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We measured the swing weights of 2018 33-inch BBCOR bats. As a group there was no greater than a 12.2% difference between the heaviest and lightest swinging highschool/collegiate bats. Although some bat companies produce a type of swing weight index on their bats, we are unaware of any resource that compiles all the bat swing weight data on the market. Hence, the following:

We use this recourse as well as our ball exit speed and barrel size to write our baseball bat reviews (BBCOR section) as well as make decisions on our best BBCOR baseball bats.

BBCOR Swing Weights
BBCOR Bat (Review)Index
Easton Beast X Loaded1.122
Marucci CAT 71.099
DeMarini Voodoo Insane Endload1.099
Mizuno MaxCor1.097
Mizuno Generations1.085
Rawlings 51501.078
Easton Beast X Speed1.077
Marucci F51.073
Mizuno Covert1.073
Easton Z-Core Lock & Load1.071
DeMarini CF Zen Insane1.067
Rude American MOAB Power1.062
Slugger 918 Prime1.056
Slugger 516 Omaha1.053
Rawlings VELO1.045
Rawlings Quatro1.044
DeMarini Voodoo Balanced1.043
Combat Maxum1.023
Easton Ghost X1.019
DeMarini CF Zen Balanced1.015
DeMarini Voodoo One1.012
Slugger 618 Solo1.000

The Heaviest Swinging BBCOR Bat

Heaviest Swinging BBCOR Bat 2018

When comparing the 33 inch BBCOR bats we found the Easton Beast X Loaded to swing 12% heavier than the 2018 618 Solo. In practice this is a considerable difference and something that can be felt immediatly.

We would guess the 32 inch Easton Beast X Loaded runs 2 to 3% heavier (in terms of swing weigth) than the 33-inch 618 Solo.

The Lighest Swinging BBCOR Bat

Lightest Swinging BBCOR BAt

For two years in a row the Slugger 618 Solo has been the lightest swinging bat we have found. It runs as a single piece aluminum with an extended composite end cap. And, get this, it also comes in a 29 inch bat. That 29-inch BBCOR is the lightest swinging highschool bbcor bat on the planet. It really isn't close.

Other real close options, and within our margin of error are the 2018 DeMarini Voodoo One, the DeMarini Zen Balanced and Easton Ghost X. 

Do These numbers hold true for non 33-inch BBCOR Bats?

Although we cannot be certain, we do believe the numbers translate accordingly when you shift from a 33-inch BBCOR to a 29, 30, 31, 32 or 34-inch BBCOR bat. Meaning, for example, we still think the 618 the lightest swinging 32-inch BBCOR too. The changes between different models and brands are so minute that we think it likely the bats change order rankings---although by some imperceptable amount---as we change BBCOR lengths.

But, when compared to non BBCOR bats, we think there little to no correlation between these models and their USABat or USSSA bat comparisons. You can see our analysis on the USABat swing weights here. 

How to Interpret the Swing Weight Index

After measuring the 2018 BBCOR bat swing weights we assigned the lightest swinging bat (Slugger 618 Solo) a score of 1. Then, we took the percentage difference between the 618 and every bat on the list and that number became the index.

For example, expect the Easton Ghost X to swing 1.9% heavier than the 618 Solo and the Mizuno F5 to swing 7.3% heavier.

Standard Errors and Accuracy

Although we are confident in the repeat-ability of our swing measurements, we do not submit they are perfect. Our best estimate is we run no less than 200 points off. Meaning, a percentage swing of 2 to 3% either way would be a reasonable margin of error.

As well, a percentage point or two one directly or another is virtually imperceptible to any given player. A bat with a 4% change any given direction on the above chart is likely not noticeable by anyone.

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