Awards: 2016 Best BBCOR Bat
METHOD: On our Vote Page users are presented two options and asked a question as to which item they prefer. When[...]