Best Baseball Bat Under 100


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The best you can always find under $100 is the Easton S500. Although we would prefer to find a flash deal on a closeout bat via our best bat deals page, the S500 serves as very popular seller. It has s decent sized barrel and comes on a basic aluminum shell. You may also find our best baseball bats under $50 useful. If you are just looking for value, without a hard line on a price restriction, then our general best baseball bats page is worth your visit.

Best Baseball Bat Under 100

Price check the Easton S500

Best Baseball Bat Under $100

1. Easton S500

Best Baseball Bat Under 100

If we had $100 to spend on a BBCOR bat, and there weren’t any particular bat deals that suited our fancy, we would probably buy the S500 BBCOR bat from Easton. Our Amazon price check showed several models for under $100. The bat gets great reviews for performance and our experience showed it hits well when you hit it well. Hand sting is a problem, but so it is with every one piece aluminum bat. You can expect a decent sized barrel and a warranty, in the unlikely event this thing gets bent from you dropping bombs.

We review the S500 in detail here. We are not privy to the numbers, but it may be the best selling bat in the entire industry.

2. Best $100 Big Barrel: Slugger Catalyst

Best Bat Under $100

If nothing under the $100 mark on the best bat deals page is appealing, we would suggest the 2015 Louisville Slugger Catalyst. Our 2017 Catalyst Review is found here.  The Catalyst is a single piece composite with a monster barrel and some solid user ratings. You’ll appreciate the over-sized barrel, the tapered grip and the brand name with a sweet look. Check, too, our best big barrel bats page.

Amazon price check the Cataslyst

3. Best $100 Youth Barrel: DeMarini Vexxum

Best Baseball Bat Under 100

In the 2 1/4 youth barrel space, $100 can go a long way. We found a number of legit options with an Amazon search like this. If we were forced to choose, the 2016 NVS Vexxum Drop 12 2 1/4 barrel youth bat it would be. This is a multi-piece bat with a composite handle and an aluminum barrel. Great balance, great brand name and a good pedigree of successful performance in the Vexxum.

You might also find some success looking through our best 2 1/4 baseball bats lists.

4. Best $100 Wood Bat

Best Baseball Bat Under 100

If you are looking for a wood bat and your budget is $100, we dare say the world is  your oyster. Save MLB pro grade wood bats and brands, $100 will take you quite the distance. If we were in your shoes, the DeMarini D110 Maple Composite  (known for massive durability) or the Mizuno Bamboo Elite would be at the top of our short list. Otherwise, you might have some success going directly to major wood bat vendors like Sam Bat or Marucci, and seeing what deals they may have.

Best $100 Bat: How We Decided

$100 bats are plentiful. Even during the season, when few bat deals go down, you can find a number of in wrapper bats new from factory by certified vendors. These bats are often not considered high performance or top shelf as they lack the barrel size and max performance factors along the length of the bat. However, plenty of players do just fine with these bats. They also serve well as backups.

In the off-season, and occasionally during the season, top shelf performance bats can be found at significant discounts. We try and keep a running tally on these on our best bat deals page. If your budget is less than $100, that page may be your ticket to a great bat at a great price. Otherwise, our best bats that are both in wrapper and less than $100 all the time, can be found below.

Best Bat For Under $100 Conclusions

With $100 dollars in your pocket, you can make some wise decisions in terms of the best bat to buy. If you have enough time, and patience, waiting for the off-season to find a deal on our best bat deals page is worth it. Otherwise, if you need something sooner or aren’t in the mood to search for deals, the above ideas will lead you to a solid stick for just $100.