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We've spent over 1,000 hours meticulously collecting data on every bat we review. This includes swing speeds, barrel sizes and ball exit speeds. We use that insight to write our reviews on each bat. Recently, many have asked for the data. And, as a chance to raise money for the site which has considerable costs we decided to sell unadulterated access to it for $10.

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Exit Velocity $10

This $10 is for ONE non-commercial license. Distribution by any means of the data on this spreadsheet for any purpose is strictly prohibited. The data is intended to inform the license for their bat purchases. It is good for this 2018 data spreadsheet that will be available until 1/1/2019.


Easily the Best $10 bucks I've spent on Baseball in the last 5 years.

St. Louis, Missouri

There is more data in here than I know what to do with. Thanks for putting it all together and doing the work for us dads.

Houston, Texas

How to Purchase

Exit Velocity $10
  1. Use the buttons above to paypal your money to [email protected]justbatreviews.com
  2. Wait up to 24 hours to get an email to your paypal email. (We usually respond within 3 or 4 hours, but give us up to 24 just in case).
  3. Send an email to [email protected] if you encounter any issues.

What You Get

Swing Speeds

Unlimited and forever access to the 2018 bat data sheet. It currently includes exit speeds from BBCOR, USA and USSSA Bats. (See Below for details)

Swing Weights

We deliver the swing weights of every bat we test. These are highly technical to get perfect readings, and while ours are a work in progress, they are good relative to each other.

Forever 2018 Access

Every 2018 Baseball or Softball bat we review for swing speeds will be put on this data chart. It will be updated throughout the year in addition to what it already has. 

This is a working document and will be updated as we gather more data throughout the year. We expect our full body of work to be done by the early spring of 2018 for this 2018 edition of exit speeds. Currently, the document has more than 1,600 swings captured.

What Bats Are Tested Already?

  • USABat (No Less than 15 Swing Exit Speed Data Points)
  • BBCOR (No less than 25 Swing Exit Speed Data Points)
  • USSSA 31/21 (No less than 16 Swing Exit Speed Data Points. Many bats have 50+ swings, but a few of our bats broke during testing)

BBCOR Bat Data Captured

  • 618 Solo 33/30
  • 518 Omaha 33/30
  • Warstic Gunner 33/30
  • Combat Maxum 33/30
  • Voodoo One 33/30
  • Quatro 33/30
  • Voodoo Insane 33/30
  • CF Zen 33/30
  • Voodoo Balanced 33/30
  • 5150 33/30
  • Cat 7 33/30
  • CF Insane 33/30
  • Marucci F5 33/30
  • 918 Prime 33/30
  • Rawlings Velo 33/30
  • Easton Ghost X 33/30 (80% Reported)
  • Easton Beast X Speed 33/30 (80% Reported)
  • Easton Beast X Loaded 33/30 (80% Reported)
  • Mizuno Covert 33/30 (80% Reported)
  • Mizuno Generations 33/30 (80% Reported)
  • Rude American Moab Loaded 33/30 (80% Reported)
  • Mizuno MaxCor 33/30 (80% Reported)

USABat Data Captured

  • Beast X Speed 31/21
  • Axe Elite Drop 5 31/26
  • Rawlings VELO 31/20
  • Mizuno Ghost 31/21
  • Quatro 31/21
  • Easton Hyperlite 31/20
  • Easton Magnum 31/21
  • Rawlings VELO 31/21
  • DeMarini Voodoo One Balanced 31/21
  • Slugger 618 31/20
  • Easton Hyperlite 31/20
  • Easton Ghost X 31/21
  • Slugger 718 31/21
  • Slugger 718 31/26 (Drop 5)

USABat Data Captured

  1. Rawlings 5150
  2. Ghost X
  3. Moab
  4. 918 Prime
  5. Axe Hyperwhip
  6. Marucci F5
  7. CF Zen
  8. Marucci Hex
  9. Axe Avenge
  10. Voodoo One
  11. Quatro
  12. Rawlings VELO
  13. Voodoo Balanced
  14. 518 Omaha
  15. Beast X

Exit Velocity $10

Why isn't the data just free?

We have captured the exit speed data of over 2,000 swings using our Rapsodo device. Our intent is to continue to grow and compile this data, admittedly clumsily, in a spreadsheet we keep.

We have been asked a number of times for access to the raw data instead of our interpretation of it. While we have never been a retail site, and never intended to be, we do think there is some value in sharing some of the costs associated with capturing the data. Capturing the data from 1,500 swings (to say nothing of the mis-swings, mis-reads, and mis-hits which are probably 50% of our total work) has taken us currently 200 hours and counting.

This site does make money. As we talk about in our disclosure, the ads on this site as well as affiliate marketing do bring in a bit and help us fund our habit. But we feel access to the raw data is something worth paying for. Everything else on this site, as well as much of the commentary on the exit speed results, is free.