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Best Bat for 13 Year Old


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13 Year old bat recommendations are more difficult to decide on than any other age. It’s not because there are just so many bats to choose from. Every age has the problem. But, instead, that body types among 13 year old boys are so very different that any particular bat model never quite fits enough players to call it the best. Will that stop us from making a best Bat for 13 Year Old article? Of course not. But, expect our reader’s propensity for disagreement to increase. You may also find more success checking out best bats page where we list recommendations by league instead of age.

Best Bat for 13 Year Old List

Overall Rank Category Bat Model Review
1 Overall DeMarini CF Zen
3 Value Purchase Marucci CAT 7
2 Base Hitter’s Bat Rawlings VELO
4 Power Hitters Bat Easton MAKO XL

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Best 13u Bat: Overall

Best Bat For 13 Year OldOur best overall bat for the 13 year old is the DeMarini CF8. This bat wins a lot of our age categories in the youth space so we feel were being a bit repetitive. But, that doesn’t keep us from loving the bat and thinking, rather decidedly, that the two piece composite stick with an ultra balanced feel, buttery swing and a significant number of sizing and color options would find itself right at home for nearly any type of hitter in 13u. A drop 8 and drop 5 option, as well as a 2 3/4, in the CF8 give any sized 13 year old plenty of options.

(Amazon Price Check). Our full review of the DeMarini CF8 can be found here.

It is likely some stronger and bigger 13 year olds would appreciate a differnet bat. Possibly one which had end loaded feel. Or, those with a ton of experience, might appreciate a hot out of the wrapper hybrid. Despite those exceptions suggesting the CF8 is a no-brainer.

* Do note, the CF Zen in a drop 8 has been banned by USSSA. You need to get it retooled if you already purchased it for it to be legal in those leagues.


Best 13u Bat: Value

Best Bat For 13 Year Old

Our best value bat in the 13u space is the 2017 Marucci CAT 7 (Price Check). The bat comes in the perfect sizes of drop 8 and drop 5 as to make a smooth transition into BBCOR bats next year. As well, it’s single piece design and larger barrel than the 2016 model is a worthy upgrade.

Hard to argue the current release price of the Marucci CAT 7 is great buy at the moment. But, we are confident, when the 2017 season gets rolling look to pick this up on a deal. It’s a sweet bat with a lot of personality and a real hitters feel. (Our full Marucci CAT 7 Review).

Best 13u Bat: Base Hitter’s Choice

Best Bat For 13 Year Old

Our favorite base hitter’s bat choice for the 13u division, and real close to our favorite overall, is the 2016 Rawlings VELO (Price Check). The VELO does not have a drop 8, which may remove it from a few 13 year old’s bat lists, but its drop 5 and drop 10 (in a longer length) are worthy bats of any hitters bag. Those who like a super light feel with a ton of feel at contact should feel right at home with this bad boy. (Our full VELO review here).

Best 13u Bat: Big Hitter’s Choice

Best Bat For 13 Year Old

No list would be finished without an reference to this big hitting bat. Our best big hitting bat for 13 year olds is the 2016 Easton MAKO XL. (Amazon Price Check). We review this bat at length here. For here, we simply mention the bat is made for that strong 13 year old who needs as much swing weight as is allowed before BBCOR mandates a heavier bat. It’s a smooth swinging two piece composite with uncanny pop.