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Last updated: Sunday, November 12, 2017

We look every day for new pricing on bats. If anything becomes an outstanding deal based on previous pricing we add it below. If you find anything that isn’t below, let us know on Instagram or twitter. We look daily and update at least once a week.

If you found a better price, please let us know!

Best Recent Bat Deals

Date Added: 1/31/2017

2017 Easton MAKO Beast

Bat: 2017 Easton MAKO Beast YOUTH 30 or 29 inch drop 12
Our Mako Beast Review
Price: $230 + $17 shipping at Sports Exchange

This bat is dynomite. This is the best deal we can find on the internet. Straight from Canada!

Dated Added 1/26/2017

Z-Core Hybrid Easton BBCOR

Bat: 2016 Easton Z-Core Hybrid
Our 2016 Easton Z-Core Hybrid Review
Justbats has the 34 inch for $69 – $169.

$49 for this BBCOR bat is just plain stupid. This is a legit top shelf bat. Granted, the 34 inch isn’t the right size for most. But, if it is, you should buy this the second you see it. The other sizes are not much over $100 and a decent deal, too.

Date Added: 10/10/2016

Best Bat Deals

Bat: 2016 Easton MAKO Youth
Our MAKO Youth Review
Price: $139 at

Rinse. Repeat. Unloading inventory before the holidays is online bat vendor class 101. $139 for the Youth MAKO is the best we could find anywhere. did this special little deal for Justbatreviews readers only. Other major vendors are a good $60 more than this.

Date Added: 9/23/2016

Best Bat Deal

Bat: 2016 Easton MAKO BBCOR
Our 2016 Easton MAKO Review
Price: $179 to $199 at Justbats Amazon Account

What is there to say? What many argue as the best BBCOR bat for 2016 can be found at less than used prices. This is from a vendor with a real receipt and warranty. Seriously though, why are still reading this? Go buy it. It will never get any better. People were paying $450 for this bat just a few weeks ago—and will pay $450+ for the next year’s model in a few weeks from now.

Date Added: 9/20/2016

Best Bat Deals

Bat: Marucci Elite Limited BBCOR
Our Marucci Elite Review
Price $99 at baseball Express

We sound like a broken record, but Baseball express appears to have loaded up on the Marucci CAT 7 and CAT 7 connect. As you might also guess, they also have a number of Marucci Elite Limited bats to unload a crazy steep discount. We loved this bat when it came out as it has a fantastic look and solid performance. People were really paying $299 for this bat not to many weeks ago. For $99? You’ve got to be kidding me.

Date Added: 9/2/2016

Best Bat Deals

Bat: 2016 DeMarini CF8 JBB
Our CF8 Review
Price: $129 @ Closeoutbats

You’ll never find this bat at this price again for the year. At least new in wrapper from an authorized vendor.

Date Added: 8/30/2016mizuno generations

Bat: 2016 Mizuno Generations
Our 2016 Mizuno Generations Review
Price: $71 to $75

These bats are getting blown out of inventory right now. You won’t see it cheaper than $79 from vendors with real receipts for warranties. The 2017 version is at $179 already. If you are in the value bat buy, this may be the one.

Date Added: 8/23/2016BBCOR MAKO Torq

Our 2016 TORQ Review
Price: Less than $130 at Amazon

We sound a bit like a broken record, but this MAKO TORQ’s handle can be taped down to perform just like the MAKO. This 2016 MAKO TORQ isn’t much different then the 2017 Easton MAKO in BBCOR. That bat is retailing at nearly $500. In other words, serious savings on a seriously good bat. And if you hate the spinning handle, use $10 more to get a lizard skin grip to cover your freshly taped handle.

Date Added: 1/26/2017

MAKO Easton 2015

Bat: 2015 Easton MAKO Drop 9
Our 2015 MAKO Review
Price: $89 at Amazon

This price just dropped. No idea how long it will last. Seriously, people were buying this drop 9 for almost $400 about 18 months ago. It is still an outstanding bat. New in wrapper for $89 and free shipping? You’ve got to be kidding me.

Date Added: 1/26/2017Best Bat Deals

Bat: Easton MAKO TORQ Youth Barrel Drop 10 (30/20)
Our 2016 Easton MAKO Review
Price: $129 Here at

Comments: In another post, we address how to tape down this bat’s handle to turn it into a MAKO. The fact this very bat was selling for nearly $400 not too many weeks ago is insane. $99 for a taped down Easton MAKO? This is a steal. If we didn’t already own two, we’d buy these.

Date Added 12/12/2016

2017 Combat MAXUM Review

Bats: Close Outs on
All types Prices on All Types of bats. has a new section on their site called “closeouts”. It is, roughly, last year model bats they are looking to unload. Don’t expect these to last forever and, from our quick look through, most of those are pretty legit deals.

Date Added 11/30/2016

Louisville Slugger Bat Reviews

Bat: BBCOR 917 Prime From Slugger
Our Slugger 917 Review
Price: $369 in some sizes on Amazon

These sellers are under agreed upon pricing by about $30. The bat has been out for a while so expect most to get here eventually. But, in the mean time, this is the least expensive we’ve seen this bat new in wrapper from a verified vendor.

Date Added 10/30/2016

Best Bat Deals

Bat: Youth (2 1/4) barrel 916 Prime
Our 916 Review
Price: $59 at

We have never purchased anything from Modells online before so we put this with at least a slight amount of hesitation. $59 for this bat is on the verge of unbelievable.  The 2 1/4 version of the bat is legit.

Date Added: 10/20/2016

2016 DeMarini CF8 Review

Bat: 2016 CF8 Youth
Our 2016 DeMarini CF8 Review
Price: $159 @ CloseoutBats

Date Added: 10/16/2016

Combat Maxum

Bat: Combat MAXUM
Our 2016 Combat Maxum Review
Price: As low as $149 at

Date Added 9/26/2016

Best Bat Deals

Bat: Easton MAKO XL Youth
Our 2016 MAKO XL Review
Price: $139 at Closeoutbats

Rinse, wash, repeat. Seriously, it’s the same story here folks. Unloading top shelf last year’s inventory to replace with a 2017 model that is well over $100 more. These prices don’t last long and is the 2017 really that much better? Frankly, not likely.

Date Added 9/20/2016

Best Bat Deal

Bat: MAKO Junior Big Barrel
Our 2016 Easton MAKO Review
Price: $79 at

If you’re in the market for a junior big barrel bat then how could you not buy this bat at $79? It is serious steal. The bat is only rated for JBB baseball (so pitch speed sub 50mph). It also isn’t built like the traditional MAKO’s as this is more of a “kid” version. But, again, at $79? These are the exact kind of things that go very fast if people are smart.

Date Added 9/9/20162016 Louisville Slugger 716 Select

Bat: 2016 Slugger 716 Select
Our 716 Review
Price: $99 at Closeout Bats

We sound like a broken record, but $99 for this bat new in wrapper is on the verge of hard to believe. People were paying $200+ for this bat, and still are some places. Big vendors are unloading inventory at the moment. It’s just a stupid great time to buy stuff.


Date Added: 1/26/2017

Vexxum Drop 10Bat: 2016 NVS VEXXUM 2 5/8 Drop 10
Our 2016 DeMarini NVS Review
Price: $39 at Closeoutbats

Seriously, unreal. Less than $70 for the Vexxum? Out of sheer principle we are going to go and buy every single one of them. The drop 10 at a number of sizes at an absolutely unbeatable price. In a matter of just a couple weeks people will spend four times that amount on a bat that isn’t any better.

Date Added 1/26/2017

Best Bat Deals

Bat: Combat T-Ball Bat
Justbats: $29

Perfect for the local rec league that needs to stock up on some t ball bats. These are probably a near cost bat as Combat gets absolved into Easton.

Dated Added 11/13/2016

Cyber Monday Deals

Bat: Sam Bat CD1 November Deals
Sam Bats Site
Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Date Added 10/20/2016


Bat: Stinger Wood bat 3 Pack
Our Stinger Bat Review
Price: $179 for 3 on Stinger’s Site

There are a number of wood bat pack deals which are directly from the manufacturer, especially in the ‘non-name-brand’ section. Stinger bats, who we reviewed a few weeks back, has as good as one as any. Three high-quality pro grade bats for $179 plus a 10% discount with the code: TEAMSTINGER is a deal—well under $60 a bat.

Date Added 10/17/2016

5150 Smaller

Bat: 2016 Rawlings 5150
Our Rawlings 5150 Review
Price: $59 at

The senior league version of this bat is well worth a swing by anyone serious. Bit on the smaller barrel side, but at $59? Buy two of them.

Date Added 9/30/2016

Louisville Slugger 916 Prime

Bat: 2016 BBCOR Louisville Slugger 916 Prime
Our 916 Prime Review
Price: $99 at Justbatreviews Amazon Store

Ok, $99 is stupid low. This bat is top shelf stuff. And for $99? No wonder there is only one left in stock. We might just buy this out of principle.

Date Added 9/21/2016

RIP IT helium

Bat: 2015 BBCOR RIP-IT Helium
Our Rip-It Helium Review
Price: $79 at Amazon

You guys remember that one time RIP-IT filled a bat with Helium and then tried to sell it for $300? Yeah, that was crazy. Looks like they didn’t sell very many of them so they are unloading right now. In fact, looks like RIP-IT might be out of the bat business entirely. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t like this bat. $300 wasn’t a crazy price, relatively speaking. But $79? Done, Bought.

Date Added 9/16/2016Marucci Hex

Bat: 2015/16 Marucci Hex Composite
Our Hex Review
Price: @ JustBats for $89.99

With the release of the 2017 Marucci Hex Connect, this Hex Composite is getting unloaded. Another crazy great deal on a bat that was several hundred dollars more than this just a few short months ago.

Date Added: 8/23/2016Best Bat For 11 Year Old

Bat: Louisville Slugger 516 Senior Barrel (2 5/8) Drop 10 (multiple sizes)
Our Slugger 516 Review
Price: $74.99 here

We’d guess there were only a few left of this bat from authorized dealers. These are absolutely clear out prices right now.

Date Added: 8/23/2016MAKO CXN

Bat: Easton MAKO CXN Fastpitch
Our MAKO CXN Review
Price: Less than $119 here

Several vendors are still selling this bat for well over $200. The drop 10 is the most popular and most difficult to find at a steep discount. This is a great deal on a top shelf bat that is arguably one of the very best in the fastpitch space for 2016.

Date Added 1/26/2017

Best BAt Deals

Bat: 2016 Combat G4 Youth Drop 10
Our 2016 Combat Review
Price: $49 at

We could not find a picture of the orange version of this bat. The orange is the drop 10, the green is the drop 12. At $49 it is a crazy great deal. If Combat was still in business this would be a $199 bat at the moment.

Date Added 12/8/2016

HOPE cf9

Bat: 2017 CF9 Hope DeMarini Fastpitch
Our DeMarini CF9 Review
Price: $269 at

The best price we could find, by far, on this new 2017 CF9 Hope fastpitch bat. Eastily one of the best bats in the market for fastpitch. Smooth swing and a ton of options on the page.

Date Added 11/7/2016

BBCOR bats

Bats: 2016 and 2017 Combat Lines
Our Combat Lineup Reviews
Price: Up to 80% discounts at

With the purchase of Combat by Easton, it appears Combat is attempting unload a serious amount of inventory through Many of their top shelf bats, especially in the fastpitch space, are a fraction of the price. Even top end BBCOR and Senior League bats are the cheapest we’ve ever seen them. Many of those bats are fantastic.

Date Added 10/20/2016

Best Bat Deals

Bat: 916 Prime Big Barrel 2 5/8
Our Louisville Slugger 916 Review
Price: 174.95 @

You can find this bat elsewhere for $179, but this $5 savings is real. At $179 for a bat folks were paying $300+ for just a few short months ago this is a fantastic steal. The 917 is top shelf stuff.

Date Added 9/30/2016

Best Bat Deals

Bat: Combat Rogowski Combat Slow Pitch Bat
Price: Amazon for $99

$300+ bat for $99? Ok, done deal. Throw in the fact its a balanced single piece composite endload from Combat and we just bought 4.

Date Added: 9/16/20162016 VELO BBCOR

Bat: 2016 Rawlings VELO BBCOR (multiple sizes)
Our 2016 Rawlings VELO Review
Price: $199 at Amazon

The best price you’ll see on a VELO from a certified seller. This price will only last as long as their is inventory.

Date Added: 8/23/2016DeMarini CF8 Review

Bat: DeMarini CF7 Big Barrel 29/21 Drop 8
Our 2015 CF7 Review
Price: Starting at $149 on Amazon

We still believe the CF7 will go down as one of the greatest bats in baseball history for the BPF 1.15 era. This drop 8 at under $150 is a steal. We can’t imagine it will last long. Its counter part (the CF Zen) is going for about $200 more.

Date Added: 8/23/2016Miken DC 41

Bat: MIKEN DC-41
Price: Just under $200 here.

This bat has yet to be found even close to $200 from major retailers. The sub $200 price point for this top shelf slowpitch bat is a serious deal. No telling how long inventory will last at these price points.

Date Added: 8/23/20162015 Marucci CAT 6 BBCOR Baseball Bat Review

Bat: BBCOR Marucci CAT 6
Our Marucci CAT 6 Review
Price: $175 in some sizes here on Amazon

With the recent release of the CAT 7, Marucci suppliers are unloading their CAT 6 inventory. This is good news for people who love this gleaming beauty of a bat. We never saw a price much lower than $200. $180, we’d guess, is the best you’ll ever be able to buy this bat for new in wrapper.