The 11 Best Baseball Bats We Hit the Farthest in 2018

Best Baseball Bats

Want the best baseball bat?

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We've measured the exit speeds and distances of every 2018 baseball bat from every category. Our process used several different hitters and has captured more than 6,000 swings.

The best part?

We don't work for any company---seller or manufacturer. Nor are we professional bloggers manipulating the rankings with regurgitated lists from amazon best sellers. Our information is driven from data we generate and real players and parents feedback who live and breathe baseball at every level.

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This is what you'll learn about the top rated baseball bats in this article:


Best Baseball Bats for 2018

If we had to choose the best baseball bat across all categories, we'd choose the 2018 DeMarini CF Zen.

Best Baseball Bat

See our full CF Zen Review

Category (Click for Full Article) Bat
Best USA Bat 2018 Beast X Hybrid
Best BBCOR Bats 2018 Rawlings Quatro
Best Youth Baseball Bats 2019 DeMarini CF Zen
Best Big Barrel USSSA Bats 2018 DeMarini CF Zen
Best Wood Bats Marucci AP5

Our Pick

Best Baseball Bat

Our hitters LOVED the feel of the 2018 Quatro. And we couldn't find a bat that hit the ball hotter of the barrel in live pitch testing.Our testers found the bat feels perfect on sweet spot hits and barely noticeably on mishits. The CF Zen also has a huge range of options in a drop 8, drop 10 and a BBCOR in both an endloaded and balanced version. Our exit speed bat pop tests and barrel size measurements always had the CF Zen in the top few.

See, what one of our readers had to say about their love for the 2018 Zen:

Best BBCOR Bat User Review

See our Full 2018 DeMarini CF Zen Review

Why NOT the 2018 CF Zen?

You're not playing very many games or you'd rather spend your money elsewhere. Another two piece composite bat (like the Easton Beast, Rawlings Quatro, or Slugger 918 Prime) feels and looks better to you. You'd rather use a single piece bat or one with an aluminum barrel. Your on strike for a DeMarini bat because they offended you one way or another.

See what one of our readers had to say about their average sentiment for the 2018 USA CF Zen:

Best Baseball Bats 2018

Best Baseball Bat Video

Best Cheap Baseball Bats for 2018

In a budget conscious world, we would choose the Slugger 518 Omaha for our best cheap baseball bat. We like the bat price point, of course, its great user ratings and the fact it is made in almost every size imaginable.

Best Baseball Bats

See our full 518 Review

Best Cheap USA Bats Slugger 518 Omaha
Best Wood Bats Marucci AP5
Best Cheap BBCOR Bats Slugger 518 Omaha

Our Pick

Best Baseball Bat

Parents and players alike liked the 518 Omaha. Generally, for a single piece aluminum, it felt good on contact. The Lizard Skin is a nice touch (and the last year you can get a Lizard on a Omaha as in 2019 they are going with their own brand). Here are a few other reasons: Our testers found the bat stiff feel created great exit speeds. Swing weight felt balanced and right where most hitters needed/wanted it. The price point, at nearly any category, was about what parents were willing to pay for a new 2018 baseball bat.

See, what one of our readers had to say about the 2018 Louisville Slugger Omaha:

Best Baseball Bats

Why NOT the 2018 518 Omaha?

There are a couple reasons you might not want the 518 Omaha. Including: You want the better feel of a two piece composite. A bat with a larger barrel is your preference. Budget isn't of terrible concern.

Where to Buy Top Rated Bats

Searching online for the right place to buy a bat can be daunting. There are no less than several dozen online bat vendors and, depending on where you live, another several in your town. Our regular haunts are, and Amazon's bat section. We also check eBay just in case.


Top Rated Bats By League

If you want to really dive down into the best bats, we suggest you check out our best bat articles by league. The following might be helpful to get you on your path.

Best Youth Baseball Bats

Best Youth Baseball Bats

We've kept track of the best performing bats in the youth space since 2014. Here, we list all the great Little League baseball bats we have tested. The list is independent of year and intends to cover all youth baseball leagues.

Best USABats

Best USABat

Although still a work in progress, we have hit with 15 different 2018 Performance USABats among several different hitters. These are our results for exit speeds, barrel sizes and overall value in the Youth Baseball Space.

Best BBCOR Bats

Best BBCOR Bats

There is very little difference between top end performance BBCOR bats. But, after measuring exit speeds, barrel sizes as well as hitting with every 2018 BBCOR bat we determine the best of the best.

Best Big Barrel USSSA Bats

Best Big Barrel Bats

The race for the hottest big barrel bat is a fun one to measure. We take every performance USSSA big barrel on the market in the lab, in the cage and to th ball field to get real feedback. Here are our most recent results for the best USSSA Big barrel bats.

Best Wood Bats

Best Wood Bats

Wood bats are difficult to differentiate between. After all, trees are trees and there isn't much manufacturers can do about that. But, there ar enough differences to determine the companies that will make the best wood bats.

Best Fungo Bats

Best Fungo Bats

The Best Fungo bats on the market, at least to date, have been a relatively easy find. Sadly, they are not nearly as inexpensive as we hope---but part of that is because they are amazing. Also, we realize you can use fungo bats for softball too but we had to put this article somewhere and they are more common in baseball.

Finding the Right Size Bat

There are very many bat size charts floating out there. Many simply parrot each other. And few have any real reasoning behind them. We have a bat size chart based on a study we read from the University of Arizona that maximized swing speed and power based on a players height, weight and swing speed. You can see our bat size chart here.

Best Baseball Bat

How much to Spend?

Of course the maximum amount of money you spend on a bat depends on how much much you have. We don't recommend spending more than you have a budget for.

But, we are often asked how much should someone spend. That is, what is the maximum amount that we should spend considering the players abilities, age and desire.

One quick trick is multiply the age of the player by the number of games they are playing. Do NOT spend more than that number.

For example:

An 8 year old playing 10 games should not spend more than $80 on their bat. Of course they can also spend less.

A 7 year old playing 8 games shouldn't spend more than $56 on their bat.

An 18 year old playing 40 games might reasonable buy any bat on the market.

Of course the simple little equation (Age x Games Played) doesn't work at the extremes. But, as a general rule for the 6 to 18 year old we think it is a good guideline to follow.

Best Baseball Bat 2018 Articles

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