Easton XL3 Swing Weight Calculations


Comparing Easton XL3 Swing Weight Calculations for Different Size Barrels But Same Total Weight

Recently, my son was asked to play in a weekend tournament that only allowed 2 1/4 barrel diameter bats. He has swung the  2013 Easton XL3 2 5/8 drop 11 all year long. It got me thinking, if I was to go and buy the same bat in the 2 1/4 version, and I wanted the same swing weight for my son, would I buy a bigger barrel bat with a similar weight or with similar length? Yes! I thought, time for some Easton XL3 Swing Weight Calculations. (And, if you are wondering, I am usually not in the mood to drop $149 for a weekend tournament bat–instead my boy just used the combat b2 da bomb 2 1/4 that we have because that is the best bat in the history of the world).

Easton XL3 Swing Weight Calculations

XL3 2 5/8 20 oz. swings HEAVIER than a 2 1/4 20 oz.

I suspected that two bats from the same company (and same XL3 line) would have very similar swing weights at very similar total weights–even if their barrel diameter was different. Wouldn’t you?

To solve my question, I found a 2013 Easton XL3 2 1/4 XL3 to measure with the online MOI calculator and compared it to the bat data (moment of inertia, etc) I already have on the XL3 2 5/8.

It turns out, rather surprisingly to me at least, that although both bats were 20 ounces in total stated weight, the 2 1/4 barrel had a HIGHER swing weight. Not just slightly either: at the knob the swing weight (MOI) of the XL3 2 1/4 version was a full 15% heavier to swing than the XL3 2 5/8 version. Shocking!


  • Do NOT assume that stated  total weights on a bat have anything to do with comparing swing weights (as I discuss at length in another post) even in the same bat line.
  • Longer bats, not fatter bats, tend to have a higher swing weight. (The 2 1/4 XL3 was a 31″ drop 11 to 20 stated ounces. The 2 5/8 was a 29″ drop 9 to 20 stated ounces.)
  • If you are trying to convert from a big barrel bat to a “youth” barrel bat of the same brand make sure you choose a lighter stated weight. It is brand dependent, but I’d suggest when converting go with the same LENGTH not with the same WEIGHT. In my example, a 29/18 XL3 in the 2 1/4 would have a very similar swing weight (MOI) of the 2 5/8.

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