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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Bat Brands

Baseball and Softball Bat Brands

We get the opportunity to work with every serious baseball and softball bat brand in the industry. As the years go by, and as we review nearly a thousand bats, the list grows. The below serves as an attempt to keep them straight in our heads. Also, we think, many of our readers might find the baseball and softball bat brands all in one place helpful too. 


DeMarini claims they are the finest bat maker in the world. Frankly, we’d be hard pressed to say they weren’t. They dominate the softball and baseball space in terms of top shelf players preferring their bats. Are there other options? Of course. But if you were to name a category of player in the composite or aluminum bat space we are confident DeMarini would offer a compelling choice. 

Bat Brands
Bat Brands


A trusted and well used name in the professional wood bat space, Marucci’s more recent effect on the aluminum and composite bat space is noticeable. Committed to terrifically beautiful constructions focused on the hitting experience, Marucci takes what they learned in the hands of top end Major League players to make top shelf bats for the non-professional space.


Easton is serious player in the baseball, softball and fastpitch space. So serious, in fact, many would argue Easton is the actual leader. We are not privy to the actual numbers, but we are under the assumption Easton sells more bats than any other brand in the world. They dominate the youth league baseball space, have serious traction in the high school ranks, and are top tier player in the collegiate space. If you’ve never heard of Easton bats then check your pulse.

Bat Brands
Louisville Slugger Bat Reviews

Louisville Slugger

There isn’t a more trusted or branded name in the bat space than that of Louisville Slugger. They were just about the first on the scene about a hundred years ago. They’ve made bats for Jackie Robinson and Mickey Mantle and still control a serious portion of the MLB market. No surprise, as well, they have serious offerings in the aluminum and composite bat realms too. Their softball, fastpitch and baseball offerings are as far and wide as banjo player’s description of Kentucky bluegrass.


Aside from Louisville Slugger, no bat brand has been around longer. The Rawlings Adirondack graced the plate during at-bats of greats like Reggie Jackson and Mark McGwire among many others. Today they continue to produce high quality wood bats used by some of the very best in the sport. As well, Rawlings makes a significant contribution to the top shelf in baseball. It is hard to say exactly where they fit in the grand scheme of sales volume for aluminum and composite bats, but definitely a top 5 brand—and quite possibly a top 3.

Rawlings Bats
Bat Brands


Combat Sports, now owned by the Easton brand of companies, has made single piece composite bats for quite some time. Many in the industry accept Combat as a serious player in the one piece space and, many more still, accept them as the leader in that particular niche. They have yet to enter the wood bat realm and with Easton as their boss we don’t expect that to change anytime soon.


Axe is our favorite little bat company that we love to tell people about. They have nowhere near the marketing budget or shelf presence as many other in this list, but they do have unique handle design and barrel built for one sided hitting. Some great data and a unique story separate them well enough to hang in there versus many marketing machines. Even now, their penetration into the wood bat market and Major League Baseball makes them an even more serious player in the space.

Bat Brands
Bat Brands


In the wood bat space, Mizuno has made them since the days of Pete Rose. At least a few still swing them today. On the metal and composite bat side, Mizuno has just entered the race in recent years. And although they lack the pedigree, the bats make a serious play at the top shelf and, in some circles, could be considered the best of the bunch. 


Victus is a wood bat company only. They make a variety of colors, shapes and sizes in the wood bat world. As well, they even teamed up with Axe bats to make a professional wood bat for major league players. 

Bat Brands
Anderson Bat Reviews


Anderson is a fantastic smaller bat company based out of California. They have made an enormous impact in the market with their Techzilla baseball bat line and their Rockettech fast-pitch line. They are one of our favorite bat company to tell someone about whey they ask, tell me about a company I’ve never heard of but should know.


Into 2016, Rip-It bats produced slowpitch, fastpitch and baseball bats in the performance space. They pioneered the idea of feeling the bat with Helium—that never caught on but we thought was very cool. They also tried to create the world’s first smart bat—a bat that could run apps made by third part. We have noticed they removed all the bat information from their website and wonder if they have removed themselves from the bat game altogether.

Bat Brands

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