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Best Balanced Bats | Lightest Swings in Baseball & Softball

Best Balanced Bats


After hours of real testing, review writing and research---as well as long conversations with major manufacturers and vendors---we think the Rawlings VELO a great "balanced" baseball bat. In fastpitch, we choose DeMarini's CFX drop 11 and in slowpitch the Slugger Super Z Balanced. No doubt there are other great bats in the "balanced space" and we discuss those below. These three bats that top our preferences are built with top end performance, have great user ratings and come with a long enough pedigree to have faith in the newest versions.

Best Balanced Baseball

Best Balanced Bat

2018 Rawlings VELO

Although there are dozens of really, really good balanced bats, we like the Rawlings VELO for its long term commitment to an ultra light swing. Year in and year out there are few bats that give you more bat for less swing weight. And the 2018 version of the VELO, in its numerous sizes, is no different.

Lots of Other Options

Before we get too carried away, make no mistake about the fact there are dozens of other legitimate balanced bats on the market. Each is worth your consideration before you pull the trigger.

We also suggest you consider more than the swing weight of a bat before pulling the trigger. Among those other factors, and maybe mostly so, we would look at a two piece or one piece construction. That distinction makes the most difference in bat feel. Also before swing weight we would consider the barrel's material. Do you prefer composite or aluminum on the barrel?





Best Balanced Bats

Super Z Balanced



Best Balanced Bats

CFX Drop 10



Best Balanced Bat




Best Balanced Fastpitch

Best Balanced Bats

2018 DeMarini CFX Drop 11

DeMarini makes a half dozen CFX bats, so make sure you are looking at the drop 11 if you want the one with the most balance. The drop 10 in the CFX is, we believe, the most popular. But if you want as much bat barrel for as little swing weight as possible, then look for the drop 11. 

Partial Balanced Bats Catalog

Fastpitch Balanced Bats

With a few exceptions, almost every performance fastpitch bat is considered balanced. 

  1. Easton Ghost
  2. Easton Stealth
  3. Easton Hyperlite
  4. DeMarini CFX Balanced
  5. DeMarini CFX Slapper
  6. Slugger XENO
  7. Slugger LXT
  8. Slugger PXT
  9. Rawlings VELO
  10. Rawlings Quatro
  11. Marucci FX Connect

What is a Balanced Bat?

Most consider a balanced bat to be the opposite of an end loaded bat. An endloaded bat is one in which the weight of the bat is focused more towards the end cap, and therefore the bat swings heavier. As such, a balanced bat is a bat where the weight is distributed closer to the knob. This shift in balance point makes it so the bat is easier to swing.

Some consider a balanced bat in between an end loaded bat and a speed or hand loaded bat. A speed or hand loaded bat is where the weight of the bat is focused towards the knob and a balanced bat is simply in between the end loaded and speed loaded.

There is no unified nomenclature throughout the industry. Easton, more recently, has adopted three categories of bat load (speed, balance, end). Most of the other major brands use the two categories (balance, end). We prefer the load spectrum defined into three sections. But, since it is not quite industry standard to use three categories, we use the balanced term often to simply mean a light swinging bat when compared to end load. This encompasses, frankly, the vast majority of bats as only a few are true end loads.

Best Balanced Slow Pitch

Best Balanced Bats

Slugger Super Z Balanced

In a sport defined by bicep size, most players like the idea of end loaded bats. And in fact, most bats are categorized into how many ounces of end load are added to the end of the bat. But, if you happen to be playing the sport and are not on steroids, you might consider the Slugger Super Z Balanced slowpitch bat, as it is the best balanced bat out there.