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Top Baseball Bat Awards

Just Bat Reviews' industry recognized awards are based on personal, player and parent feedback. We also spend considerable time researching, writing and discussing bats with major manufacturers and vendors. The details of those discussions include bat performance, barrel sizes, exit speeds, and improvements from previous years. The full length of our reasoning in the section can be found our our best baseball bats article.

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2016 DeMarini CF Zen

Best Bat

If you can find a Drop 10 2 3/4 CF Zen for less than several hundred dollars over its original price then buy it. This bat, although known to break, is an absolute ball killer. Most eBay auctions run well over $600 for a used version. And if you can find a new one expect to pay more than did for your first car. The bat can absolutely rake and once worked in you'll see why we consider it the best little league bat ever. 

Best Bats

Top Fastpitch Bat Awards

After thousands of cumulative hours using the bats, as well as several others writing, researching and discussing faspitch bat performance with major players in the industry, the following are the best fastpitch bats readily available on the market today. Read how these bats were chosen here

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2017 Louisville Slugger LXT

Best Bats

As we write in our Best Fastpitch Bat article, the LXT competes in a highly stylized niche. In the top shelf fastpitch space the bats are so remarkably similar. Even within the Slugger line, the Xeno feels more like a different version of the LXT hyper instead of an actually different bat. Outside of the brand the competition is stiff---but the pedigree and player feedback of the LXT make it our favorite fastpitch bat.

Best Bats

Top Slow Pitch Bat Awards

We have spent days and days testing, reviewing and writing about slow pitch softball bats. We a more exhaustive explanation of our best slow pitch bats in this article. You can see many of the highlights in the snippet box below. This includes our favorite ASA and USSSA bats as well as a couple unique types to the space.

  • ASA
  • Value
  • Home Run Derby

Banned Miken Ultra II

Best Bats

This is the easiest decision we have ever had to make in terms of deciding the best bat. The Miken Ultra II is so hot even anemic folks are dropping bombs on 320+ fences on slow pitch softball fields around the country. Work this bad boy in and be the king of the league before, we should warn you, the bat either breaks or they confinscate your bat for using an illegal stick. 

How We Decide

How We Decide What Bat has the most Pop

As the leading independent voice on bat industry news and reviews, we pride ourselves on delivering real content from actual hitters and parents. In the last 12 months, we have spent no less than 2,000 hours hitting, playing, reviewing, reading and writing about bats of all types. Add to that a never ending stream of conversations on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook discussing the articles we decide to publish. We are not simply spinning product detail bullet points and calling it a review. Hoping, then, that Google ranks us well for “unique” content. Instead, the pages on this site chronicle real hitters, real parents, real coaches and real advice. It is, we believe, one of the major reasons this site is as popular as it is.

The Making of a Best Bats List

From that never ending stream of unique information it is only natural that lists of best bats begin to form. Certain brands and models have more social buzz. And, as the season goes on, the buzz begins to wax or wane. But keeping our independent finger on the pulse of the market does not mean we come without bias. In fact, we admit often our advice can be wrong. Everyone has their biases even, like us, if you don’t work for a given manufacturer or vendor.

By trade we are baseball and fastpitch players, not bloggers and search engine optimizers. We are parents of kids who play at the top level of their age group and of girls who struggle to hit the ball at all. We are fans of the game at every level of the sport. When it stops raining there is rarely a night of the week we are not at the fields. Our yards look long and weedy. And terrible. That’s because we are not home. And, you find yourself reading this far into this post, then you would know exactly what we mean.