2016 Fastpitch Bat NCAA Statistical Performance

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Just as we have done on the top baseball bat side of things, our intent is to take aggregated statistics of bat usage by each collegiate fastpitch team that made the big dance in 2016. The categories are teams compared to one another in terms of useful offensive production. In some sense, we can gather how well teams performed with this particular bat brand. We don’t think it a fair analysis to go on and make sweeping claims as to what bat is definitively better than another. But, at a minimum, we think the data is useful in closing in on the top 2016 Fastpitch Bats.

Most Teams in the Dance Award: DeMarini

Top 2016 Fastpitch Bats

One could argue, the frequency with which a bat brand shows up in the fastpitch college world series is indicative of the bat’s success. The argument is lacking in a few areas, but we play along and evaluate the data through this lens.

For 2016, DeMarini had the most teams in the tournament at 11 teams. Easton and Worth were tied for second (8) and Slugger was fourth (6). Additionally, DeMarini’s teams also ended up winning the most on average. The above chart proves this through the number of games per team. DeMarini teams played 5 games, while Worth and Easton played just under 5 and Slugger played 4.33. So, not only did more DeMarini teams make the tournament, but DeMarini teams advanced more often.

Top 2016 Fastpitch Bats

DeMarini teams could use previous versions of the CF, but many were seen swinging the new 2017 CF9 in a number of different iterations (see our review here). Amazon price check here.

Offensive Statistics Award: Scenario 1 – Louisville Slugger

Offensive Statistics 2

Offensive statistics broken down by bat brand give us some insight. We break it down in two different ways. The first (above) is the frequency of hitting results per at bat. Winners in each category run across the board. DeMarini has the most RBIs and extra base hits per at bat. Louisville Slugger hit the most home runs per at bat. Worth had the most doubles and singles. Easton hit the most triples.

Top 2016 Fastpitch Bats

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Offensive Statistics Award: Scenario 2 – Louisville Slugger

The other way to measure success is by traditional batting statistics. This chart (below) shows the four major fastpitch manufacturers and their success at the plate in the 2016 Women’s College World Series.

Top 2016 Fastpitch Bats

Unlike frequency of plate appearance, where category leaders are spread out, statistical offensive categories are dominated by Louisville Slugger. They lead in OPS, OBP, SLG and AVG. With such evidence, we still hesitate to make sweeping claims about the prowess of the LXT Plus and XENO—Louisville Slugger’s top end fastpitch bats—to other top shelf brands. (See our Slugger fastpitch review here).

Top 2016 Fastpitch Bats

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However, it is not surprising that either (1) some of the best offensive teams in the country use Louisville Slugger’s fastpitch lines or (2) these bats do indeed improve the hitting of collegiate softball teams. Either scenario would fit into our experience with these monster bats.

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