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Rip IT BatsLast updated: Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Below is the RIP-IT bats reviews, ratings and articles index catalog we’ve written over the years and doled out over the years. RIP-IT is a serious player in the space that makes unpretentious bats for hitters who value value.


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2016 RIP-IT Element Two Review

2016 RIP-IT SmartBat Review: The world’s first Smart Bat review
2016 RIP-IT Element One Review: A single piece alloy BBCOR and Senior League
2016 RIP-IT Element Two Review: Light Swinging Two-Piece Hybrid Bat
2015 RIP-IT Bat Review
2015 RIP-IT Air BBCOR Review
2015 RIP-IT Air Elite BBCOR Review
2015 RIP-IT Air Senior League
2015 BBCOR RIP-IT Helium


Pre-Season Best Bat Awards: 2015