Best Bat Deal of 2015: Value Bat Award

Best Bat Deal of 2015


Now that 2015 is gone and past, it’s usually a great time to pick up new in wrapper bats of last year’s model. The discounts are usually substantial as retailers unload their inventory. Warranty and service almost always start from the date of your receipt too—so getting a full year of use from your “new” bat makes a ton of sense. Further, in the vast majority of cases, the upgrades from 2015 to more recent years are between little and none. You can see our specific bat reviews section on the bat to see what upgrades you may have been missing out on.

Below is the article and user test results we gathered from 17,000 votes last year on the bat with the best value. Considering it’s a year later and prices have only come down we’d think these ‘best deal bats’ have only increased their standing.

Best Bat Deal Of 2015

Best Bat Deal of 2015

Finding the best bat deal of 2015 is like finding a needle in a haystack. Indeed, anyone who has tried to wrap their head around the best bat value for any given year is quickly sucked into the minutia of marketing hype and the unhelpful nature of the vast majority of so called ‘reviews’.

We’ve tried to come to some conclusions, and point you on your way, in this crowded ‘best bat value’ space by leveraging the power of our massive readership and their search and click through data. In 2015 we ran a user generated poll collecting over 17,000 votes to find the best bat deal. A summary of the winners in that category can be found below. The Full List can be found here.

Our best bat deal process showed the user a picture of two bats with the MSRP prices below each one and asked them to choose the one they would be more likely to buy with their own money.

Unlike our Top Rated User Choices for 2015, where the top shelf performance $400+ bats consistently graced the #1 spot, the best deal rankings prices dramatically favored buyer’s desire to spend less money. In this voter competition, the 2015 Marucci Cat 6 took the #1 prize. The top 5 can be seen below:

Best Bat Deal Rankings & Commentary

1.Best Bat Deal of 2015

The Marucci Cat 6 is a great choice at MSRP of $249. And a one piece alloy with sting dampening in the handle is a real pleasure to swing. It’s ping and pop are as good as any in the business.

2.Best Bat Deal of 2015

DeMarini’s CF7 landing at #2 in both this list and the top rated users choice of 2015 is remarkable and speaks to how fantastic that bat is (or how passionate the fans of those bats are). Although an expensive bat, voters were able to appreciate it’s value.

3.Best Bat Deal of 2015

The 2015 DeMarini Overlord FT took the #3 Spot and it’s hybrid design makes for a beautiful swing for heavy hitters looking to do some damage.

4.Best Bat Deal of 2015

The 2015 Easton XL1—available in Youth 2 1/4 size barrels—took Number 4 and, without surprise, is one of the best selling bats in the world for 2015.

5. Best Bat Deal of 2015

Number 5 was the 2015 Easton MAKO. Without surprise, even though expensive, the bat still placed well in the value bat category because many believe it’s simply that good and worth the premium.

Our Take Aways: Best Value Bat

We were also interested in how different our personal list—made from hours hitting and seeing it hit—would have been compared to how the rankings ended up. We thought the Axe Avenge should be nowhere near the end of the list as it was. The Axe, we are sure, is legit even with a higher price point—although not as high as the MAKO and CF7.

From a value perspective, we think the NVS Vexxum from DeMarini should be real close to the top of the list. The NVS Vexxum is a great price point for a two piece hybrid bat and, if I were making this list, that bat would be a top 5 for sure.

Despite some of those misgivings, however, I thought the masses got more things right than wrong in the total list. For example, we do think the #1 is right on the money, we were very glad to see the Rawlings VELO cracked the top 10, was glad to see many $400+ bats make the top 10 too. We also found the MAKO TORQ’s placement noteworthy at 13 considering it out priced every other bat by $100.